Mysteries of the Ultimate War God

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There are five gods, namely, God of Nature, God of Peace, God of Salubrity, God of Wealth and God of War. Each God has a holy spirit to uphold their responsibilities and duties.

Since history has been long forgotten over time, no one is knowledgeable about the Gods, except very few people, and they obliviously pray to the five Gods’ holy spirits over centuries.

Holy Spirit of God of Nature is a dragon. Holy Spirit of God of Peace is a sequoia tree. God of Nature and God of Peace shrines are in sequoia groves. Holy Spirit of God of Salubrity is a staff with a ring of leaves and its shrines are in farms. Holy Spirit of God of Wealth is an obsidian spear and its shrines are in crude lands. Holy Spirit of God of War is a cross sword and its shrines are in war bases.

People are at liberty to pray to any god, and they need not be devoted to any particular god.

In a wedding, the couple has to choose a god to witness their marriage. The bride and the groom are asked of their choice individually, and they often choose different gods. When the bride and the groom have different choices, in an attempt to bring peace, they have to marry in the presence of the God of Peace. This has been a common rule in all the kingdoms.

The marriage officiant is astounded to hear the bride’s choice. It has been unheard of a bride choosing the God of War to witness her marriage. Soon gathering himself, he nods at the bride and turns around on his horse and leads the procession towards the entrance of the sequoia grove, where the Third Prince is waiting.

Since the bride and the groom have often chosen different gods, the groom waits for the bride at the entrance of the sequoia groves, so that when the bride’s procession arrives, they can enter the sequoia grove together towards the God of Peace.

They left the grounds of the manor, and that’s when Minister Marco came out of his trance. Though he despises her, he can’t refrain from going to the wedding. If he doesn’t attend the wedding, it’ll imply disrespect to the decree and the Third Prince. He had to go to save his face and his reputation. He mounted his horse and followed the sedan chair unwillingly.

The procession took an hour since the sedan chair was carried by men.

The bride and the groom are to enter the shrine together, so the Third Prince, Rydon, had been waiting at the entrance of the sequoia grove. It had just been 10 minutes since he arrived at the entrance, and the bride’s procession was already in sight.

The marriage officiant immediately rushed on his horse towards the Third Prince and asked when he was a few feet away from him, “Greetings, Your Highness. Which God would you want to be a witness to your marriage?”

Rydon answered with a straight face and a stern tone, “God of War.”

The marriage officiant nodded and said, “Understood, Your Highness.” It was not surprising as many grooms had previously chosen God of War, but unfortunately, none of them was able to have the God of War as a witness to their marriage. He then said with a smile, “Your Highness, we will have to move to the nearest war base for the wedding.”

Everyone who heard the marriage officiant gasped and whispered loudly, both from the Third Prince’s cavalcade and the bride’s procession.

Advisor Jacob was no exception. Rydon remained unfazed on the outside while he was quite astonished when he heard it.

On the other hand, when Damian and his sister heard the marriage officiant, they had a light smile on their faces.

Advisor Jacob, gathering himself, said to the marriage officiant, “The nearest war base is 15 minutes from here on a horse. With the bride’s procession, we should be able to reach in an hour.”

The marriage officiant nodded and everyone turned to move towards the nearest war base. The nearest war base is the one closer to a small kingdom. There hasn’t been any war in this particular border, and the men in the border have been living in peace for years.

The Third Prince’s cavalcade comprised the Third Prince Rydon, Advisor Jacob, the Sixth Prince Nairon, their four sisters – Alaina, Yana, Liana and Ariana; a few servants and guards whereas the bride’s procession comprised General Damian’s sister in the sedan chair, General Damian, Minister Marco, a few maids, a royal maid, a few servants and guards.

The Third Prince’s cavalcade moved in the front while the bride’s procession was moving right behind them.

Since it would take about an hour to reach the war base, General Damian’s sister lifted the curtain slightly and called her brother, who was riding the horse along with her sedan chair, “Brother.”

He turned his face to the left to see her, and said, “Yes?”

She said, “I am,” she looked around before she continued, “going to sleep.”

He understood her and nodded as he said, “Alright, I will let you know when we reach.”

With that, she retracted her hand, letting the curtain fall. She sat straight, placed her hands on her knees and closed her eyes. There was no sound of snoring, but there was a steady breath.

The Royal Maid who heard the siblings’ conversation was dumbstruck. She was astounded when the bride had fallen asleep almost instantly.

After about an hour, they reached the war base. It was time to walk to the shrine of the God of War.

General Damian immediately lifted the curtain of the sedan chair and woke his sister up by calling to her in a low voice, “Little sister, we are here, wake up.”

His sister opened her eyes at once when she heard his voice. She then nodded at him.

General Damian unmounted his horse and gave a hand to his sister for her to hold on.

She got out of the sedan chair slowly by taking his hand. General Damian led her to the entrance of the shrine.

Rydon was standing at the entrance of the shrine, looking forward, with Advisor Jacob and the marriage officiant standing behind him. When General Damian led his sister towards them, they started walking towards the shrine.

Rydon was walking in front, while General Damian and his sister were walking in tow.

Once they entered the shrine, they stood before the statue of the holy spirit of the God of War. It was a life-size cross sword.

Rydon’s first sister turned to the servant holding a tray in his hands and signalled him to come towards her. When the servant was in front of her, she took the coronet that was on the tray carefully with both the hands. She then walked towards Rydon.

Rydon turned towards his sister and crouched down a little so that his sister can reach his height to place the coronet on his head.

The coronet was gold with a big light blue stone in the centre and a few small light blue stones in the sides.

Once his sister placed the coronet on his head, he stood back straight and she returned to stand on the side.

Other than Rydon, General Damian and his sister, everyone else stood on either side in silence.

The marriage officiant walked forward and stood in front of the statue with his back facing the statue and said, “Since the bride and the groom have chosen the God of War to be a witness to their marriage, we shall now begin the rituals.”

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