Mysteries of the Ultimate War God

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Rydon walked into the room, and his concubines were standing in a corner of the bed.

Rydon frowned, as his mind was still pondering over the incompetence of the two Princes in handling the borders of Barateak and Tessora. He undressed, the silver moonlight lighting up the rough and hard contours of his nakedness.

“Undress yourselves!” said Rydon.

“Yes, Master,” said Violet and Hazel as they bared themselves, the moonlight following the softness of their bodies.

Rydon glowered at his concubines as they stand in front of him naked. Yet, he felt nothing.

Violet and Hazel were not expecting anything from the Third Prince. They were just going to serve him and they were willing to do anything to please their Master. But when they saw the Third Prince’s member, they let out an audible gasp. The anxiety and the fear of how their bodies were supposed to accommodate all of him inside gripped them. They were nevertheless undeterred and willing.

This was going to be a tough task for them.

Rydon laid himself down on the bed. Violet and Hazel climbed onto either side of the bed and started kissing him. They kissed his torso, their soft lips against his muscled hardness. They kissed, explored him, trailing kisses along his body. Despite their attempts at warming him up, their efforts were in vain.

Violet and Hazel were met with a cold demeanour. It frustrated Rydon that his manhood did not respond to their warmth.

He never had any time for women. All of this was too overwhelming for him, along with the battles. His mind was always busy with more important matters. After both the concubines had exhausted ways to arouse the Third Prince, they sighed in dismay. He started wondering if the rumours in the Kingdom turned out to be true and that he might be asexual.

Violet, still not wanting to give up, started kissing, moving further down with each kiss and Hazel followed her lead, moving down his torso and placed kisses on his hips and thighs. They kissed around his flaccid member, which was starting to jump with life. They both let out a gasp as it rose, blood rushing into his loins. The attentive passion of his concubines filled his member, and it finally stood up.

Rydon got up and placed Violet underneath him. She spread her legs, and he got between her. He thrust himself into her warm, inviting wetness. She winced at his sudden invasion. He waited for her to calm down and ease up to him. Before long, she calmed down, and he slowly picked up the pace. Her moans filled the room, as their bodies writhed and rubbed in heat and sweat.

He was too lost in thoughts, his body gaining momentum, a slowly building wild, primal rhythm. He was unaware of her whimpering until she shrieked. He was brought back from his thoughts and saw her face. She was crying, tears streaming down her face, and Hazel was holding her hand. She seemed to have been in pain for a long time. He then asked, “Do you want to stop?”

“I apologise, Master. I am not able to serve you,” said Violet, breathless and in a hoarse voice.

“Do not!” said Rydon. He got off of her, his manhood glistening with her wetness as he pulled his member away from Violet.

Hazel’s eyes widened, and she let out a silent gasp. She proceeded to lay down beneath him and spread her legs. He turned to her and eased himself into her, eliciting a wail of pain from her too. He halted for her to calm down, and then they both resumed their loveless onslaught.

The room smelled of their sex, their grunts of agony and passion along with the sharp clap of their bodies smashing against each other.

Despite his raging wildness, he was once again lost in thoughts and unaware of Hazel’s earnest moans and whimpers.

She held the sheets tighter as his thrusts became faster. Violet held her hand and squeezed, wordlessly comforting her. What seemed like hours to Hazel passed by and she shrieked, not able to take his pounding any longer. Brought back from his thoughts, he realised that she was in pain. He immediately withdrew his member from her and got dressed before he left.

He went to his room and lain on his bed. He slept at once when he closed his eyes.

The next morning, Rydon woke up as usual and was having his breakfast.

Advisor Jacob came inside the Palace when Rydon finished his breakfast.

“Your Highness, necessary preparations are made,” said Advisor Jacob.

“Is my horse ready?” asked Rydon.

“Yes, Your Highness,” said Advisor Jacob.

Rydon left the Palace with Advisor Jacob to the borders of Barateak. He reached the battlefield by night. The battle lasted for two days; Rydon won the battle. He then left for the borders of Tessora and won the battle within the next two days.

The battles that the First Prince and the Second Prince have been struggling with for more than two weeks were just won in two days by the Third Prince. No wonder the Third Prince was stationed in the borders of Hebista. No wonder Rydon considered them as useless Princes.

Rydon returned to the Palace with Advisor Jacob after two days of travel. Upon return, he went to his concubines’ room after dinner.

Violet and Hazel slipped out of their clothes. Rydon’s member took a while to react. Once it was erect, he shoved it into both of them in turns until they were not able to bear the pain anymore. He then walked towards his room and slept.

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