Mysteries of the Ultimate War God

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Year 844, Hachitsu 25th

Palace of the Third Prince, Ryūthor Kingdom

It is the wedding day of the Third Prince of the Ryūthor Kingdom, the 15th day from the day that the decree had been announced.

The Palace was decorated with lots of flowers and lamps that it was colourful. All the servants and maids in the Palace were too excited for this day and had been working hard for the past 15 days to decorate the Palace in grandeur.

The concubines of the Third Prince, Violet and Hazel have been very careful with all the arrangements made in the Palace. They were overlooking all the decorations for this very important day.

Violet and Hazel were not allowed to come to the wedding venue, so they were clad in a dress that’s worn for occasions but refrained from wearing any jewellery. They had to welcome the Third Prince’s wife ceremonially when they arrive later.

The Third Prince, Rydon, was wearing a dark brown coloured pant for his wedding. His scabbard was fastened to his sword belt. His hair was neatly combed back. He wore a golden robe for the nuptials.

Once he got ready, he came down the stairs.

Advisor Jacob had been waiting in the living room. Once he saw the Third Prince coming down, he stood up. He then asked, “Shall we leave, Your Highness?”

“Yes,” said Rydon and walked out of the Palace with Advisor Jacob.

Breakfast was not served, as the bride and groom had to fast on the wedding day. They can dine only after the wedding.

Rydon and Advisor Jacob each mounted their horses and left for the wedding venue.

Minister Marco’s Manor, Ryūthor Kingdom

The manor was decorated grandly but the entire Minister Marco’s family, except two people, was gloomy that it seemed like they were forced to stand on ceremony.

Minister Marco’s family that was forced to stand on ceremony comprised Minister Marco, his concubines and his two sons and three daughters. The rest of his daughters were all concubines for the other Princes, so they needn’t be present in the Manor to stand on ceremony.

Damian was standing outside his sister’s room. Once she called in, he went inside the room. She was wearing a wedding dress, a beautiful light blue dress.

Wedding dresses are long and thick, like multiple layered robes knit together.

He saw that her long brown hair was loose. A few maids were waiting outside the room. He went outside the room and asked his personal maid, who was standing among the other maids, to come in.

Once she came in, he said, “Get her ready appropriately for the wedding.” This maid has been his personal maid for years. He doesn’t need to order her as she understands what to do when said.

She nodded at him and immediately said to his sister, “My Lady, please be seated.”

She took her loose hair and combed it to braid and that’s when both Damian and his sister said together, “No!”

The maid jolted and saw both of them, and said, “My Lord?”

“Do not braid her, put her hair in a bun,” said Damian.

“My Lord, a bun is not appropriate for the wedding,” said the maid. The maid, understanding his concerns, said, “I will put My Lady’s hair in a chignon, My Lord.”

Both Damian and his sister nodded. The maid made her hair into a chignon.

Damian then went outside and ordered the maids, who were waiting outside the room, to come in. The maids filed into the room. He then ordered, “Get to work!”

All they had to was apply make-up, help her wear some gold ornaments and the golden robe for the nuptials.

General Damian stopped them when they were going to coat her face with heavy make-up. He said, “Do not use them!”

Make-up was made from natural ingredients, concocted by physicians. Generally, women wear make-up to look attractive or to seduce men. Heavy make-up would give an impression of being presumptuous. Though light make-up would give an impression of enhancing one’s beauty, he doesn’t want them to apply any make-up on her as her skin is already pale and make-up would only worsen her looks and tarnish the image of the Third Prince.

At this moment, a Royal Maid came inside the room and said, “My Lord General, let me take a look at the bride.”

General Damian nodded his head, and she went to see the bride. She then said, “The bride has pale skin tone and any make-up would worsen her skin tone instead of enhancing it. Do not apply those creams.” She then turned to Damian and said, “My Lord General, I have brought the coronet for the bride. May I?”

The coronet was gold with small light blue stones. Damian nodded and let her place the coronet on his sister’s head.

The maids were done with helping her wear the ornaments. They didn’t apply any make-up. She refused to use any perfume on her. Then the maids carefully helped her wear the golden robe.

After she was ready for the wedding, she got up and turned to face Damian. She asked, “Brother Damian, how do I look? Am I looking appropriate for the wedding?”

Damian was stunned for a few moments when he saw her in sublimity. He then said, “You are looking perfect for the wedding, little sister. It is time for us to go, come.” He gave her his hand, and she took it.

He led the way as she walked with him. They walked for a long time and finally, they reached the entrance of the manor.

Everyone who was standing in the entrance was looking at her with disgust. Be it Minister Marco or his family or the maids and servants. After all, she was a weak and worthless noble.

They cursed her fate for being able to get married to the Third Prince. A 16-year-old girl whom they all despised and never acknowledged as their family. The girl who lived the life of an ignoble despite being a noble.

The girl whose face Minister Marco has never seen for the past 16 years, is the one who is going to become a Prince’s wife and not a concubine. His other daughters were only able to become concubines just because he was a former General.

He had thought that she wouldn’t even be capable to be someone’s concubine and here she was ready to get married to the Prince, what more, she is going to marry the Third Prince. This thought was haunting him for the past 15 days and yet he still can’t accept any of these. He can only be gloomy as it was made known to him only on the day the decree was made.

Damian and his sister’s step-siblings were all utterly jealous that she was going to marry the Third Prince. The most aloof Prince of all the six Princes. Their step-sisters all lived a noble life, whereas she lived the life of a low-born. This made them gloomy that such a worthless noble got so fortunate.

As for the maids and servants, a dog’s personality reflects the personality of its owner. They never had to think about anything, all they had to do was follow their master. Therefore, their reaction towards her was the same as their master’s reaction towards her, even when they know nothing about their reason for such hatred.

When Damian reached the entrance of the manor, she stopped for a second. Damian held her hand with his free hand and continued walking towards the bridal sedan chair that was waiting for her, not caring about the stares of his family members.

He led her inside the bridal sedan chair without looking at his family members. The Royal Maid climbed inside the sedan chair to accompany her.

He then signalled the servants to lift the sedan chair. Once the sedan chair was lifted, he mounted on his horse and ordered the servants to start the procession.

When the procession was about to start, a priest came to the manor on a horse. He introduced himself as the marriage officiant and went to the bridal sedan chair. He opened the curtain and asked in a low voice, “Greetings, Young Lady. Which God do you want to be a witness to your marriage?”

She said in a low voice so that only the marriage officiant can hear her, “God of War.”

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