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Dear Journal

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Starting where it ended in Dear Diary. Follow the Alpha's in this book. The book will be featured by 4 POV Cole's Lock's Beau's and Bash, he is the new Alpha of Golden Mist. With responsibility of being Alpha's and groomed to be in this role. Can the four Alpha's play nice. With secrets in every pack, they ain't getting off on a good start. Or will the Alpha's destroy eachother. With Bash being the wild card. Will they find Neveah and help or make things worse. Can they trust each other or stab each other in the backs. Something is brewing, will they be able to see it before it hits them in the face. Responsibilities, Duties, Loyalties and much more will be betrayed and lost, It's going to be the survival of the fittest or will an unexpected twist shatter the four Alpha's lives for good. Again come along with me on a journey, lets expore together. This time I will make the updates a weekly thing. Only because I've started a new book and my mind is sort of in that one for now. Like and comment, show some love. The next update will be on a saturday Australia time and day. This is my own work, I truly do make it up as I go. Once Im in the writing zone I keep going just to get it out of my brain lol. Enjoy, 2021, new year, new book. Hope everyone is staying safe. Xoxo Jane.

Fantasy / Mystery
Jane Matete
Age Rating:

Chapter 1


"Do you think he would join?"

I look up to see Bash staring at me for the obvious answer. I know he's young but shit he's just got his wolf and his dad died over in Canopus. But come on.
I sigh internally.

"Yeah, he's just going through proper steps to insure the other packs under his wing. Like how D.M (Dark Mist) is you big brother and G.M ( Golden Moon) is you big sister."

I move out of Locks swing. "Cheeky cunt."
I smile ear to ear.
"Anyways..." I look at Lock, like bitch let me finish...
"Cole has 2 other packs on his Island alone and now the responsibility of the new pack Storm Shadow.
You will get use to the political side of shit. We just want you to get a feel of monthly meetings. Also holding weekly ones with you own pack.
Your going to make alot of mistakes but just learn from them-"

"Yeah don't be like this fool and blame it on the closest person to him." Lock cuts me off.
Bash looks at me as I shrug my shoulders.

We just had a meeting with Cole to join our ally. Even though we know he would, not just for his pack but cause Aquilla and Shitty Dean are his new parents.
I still feel bitter I'm not Veah's mate. But I know she wouldn't have ran from me like she did Cole. I mean I love my mate...... I think, I love the bond feel but still can't get Veah out of my head is harder than normal.
Cole is heading west as we stand at the entrance of Locks pack house.

I look towards my mate as she come towards me with flower, she suits my pack. She has the ash blonde hair with a surfers body and tan. Just like most of the girls back home.

"Babe, look what I got given, these girls are making them from coloured paper." She so excited I put on a smile and tell her to make some for my mum when she gets home.
She has a brain of a 5 year old, she also has a girl. Its been really hard finding out these things and I sometimes catch myself wanting to mark Jess just to get her away from me.

My wolf has different ideas. He can't stand her child, or her in general. It was because I had lost Rome and my emotions were blinding my heart. I noticed Lock has been sleeping in his office. I saw his swag and blankets popping out of the large chest in the corner of his office.

"That would be amazing, I, um can try." Kylarh smiles.

We get into my jeep waving goodbye to Lock and Bash.
"Babe, can you teach me how to swim? I notice you love the beach and is always down there with you friends. I just hate sitting on the sand."

I put on a fake smile again and nod. I turn on the music, just so I don't have to hear her, but regret it as soon as the song Cheerleader comes onto the radio and she sings, or I think shes singing. It sound like she has a mouth full of food and the sound coming out of her mouth is like someone who is deaf.
2 more hours I think to myself.

Dad has noticed a huge change in my demeanor. I'm the last to eat, first to training and the surfing is the only paradise I get where I don't have to hear or be near her. He told me to let Veah go. But the more someone tells me that, the more I hold onto it.

