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Sealed - sweetbossygurl on wattpad

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A dragon shifter fantasy, sweetbossygurl on wattpad

Fantasy / Romance
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Sealed - Chapter One


My heart is pounding harder than ever. Every time one turns sixteen, the dragon self in us would have matured and shown up.

Well again, that was before. Once, a goddess cursed the whole line of the dragon shifters for a strange reason. The dragon side of the dragon shifters is no more, trapping us in the human vessel forever. Today is my birthday and precisely six thirty-one, I would be sixteen… I knew I’m not the one who gets their dragon-self back after a millennium.

Dragon shifters are now ancient history to other supernatural and shifters. Humans never knew about our existence, fortunately. Or else we would have probably been extinct. Or they.

There is a written prophecy that one of us would get dragon-self back, a bearer of four specific tattoos that is, it’s drawn and studied upon. Discovered by a seer. The chosen one.

So, every time a dragon shifter turned sixteen, they hoped that he or she would be the first one who gets access to his or her dragon side.

My nerves weren’t settling. I mean it’s not like I have those four tattoos but, the prophecy never stated they’d be born with it. It appears. You are not going to be the one just by etching those same tattoos on your skin.

I checked my watch. Another 60 minutes and I’ll turn sixteen. My family is waiting eagerly, hoping that I would be the first one of the dragon shifters to get their dragon-self once again.

Deep down, I don’t think that it’s possible. I brushed my brown hair that fell on my fair porcelain skin. I looked at my reflection in the mirror, thinking if I would be the one.

I’ve always been valued and cherished in my family and I wouldn’t want to disappoint them. So, I didn’t tell them the probability of this.

I sighed. Hope is all I or anyone can do. And pray, to whoever is listening from above.

I got up from my chair and made my way to the table where all my birthday presents were kept, unopened. I didn’t want to open it in front of anyone as much as they wanted to see how I’d react to them.

I took the smallest one on the table. I tore the cover open gently even though I must admit, I’m eager. It was from my mom.

There stood a transparent box that showed a beautiful silver locket with black stones embedded in it. I smiled softly.

I untied the thread of the box and opened it, there lay the silver locket, the most beautiful one I’ve ever seen. I beamed, I always wanted a locket. Oh also something was engraved on it. A language I wasn’t familiar with. I frowned. Well, I can look it up later.

I swiveled around, faced the mirror, I brushed the locks of hair forward that was blocking behind the neck and wore the locket with care, and looked at myself. It looked perfect on me. Not only that I felt a weird sense of comfort. I felt protected.

Grinning I looked at other presents gleefully. This one was from my dad. It was an old book; ‘The History Of The Dragon Shifters’ by Paul Stone. Impossible!, I thought.

This book was lost years ago and it was known that a shifter had it but no one knew who it was. I always wanted to read this. I mean everyone did. This book has so many facts written about the dragon shifters which were completely true. Dragon shifters believed that all their questions would be answered in this book. I opened the book, where a note was pasted.

Dear Valda,

~ Hide it well Dad

I chuckled and nodded. I would’ve to ask him about this later. I didn’t have any mood to read this now; a lot more other questions were cracking in my head. I hid it at a small locker behind a painting of a flame.

I discovered this myself when I accidentally pushed the painting off when I tripped on my leg. It took me an eternity to find out where the key was. After a while, It in a small vintage box in my attic. I attached the key to one of my anklets and wore it to keep it handy. I know, it’s silly but I didn’t know a place that was safer. It just looks like a cute charm.

I opened the clasp of my anklet and took the key into my hands and opened the locket. Never used it before. I gently placed the book inside and locked it. After hiding the book, I made the painting of the flame erect in its place.

And there was one last gift left from my sister. I again tore open the cover, curiously because this gift felt soft and looked quite big. There lay a beautiful and long strapless black gown that looked like something a goddess would wear. I gasped at its elegance. It had to be so expensive. I felt alone tear slip from one of my eyes. My family is nothing but perfect and I wouldn’t want anything more.

Then my phone alarm rang. Oh, shit.

I set an alarm a minute before six thirty-one to remind myself. But, now I wish I hadn’t. My family must have heard it because they all ran upstairs and barged into my room without asking and gave me encouraging smiles but did not say anything. If it wasn’t for my sixteenth birthday, an important one, I would have gotten mad for bursting into my room without knocking.

But, now all I could do was wait. Seven seconds more… I braced myself. Watched nervously on the ground until it turned to zero. I sat, still waiting for something to happen suddenly, but nothing. I sighed and looked away with a tinge of sadness and disappointment.

“It’s okay sweetheart, we still love you.” My mother said softly, trying to make me smile. My parents always hoped that I would be the first one. They believed in me. They saw something in me that I didn’t. Always supported me no matter what. Put me first above anything. My heart ached. I always knew this would be it.

I could feel a teardrop, my head started to burn; I groaned. My stomach ached from sudden heat, I felt a fire in my heart rising. I was burning everywhere, every cell in my body was boiling. I widened my eyes, my eyebrows reaching the hairline as I stared at my parents and my little sister freaking out. I felt different. I felt strange. I shielded my eyes with my arms from a light that burst from me. I went down with a scream as the heat intensified. When I mustered the courage and opened my eyes, you wouldn’t believe it…I couldn’t believe it…


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