Mysteries of the Ultimate War God

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Year 844, Kutsu 01st

Palace of the Third Prince, Ryūthor Kingdom

Rydon woke up earlier than usual and slowly got off the bed. When she woke up, he told her to sleep some more. He bathed, went downstairs and paced back and forth in the living room. Soon enough, a guard came inside the Palace with a middle-aged woman and bowed, “Your Highness.”

Rydon looked at the woman before nodding at him and said, “You may leave us, Marcus.” Once Marcus left the living room, he bowed towards the woman as he said, “Madame Sirona.”

Madame Sirona nodded and asked, “Where is she, Rydon?”

Rydon answered, “She is in the room upstairs. I shall lead the way.”

Madame Sirona nodded and followed him upstairs. Just when Rydon was about to open the door to his room, she asked, “Why is she here? What is she doing in Ryūren?”

“She is my wife now, and this is our room,” answered Rydon before opening the door.

Madame Sirona was astounded and stared at Rydon until she heard a voice.

Selena had just walked out of the bathroom, and when she saw Rydon at the door, she called, “Your Highness?”

Madame Sirona turned to look at Selena before walking forward and greeting her as she bowed, “Your Highness.”

Selena nodded before turning to Rydon and asking, “Your Highness, this is?”

Madame Sirona widened her eyes and glared at Rydon when she heard Selena addressing Rydon as ‘Your Highness’. Though Rydon didn’t understand why he was being glared at, he dares not be disobedient as his mother had asked him to be respectful towards Madame Sirona.

“Selena, this is Madame Sirona, a physician,” answered Rydon.

“Your Highness, I am Emmaline Sirona. I am here to treat your wounds,” said Madame Sirona.

Selena widened her eyes and looked at Rydon and Madame Sirona. She didn’t expect Rydon to call a physician to treat her wounds. She has never once been treated by a physician directly. Every time she would be injured, Damian would consult a physician and bring the medicines for her, rather than letting any physician near her.

Understanding Selena’s concern, Rydon said, “It is alright; you can trust Madame Sirona.”

Though his words did not convince her in the slightest because of her concerns, Selena felt his voice to be reassuring. She also thought that they wouldn’t be able to see something that shouldn’t be seen, due to the wounds and scars.

Selena nodded, and Madame Sirona said, “May I see your wounds, Your Highness?”

Selena nodded and looked at Rydon before turning around. When Rydon noticed her looking at him, he said, “I shall wait outside.”

Selena immediately said, “No, please stay.” She was worried that her relationship with him would be distant if she let him wait outside. She wanted to put some effort into this relationship, so this was just a meagre effort. She then untied her robes and undressed them all at once.

Rydon stood near the door and crossed his arms when Selena asked her to stay. He watched her undress and clenched his fists when he saw her wounds again.

Selena stood naked with her back facing Madame Sirona and Rydon. Madame Sirona was furious when she saw how dreadful those wounds and scars were. She keenly observed the open wounds for a few minutes and said, “Your Highness, I will be prescribing a medicine. By applying it on the wounds, it will help your healing.”

Selena felt a hidden meaning in what Madame Sirona said, although what she said sounded normal. She turned around and said, “Thank you, Madame Sirona.”

Madame Sirona bowed and said, “I shall take my leave now, Your Highness.” She then turned to look at Rydon and said, “I shall inform you of how the medicine is to be applied.”

Rydon nodded at Madame Sirona and said to Selena, “Get dressed and come; it is time for breakfast.” Rydon then turned around and left the room with Madame Sirona.

Once out of the room, when they were walking downstairs, Madame Sirona said, “I will give you the medicine I had prepared for her yesterday. It should be enough to heal her wounds in a few weeks.”

Rydon, who was walking beside her on the stairs, frowned and asked, “How did you know what medicine to prepare for her, Madame Sirona?”

Madame Sirona stopped walking to look at him and said, “Do you think you are the only one who can contact me for her?”

Rydon thought for a moment and nodded as he said, “Damian.”

Madame Sirona continued walking and said, “Damian had been contacting me regularly for her, but since I never had the chance to personally observe her wounds, I could only vaguely prescribe medicines.” She sighed and said, “When you sent a guard with your message yesterday, I prepared this medicine just in case.”

She abruptly stopped walking to turn towards Rydon and said, “I can give this medicine only when I know she will be safe. If she were to still live in that Minister’s Manor, I would not give this medicine at any cost. She was always in danger in that Manor. Even if Damian lived in the same Manor, he couldn’t protect her at all times, especially during the night.”

Rydon vaguely understood what she meant and said, “She will be safe here in Ryūren. Ryūren is my Palace, and anyone who dares to harm her in the slightest would be my enemy. Whether I am in Ryūren or not, I will make sure she is safe.”

Madame Sirona nodded and continued walking as she said, “Good. This is a unique medicine in the Ryūthor Kingdom. Only someone from the Sirona clan will be able to prepare this medicine. It is to be applied only on her open wounds. It should never be used on anyone else other than her.” After a moment, she added, “Since she cannot apply the medicine by herself, as her husband, you will be the one applying the medicine for her.” She looked at Rydon and asked, “What are you thinking?”

“I would be leaving Ryūren tomorrow to attend official matters,” answered Rydon.

Madame Sirona stared at Rydon, and when she was about to say something, she saw two women walking towards her. They bowed at her and then at Rydon before one of them said, “Master, is Her Highness in the room?” It was Violet.

Hazel, who was carrying a tray, said, “Master, Her Highness had asked us to prepare this tea.”

Violet then said, “Since Her Highness has not come down yet, we thought of bringing the tea directly to the room.”

Rydon nodded and said, “She is getting dressed in the room.”

Madame Sirona frowned at the two women and asked, “What tea is that?”

Hazel answered, “It is ginger-licorice tea.”

Madame Sirona looked at Rydon intently, suspecting the two women.

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