Mum isn't talking to me either. She sees how I treat her, but my mate is so oblivious to it, she thinks I'm either playing or it goes right over her head.
Mum tells me she will teach her to read and write and to be a proper 'lady' like the rest of the pack girls. Ha. Mums been living under a rock.

Maz has stepped in to be my beta, until I find a permanent replacement for Rome. We did say, if one of us died who we wanted to replace us. He wants his cousin Lyrik, who we call Rik to replace him. I just think its too soon and I'm not ready to push Rome out just yet.
As for Maz he's already the Gamma and takes his job more serious than Rome and I combined.

The death of Rome and my child, has had such a huge change in me. To be honest, that was the only reason I stayed behind to 'help.' It was looking for clues on where the fetus was kept and have it burried with my bro. But came up empty.

Hunters bitch sister got a surprise when she found put Maz was her mate and he rejected her on the spot, showing off his mark he already had on his neck from his mate Adley. Shes hot and all, but I wonder who her mate is?
Also Hunters bitch sister wouldn't tell us where the fetus is, just laughed like a crazy witch. So I asked to have her in my cells, I need answers and I don't think I can move on without answers.

When we pull up Maz is already to kys door. Saying hi and hoping she had an amazing time. I nod and walk towards my office and lock the door behind me.
I link Maz to teach her how to swim over the next couple of days. That should get her out of my hair for a while.

I must come off like an ungrateful cunt and to be honest, I really don't give a shit. I have my face in my hands. Grabbing a note from my secret hiding place I made with Rome and look at it again and again.

No my sister must be left behind. I don't trust anyone, not even you. You are to leave after us, to see if we're been followed. I will meet you at the point.

Remember to burn everything and everyone. I still have Beau and Lachlan....

Hunters sister confirmed it was her brothers hand writing. Bronx has been scratching at my brain to be let out for a run. I know if I get controlled, my pack is fucked.

Seeing everyone train has been depressing. A knock at my door bring my head up. I can smell my mother on the otherside.

I get up and drag my feet towards the locked door. When I open it, she has her hands on her hips.

"Well when are you going to alert the pack on the meeting you had with the others?"

I rub my forehead, clearly getting a headache.
"When I get answers. Its a waste of time telling them half of the meeting."
I stand there not wanting her to come in. Dad come up behind her smiling.

"Good news I see?" Dad says, before I can say anything mum answers him.

"No your son isn't telling us anything until he gets answers. I bet he went to Golden Moon to have a feed or something."

I raise an eyebrow. "Well I did have lunch there, so you aint wrong." I lean on the doorframe, hands folded.

"Not funny son, tell us what happen. Now."

Bronx doesn't like the tone mum used on us, Dad notices and pulls mum behind him.
"Son you got to control yourself. Dr Starr isn't far now. I know you just want to run. Lets go into your office."

Dad has his hands up, trying to get pass me. He must of linked mum, cause she backs away fast. When the doors shut I lean my head against it, trying to breath.

"This is where your mate comes in handy son. She has powers to help calm you."

I start to laugh. I turn slowly and look dad in the eyes. "Bronx wants out to kill her."
Dads eyes go big. "Look, Neveah is NOT your mate. She-"

"The more you tell me no, the more bronx and I say yes... besides you taught me to keep my friends close and my enemies closer.... If I'm not correct, mum also told me to let it go and if it comes back to you, its yours. Neveah, may not come back to me. But Meyah does. All. The. Time."

Dads eyes are closed. "Let me tell you a story. I vowed I would take it to my grave, but I'm affraid you will turn out like him. Come sit. Please." Dad pleads.

I walk to my desk, sit and he tells me something that would have changed alot of things.

"Son, Papa had a crush on a girl, just like you did when he was 8ish 9. You will figure out who she is as the story goes along.
He wooed her and she friend zoned him. In his 16th, he got his wolf and found out the girl he loved was actually his mate.

You know how Dean hates you, well papa mates dad was the same to him. Not wanting his daughter to be with papa, he killed his own daughter.
Papa settled for maama."

