Mysteries of the Ultimate War God

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Violet and Hazel were bewildered when they heard this. Together? Do we have to do this together too? Both of them knew they were thinking the same when they looked at each other.

Violet and Hazel have never served the Third Prince alone. Whenever they had to serve the Third Prince, they always served him together. Their reaction is comprehensible when they heard that they had to serve him together even in the bed.

Noticing their looks towards each other, the Third Prince asked, “Any problem?”

“No, Master. We will leave now,” answered both of them immediately while bowing their heads. Then they turned around and walked towards the corner most room on the left. It was a very spacious room with an enormous bed. It is almost the same size as the Third Prince’s room.

The next day, the Third Prince woke up early as usual and came out of his room after brushing and bathing. He wore a dark-coloured pant and a long fur coat over his bare torso. He has never worn a shirt for over 8 years, he has always been bare-chested no matter the place, be it war base or courtroom. He only ever wears body armour during wars or a fur coat when he has to make an official appearance.

The Third Prince noticed Advisor Jacob, standing at the end of the stairs with a wide smile, and asked, “Are you not being overconfident now, bringing a few trunks with you and even troubling that old lady.” He noticed a few trunks, which he guessed to have been the gifts for the concubines that the Royal Palace usually sends when someone is made a concubine. He even noticed an old lady who Advisor Jacob had troubled so early in the morning to bring her here.

This old lady is now the Head Maid in the Royal Palace. Teaching proper etiquette to concubines and training them is one among her various tasks as the Head Maid in the Royal Palace. Advisor Jacob was pretty confident enough to bring such a busy old lady early in the morning from the Royal Palace to the Third Prince’s Palace, which takes approximately a little over 30 minutes to travel.

“Your Highness, I am not being overconfident. I am just overwhelmed at the thought of you finally having concubines,” said Advisor Jacob. The truth is, people in the Kingdom had been doubting the Third Prince to be asexual as he had never indulged himself with any woman in his entire life. The fact that all those rumours and thoughts can be eradicated from the minds of the people in the Kingdom with just this news is what makes him so overwhelmed with joy but obviously, he cannot say this truth to the Third Prince if he wants to have a long life.

“Greetings, Your Highness. Sorry for troubling you, Your Highness, but I will have to stay here for a few days to do my duties,” said the Head Maid while bowing her head.

“Go ahead, I do not mind. Stay as long as you need to,” said the Third Prince and walked towards the dining table.

After having breakfast, the Third Prince walked to the lawn behind the Palace to send a message to the war base to ask them to report about the current situation. Just when he was about to send a messenger bird flying, another messenger bird flew towards him. He immediately took the letter from the messenger bird and read it. He then went back inside the Palace and ordered Advisor Jacob to follow him to his study room.

Inside the study room, the Third Prince fumed as he said, “Those bastards sneaked an attack on our war base last night.” His voice reverberated in the study room.

“Those snakes have the audacity to sneak an attack on our war base?” exclaimed Advisor Jacob, who still can’t believe that they had the guts to attack the war base.

“General Neil sent that message. He said he is on his way here with General Damian. Later when they arrive, lead them in here,” said the Third Prince. General Neil has been very loyal to the Kingdom for decades. His name alone is enough to prove the authenticity of the message.

“Yes, Your Highness,” said Advisor Jacob and went to the Palace entrance to wait for the generals to arrive.

After about half an hour, General Neil and General Damian arrived riding a horse each. Advisor Jacob signalled the Palace Guards to tie the horses to the stall. He then went to the Generals and said, “His Highness has been waiting for you both, please come with me.”

General Neil and General Damian followed Advisor Jacob to the Third Prince’s study room. General Neil is a tall and sturdy man in his late 40s who made his way up the military ranks with lots of struggles. General Damian is a tall and well-built man in his early 20s, being a noble he didn’t have to struggle to climb the military ranks.

“Your Highness, they are here,” said Advisor Jacob.

Both the Generals walked towards the Third Prince and stopped after they’re only 5 feet away from him and knelt with their right-hand fists on their hearts and bowed their heads as they said, “Your Highness.”

“What exactly happened, General Neil?” asked the Third Prince in a stern voice while looking at General Neil.

“We were not aware of anyone sneaking into our territory. We realised something was wrong when two of our foot soldiers were found dead inside the war base. Then we heard from other soldiers that some more of them are dead inside the war base. Then those snakes set fire on the tents and tried to flee. We both caught them and tried to restrain them when they all committed suicide by biting their own tongues,” reported General Neil after standing up. General Damian stood up at the same time as General Neil.

“How many?” asked the Third Prince.

“Four snakes. They all had the military tattoos of Hebista,” answered General Neil.

“How?” asked the Third Prince.

General Neil has been answering the Third Prince immediately so far. But now, he hesitated to answer. He gulped and said, “About that, Your Highness, General Damian has something to say about that.”

The Third Prince looked from General Neil to General Damian and saw him hesitating to speak up, so he ordered, “Speak!”

“Your Highness, my Master expected this to happen,” answered General Damian hesitantly.

“Master?” asked the Third Prince in surprise.

“My Master is also my personal military strategist. Master had foreseen this sneak attack based on our military strategy 3 months ago. Master had warned me of it and also told me that I will not be able to stop them without alerting the traitor,” said General Damian.

Generals who are also nobles usually have personal military strategists, so it’s not strange for General Damian to have one.

“Traitor?” asked the Third Prince, “What else did your Master say?” He then said, “Tell me everything I need to know.”

“Master said that our military strategy 3 months ago is a brilliant move. This move will allow us to hold off the borders of Hebista for a maximum of two years. We can be at ease while focusing on other Kingdoms’ borders. Master also said that if it had been anyone else with normal capabilities in the field of military strategy, this opportunity would not have developed,” said General Damian.

“How the hell does your Master know about this sneak attack? How can we even trust your Master?” asked the Third Prince, fuming. “Hold off the borders? Two years? At ease?” scoffed the Third Prince, “Is this a joke to your Master?”

“Your Highness, I understand that it is not easy to believe what my Master said, but Master had told me to observe all the signs that will happen since our strategic meeting 3 months ago. First, they will not be able to recognise our strategy immediately. Once they recognise, they will stay unusually quiet for a long time, preferably 3 - 4 weeks,” said General Damian.

“Those snakes who used to attack every third day had been quiet for almost a month, Your Highness. This has been quite confusing, but we were not able to identify the reason for their silence,” said General Neil.

“Master said that they would be implanting a traitor among our ranks as a spy for them so that they can sneak attack when the time is right,” said General Damian.

“And the right time according to your Master is?” asked the Third Prince.

“On the third night of Your Highness’ absence in the war base,” said General Damian hesitantly.

“Everyone knows about the once in a year occasion for the Princes to choose concubines from the daughters of important officials and rich merchants. It is also known that all the Princes have to be present in the courtroom on the day of the occasion. They precisely chose this period of your absence and last night was the third night from Your Highness’ absence in the war base,” summarised General Neil.

“Who is your Master?” asked the Third Prince with mixed emotions comprising of surprise, suspicion, and curiosity.

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