The Gifted Sisters and the Golden Mirror

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Chapter Fifteen- GOLDEN MIRROR

Five more steps forward, and Vera will find herself standing directly in front of the golden mirror. The pain in her head is gone, and she wonders if the relief of pain is her dream’s doing.

The strange girl is standing across from her, and Vera sees her lips moving. It’s as if she is trying to tell her something, but nothing is coming out.

Vera: Hello? Who are you?

The girl speaks again, but once again Vera cannot hear her. This girl looks exactly like her but something is off. She knows she doesn’t have any other family and thinks maybe the Enchanter is somehow linked to the mirror, trying to put thoughts inside her head. Vera was hoping this mirror would provide answers, but she finds it only confusing.

Livia is frustrated. She doesn’t understand why her sister can’t understand her. When she sees Vera attempt to speak, she can’t hear her. Livia wonders how she is supposed to find out about her sister if they can’t speak to one another. Livia knows the East will be coming, but she doesn’t know if her sister knows about her, or knows that she might be hunting her sister unknowingly. Livia has to find out how to use this golden mirror. Before it is too late.

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