Dad fidgets and squirms in his seat. "Maama had twins. Myself and my twin brother..."

My eyes have gone like doe, caught in a headlight. My dad had a twin? What happened to him.
"Son, maama dies giving birth to him. I was already out. Papa blamed my twin. We weren't Identical, so it was easier to hide. That little shack on G.M, thats where he lefted the new born child and brought me back to the pack to reunite our pack for the heir to our Pack.

Papa heard wind that Jack... Lock's grandpa found that child.... giving him to the elders to raise, because no one wanted to raise him. Due to jealously between mates.

You see son. I can tell Bronx doesn't want that sweet baby girl. I can tell it's making you put up walls. Just like my twin. Your using it as an excuse to build walls around your mate. Shes obviously uneducated on the signs. Remember all she knows is how to lay on her back and clean. It's not her fault. That pack was toxic from the start.

Don't judge too early. Look what happened when we did. We got it all wrong. Shadow Storm wasn't the ones that slaughtered Percy and Julius pack it was a set up for us to unite against Shadow Storm and hopefully wipe them out.
Who know what would have happened if we succeed-"

"Cole would be dead and Veah would be mine."

Dad shakes his head.

"What happened to your twin?" I question still reeling from this news.

"I have no idea. Without knowing what he looks like or trying to find out secretly, I gave up looking after my fling with Aquilla and then meeting your mother, MY mate."

I know he dragged out 'my' for a purpose.

"Son, I know your going to get your heart broken. I know she will choose Cole."

I smile. "Dad you don't know that. Meyah response to me. Look, I'm gonna tell you the truth. I lost my child to the only girl I've ever loved. No. No, let me finish."
I see him wanting to object.

"That hit me harder than losing Rome. It was the first thing I lost and can't find. Apart of me is out there sonewhere and I want to bring it home. When Veah was forced into heat, they weren't expecting us to be awake let alone out of the cell. I tried my fucken hardest to the point I started seeing black spots in my eyes. I forgot to breath. I should have just passed out, but its like an empty stomach to home cooked meals. The hunger pain gets worser and worser. The hallucination make you think the chair your sitting on looks like your favourite food.

You didn't see her eyes after you busted in on us. Her and Meyah were one. She spoke... yes Meyah spoke to me. She told me to hold on to us. She will help Veah see-"

"Son wolves don't-"

"I know, speak only to us and we translate, but I swear on my life she said it. When Veah told me she was leaving to find why Meyah had these abilities and what they could mean. She knew Quaiden was in a shitty with her, because he knew Cole was her mate and she wasn't ready to settle, well not without finding herself first.
But no one listened they went looking for her. Cornered her, got the timing right too. But she finally was free and then we get caught, she takes off again. Say Canopus is calling to Meyah, we don't know if it's because of the nanobytes or what, but we won't be able to find out without finding where Hunter took her.

Its the same for me. I don't want to open new doors if I can't shut the ones I've already opened. If it means a challenge to or from Cole then so be it. But thats my choice to make. You made yours and forgot about your twin. Well I won't stop until I find out what happened to my fetus.

Then Rome on the same day dies in my arms. I wasn't paying attention, Shadow fucken Storm was putting me off, with the counting how many can we kill fucken game. That and if Rome didn't push me aside, dad I would be dead right now. seeing his soul leave his body... it-it was by far harder than losing Veah.

When she visited us, well me in her wolf form, I knew I had a more advantage than Cole ever could. With or without the nanos-"

"Son hasn't Romes life taught you anything, lifes to short, remember he was heart broken when his mate rejected him-"

"Yeah for fucken Cole. That baby was Romes mates. But she was a fucken rapist."

Dad didn't know that part. I didn't want to tell him that Cole impregnated Seirra without telling her wrong doings as well.

Thats all he could say.

"You don't know half of it. How about this, I look for my fetus, you look for your twin and we don't tell no one about anything said today?"

"What do you have more to say."

"Ha. Dad, this is going to make your generations look like amateurs."

