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Him {part three}

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Here is the final part. He is older than their goddess. He was trapped in another dimension by Lerial. When Kally and Hajjar were turned into a statue, that was the key to freeing him from his prison. He is now free and ready to take revenge on those who harm what was precious to him. He is known as Htailog.

Fantasy / Adventure
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#1-At the beginning

Lerial & Thailog

At the beginning of time, only Thailog existed. Then, out of nowhere, a little girl known as Lerial came to life. She was more powerful than him. That hasn’t prevented him from loving her because, in his eyes, she was his little sister, who he had to protect at any cause.

They spent their days walking from one place to another. It was Lerial’s favourite moment. She loved it when Thailog transformed himself into a big feline so she could travel on his back.

“Faster. Faster, big brother.” She told him, laughing at the same time.

He loved to see her happy. He would do anything for her to see her smile.

“Big brother, stop!” She suddenly shouted out of nowhere.

“What is it? Why are you screaming like that?” He asked her once he returned to his original form.

“Look, this little creature is in pain.” Lerial pointed at it.

“Only the strong survive here. It is the law of nature.” He tried to explain to her when he saw how upset she was.

“I want to see it myself.” She didn’t wait and ran straight at the creature.

Before he could say or do anything, she already took the little creature in her hands. Soon after, a bright blue light surrounded them both.

“Look, he feels so much better now.” She put it down and watched the creature run away. “Big Brother, Thailog. I’m not feeling very well.” He was at her side in an instant.

“Are you okay? What’s wrong?” He looked at her with concern, and then something popped inside his head. The little creature did that to her. “I’ll be right back.” He informed her.

He transformed into a lizard creature and chased after it. Once he was close to it, he didn’t waste his time. He jumped, grabbed the little creature with his claw and killed it, feeling no remorse.

“Why did you do that?” She screamed at him. “You’re mean. I hate you!” She cried as she ran away from him. Without realizing it, she teleported herself to another place far away.

Thailog searched everywhere without knowing where she went. So he decided to transform into a scavenging bird and flew into the sky. He could find her faster than if he had stayed on the ground.

“Lerial, never do that ever again. I always have to know where you are.” He lectured her once he found her.

“You killed it. I hate you! Don’t come near me.” She moved away from him. She was still upset about what he had done.

“I did what I had to do to protect you. It weakened you. I did this for you.”

“I don’t want to talk to you, you’re mean.” she kept telling him.

Thailog didn’t want to do this to her, but he knew he hadn’t any choice on the matter.

“You will forget what happened, and you will be happy to see me again.” He used his mind control on her, so she would forget everything about what happened.

“I will forget what happened, and I will be happy to see you again.” She repeated after him. She shook her head and stared at her brother. “Thailog, what are we doing here?”

“Don’t you remember? We were playing hide and seek.” He smiled at her, acting normal. He knew what he had done was for her own good. “I have a request for you. Promise me that you will never try to heal a creature if it needs help. Ok?”

“If you say so, I’ll do whatever you ask of me.” She responded right away.

Over the years, Lerial has tried to do what Thailog had asked her in the past. It wasn’t in her nature to let a living being suffer, and she healed them when she had the opportunity. As always, when her brother caught her doing something she wasn’t supposed to do, he would kill every creature she healed.

One thing that Thailog wasn’t aware of was that every time he used his mental game against Lerial, she got stronger.

Flashbacks of memories appeared in her mind. It was about her brother, who she loved and trusted, using his power to make her forget.

She couldn’t believe his audacity or even his betrayal. She knew that if she wouldn’t stop him now, she never would.

She had to find a way to stop him without hurting him. Even after what he did to her, she loved him with all her heart, but that was enough. It was time to stop him.

“There you are. I’ve been looking all over for you.” Thailog smiled once he found her.

“Let me guess. You want to mess with my memories once again. As you have done so many times before.” She glared at him with her mouth set in a firm line.

“What are you talking about?” He tried to deny everything.

“Don’t take me for a fool, Thailog. I’m not a child anymore.” She raised her voice.

How did she find out? He thought to himself. He used his power again, but this time something stopped him. He looked at his sister and saw tears in her eyes.

“I can’t believe you tried to erase my memories again. I thought you loved me?” She was upset by his actions.

“I did this for you. I wanted to stop your suffering…”

ENOUGH! No more LIES!” She cut him off. “I’m sorry, my brother. You gave me no choice.” She raised her hand in front of her, pointing directly at him.

A portal appeared behind him. “I banish you from this world as I bring you to another. Alone now you will be.” She tightened her knuckles all together as her eyes glowed in blue light.

The portal created an inexorable force, pulling Thailog inside. As his body was consumed by it, he told her that he still loved her. Once the portal vanished, she cried for days.

As the years passed by, Lerial created four clans. Each aspect of the clan represented what her brother shape-shifted.

The pangarion when he changed into a big feline when she was travelling on his back. The falrowven for the scavenger bird when he wanted to find her when they were playing hide and seek. The sergozard, when they played on the ground and finally the quibasson when they swam in the water.

She hides a fifth clan from the others. She knew that one day she would disappear from this world. She would need a chosen one. Lerial knew that in the future, her brother would find a way to free himself from his prison.

To make sure that Thailog wouldn’t find the true chosen one, she created the potential that would be born on the same day as the chosen one to hide her well so she could stop him one day.
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