Mysteries of the Ultimate War God

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Rydon, understanding her concerns, dismissed the women by saying, “You may go upstairs.” When he saw Violet and Hazel walking upstairs, he turned to look at Madame Sirona and said, “They are my concubines. They will not harm her.”

Madame Sirona widened her eyes and said, “Concubines? You have concubines when she is your wife?”

Rydon frowned and asked in confusion, “Is anything wrong with it, Madame Sirona?”

Madame Sirona took a deep breath and sighed before saying, “Wrong? You will know it from your mother, Lady Isla, what is wrong.” She then remembered what she was about to say earlier and said, “Who will apply the medicine on her if you are not in the Palace?” She added, “Do not tell me you forgot what your mother had warned you about?”

Rydon widened his eyes, remembering what his mother had warned him about previously. He thought for a few moments before intently saying, “My concubines will tend to her, and I will make sure no one other than those two ever goes near her.”

Madame Sirona sighed again, wondering where he got his confidence from, for trusting his concubines to take care of his wife. She then said, “I will let you handle it. Remember, this medicine should be applied only before going to sleep at night as it would consume a lot of her energy. After applying the medicine, it would be better if her wounds are not covered.”

Rydon nodded, and when they reached the living room, Madame Sirona opened her bag and took the medicine and a few leaves from it. She gave it to Rydon and said, “Be careful with this medicine and apply it until her open wounds heal. Do not use your hand, instead use these red mulberry leaves to apply the medicine. Once her wounds heal, ask Damian to meet me. I will send another medicine through him. It should be used for healing her scars. I will let him know what to do further once the scars heal.”

Rydon nodded and said, “I will ask the guard to escort you back.”

Madame Sirona shook her head and said, “No need, I will go by myself. I also have to visit a few places here and there before I head back.”

Rydon then said, “Alright, then I will arrange a cart for you.”

Madame Sirona nodded, and Rydon asked a guard to arrange a public cart. Once Rydon sent off Madame Sirona, he went inside and saw Selena walking downstairs.

They had their breakfast and spent some time together on the lawn.

Later, in the night, Rydon asked Selena to undress and lay on the bed for him to apply the medicine on her. Selena hesitated a moment and silently undressed before laying on the bed naked with her back facing the ceiling.

When she laid on the bed, Rydon took the medicine and began to apply it on her open wounds with the leaf Madame Sirona gave.

Selena looked at his face from the corner of her eyes and asked, “Your Highness, may I ask why you called a physician other than a royal physician.”

Rydon thought for a moment before saying, “Someone had told me not to call any royal physician for you.” Though this is the truth, it has been slightly tweaked.

Selena assumed that someone Rydon mentioned to be Damian, and so she didn’t ask any further questions.

Rydon then asked, “You remember my previous conversation with Advisor Jacob.”

Selena nodded lightly and said, “Your Highness would be leaving tomorrow to attend official matters.” She thought for a moment and asked, “Did Your Highness delay your plans for me?”

Rydon raised his eyebrow in surprise and asked, “Why do you think so?”

Selena answered, “Your Highness mentioned that someone would be arriving today, and it is your personal priority. So, I assumed that someone to be Madame Sirona. Am I wrong?”

Rydon sighed and said, “You are not wrong. I had called for Madame Sirona, and I had to be here when she comes, so I delayed the plan.”

He then thought, “As for the priority, taking care of you will always be my personal priority.”

Rydon spoke up as Selena was silent, “As I will be leaving Ryūren tomorrow, I asked Violet and Hazel to apply the medicine for you.”

Selena immediately said, “No need!” She then realised she spoke abruptly, so she slowly added, “Why bother them? They are your concubines, Your Highness.”

Rydon understood her sudden reaction and said, “Do not worry about anything. You may trust them.” After applying the medicine, he stood up and placed the medicine in the cabinet. He then walked over to the other side of the bed and laid on it facing her.

Selena slowly turned to lay on her right side and asked as she looked at him with narrowed eyes, “Do you trust them, Your Highness.”

Rydon frowned, and she asked, “Do you trust your concubines so much to ask them to take care of me?” She knew that generally one’s concubines and wife never get along.

Rydon smiled and said, “They may be my concubines now, but I have known them for the past 12 years. I trust their loyalty towards me. Harming you is equivalent to betraying me, and they would never betray me.”

Selena smiled at his confidence and trust; and closed her already narrowed eyes slowly. When he saw her close her eyes, he didn’t think much. But after some time, when he noticed that she was sleeping without any guard, he remembered the words of Madame Sirona.

Madame Sirona had said that Damian couldn’t protect Selena at all times, especially during the night, and that the medicine would consume her energy. Though he didn’t understand why the medicine would consume her energy, he understood that because of the medicine, she can’t keep up her guard at night, which explains why Madame Sirona said that she could give the medicine only when she knows Selena will be safe and she wouldn’t give the medicine if Selena was in Minister Marco’s Manor.

Rydon then thought about Selena’s safety at Ryūren. He closed his eyes at ease as he remembered that he is not vulnerable as he once was, and no one would dare intrude Ryūren with the thought of getting away with it.

Year 844, Kutsu 02nd

Palace of the Third Prince, Ryūthor Kingdom

Rydon woke up as usual and got up from the bed slowly so as to not wake Selena up, who was still sleeping soundly. When he came out of the bathroom after bathing, he saw a wide-awake Selena sitting on the bed. He asked her, “How are you feeling? How is the pain?”

Selena frowned as she answered, “I feel better, and I do not feel any pain now.” She then remembered Madame Selena telling her that by applying the medicine on the wounds, it will help her healing. She suspected it yesterday, and today her suspicions only grew, but in a positive way; because the medicine had indeed enhanced her healing. She wanted to know who this Madame Selena was, and she would find out in time.

Rydon nodded and said, “Good. I will…,” before he was interrupted by a knock on the door. When he saw Violet and Hazel at the door, he allowed them inside the room before closing the door.

Violet and Hazel saw Selena sitting on the bed naked with some greenish-yellow layer of medicine on her back. Hazel amiably asked, “How are you feeling, Your Highness?”

Selena smiled and said, before getting up from the bed and wearing her clothes, “Better!”

Violet turned to Rydon and said, “Master, I had informed the merchant of the kind of clothes you had asked for Her Highness. The merchant would be arriving in the afternoon with the clothes.”

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