The Gifted Sisters and the Golden Mirror

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Chapter Eleven- GOLDEN MIRROR

The moment her eyes close to sleep, Livia enters back into the magical realm with the golden mirror. She stands before it once again. Her white gown flutters in a windless breeze. She peers into the mirror, but her reflection isn’t there. She’d hoped to see the girl who looks like her, as she did before.

Having recently discovered she has a twin, she wonders if the girl in the mirror might be her sister. She plans on asking her, but a part of her is curious how the girl will respond. After all, if the girl is her sister, she’s been living in the East for most of her sixteen years. Does she even know about Livia?

Livia steps closer to the mirror, and sees nothing.

Where is she?

Vera stays away from the mirror. The last time she peered into it, there was a girl standing there who looked like her, but wasn’t her. She is almost afraid of what she will see if she stands before the mirror again. She wonders who that girl is, and what kind of magic the mirror holds. But she doesn’t dare look. It could very well be the Enchanter.

In their dreams, both girls keep their eyes on the golden mirror. One’s curiosity is peaked, while the other remains wary. Their thoughts are of each other, and each promises herself that next time, questions will be asked.

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