"Wait, I'm ordering dinner in here, better get us some beers too."

"Better make it a keg."

Dad looks at me in shock. "That much. Haa...."

I shake my head.
When we know we ain't going to get disturb and I finally open up to my dad, for the first time in my life.
From Veah having her wolf at 8, her abilities, moments and all the shit she did. Plus her last diary. She gave it to me in the car. I shoved it in my hidden compartment inside my drivers seat. It was still there when I got home. I secretly read it, over and over

"Wait so when she came for your 16th.... fuck that explains alot, from why no-one could hit her, except Quaiden. Fuck this is fascinating." Dad says sipping on his beer.

"Thats not the best part. The twins have more secrets than the council's and us put together. The next part is going to blow your mind.

Veah came across the Alpha king book itself. But turns out to be fake. You know how your door to your office was broken? Yip Quaiden. He wouldn't tell me what he was hiding, but I figured he would say something. Well inside Veah's last Diary, theres a letter from Quaiden saying sorry for spilting the family, if only he knew it was her plan. He also told her the moon goddess visited him..."

I tell him everything to do with the twins. From the plan of Veah's to Diana.
I move on to Cole and how he fits into Veah being so Obsessed with Pearl. I tell him about Hunter killing the King and the story behind the truth of the summit.

"Shiiiiit. I'm-I'm lost. All this from little miss Veah. Fucken Porter kept the book away from us, cunt." Dad has been pacing for ages.

"Your the only ex Alpha that knows anything. But wait theres more...."

"You got to be fucken kidding me. How much more can a little 5'6- 5'8 women have in 16 fucken years. Shit."

I laugh. "Alot... anyways after fucking up her dad, she was in one city and she came across a guy that had similar features to you. Well she freaked out but when 'You, or the guy that sort of looked like you didn't do anything, she thought she waa dreaming. But its all in her diary. That was also the town she killed the titan and dodged her parents.
She also found in the human world has an important part of our history. The royal crown."

Dad grasp. "Who else knows about this."

"That I know, just us and Veah. Her last entry was when Cole got drunk after his Koro died and he rejected her while taking Rome's mate up the stairs towards his room."

"Shit, if she knows then the council definitely knows. Which means the titan she killed, could of been guarding it."

I never thought of that. Damn. "Wait. So someone new will be guarding it, we could capture the next titan and find out where there location is and find Veah too."

"Thats true. Hows that chick in our cells going?"

I groan, making dad laugh.
I've shaved her head, making her break down but she went mute. I know the her vanity would open her. She was high maintenance after all.

"Well shes gone from talking shit to being a mute. Rik has been interrogating her since I left. I'm suppose to follow up, instead I'm drinking."

"Why didn't you tell me about any of this, when you first found out? Was it because you couldn't trust me, or we didn't have this connection?"

Dad looks defeated. Fuck, "To be honest..."
Dad looks me in the eyes. "I didn't want to disappoint Veah. I wanted to show her the real side of me. Not the cunt side that comes out when I'm around girls. But it never happened. I tried to be understanding, but she just got used it, so I slipped back into my egotistical self. I mean come on, I know I'm hot. I'm in alot of girls minds-"

"Just never hers."

"Ouch." I hold my right hand to my chest and make my shock face for dramatic play.

Dad does a full on bass tone laugh. "Well since I'm hurting your ego, I might as well go for a home run.
I'm glad you didn't tell me during my days as Alpha. It's your path to find now son. But a word of advice. Put your priorities first. You can't always please people and your going to make enemies. Just remember family is key."

My first genuine smile. "So your saying make a key cut." I laugh at dads expressions, when he realises I'm joking he lifts his cup up for a cheers. So I follow suit.

"To finding where your key fits son."
"To paths unknown." We click and skull

《《《《AUTHOR'S NOTE》》》》》
3260 words.

Give me a like and comment, I look forward to seeing my loyal readers comments.
Again, if you are new to this book, please read Dear Diary first. It would make more sense and enjoy.

Have a good day


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