The Gifted Sisters and the Golden Mirror

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Chapter Nineteen- GOLDEN MIRROR

A golden mirror standing in time; a looking glass without reflection; everything full of mystery and frustration.

Livia stares into the golden mirror.

And at her sister.

She refuses to go another night without communication. Walking around the mirror, Livia scours the intricate details, looking for anything that might explain the workings of this magical object.

Vera just observes. It seems like the other girl is a prisoner, trapped and desperate to get out. Vera has lost count of all the times her dreams have brought her to this same scenario, time and time again. She is growing tired of the monotonous routine.

Vera has tried to talk to the girl many times, but to no avail. Vera can hear nothing the other says. So she stares in silence at the girl who looks just like herself, on who seems to be trying to escape a cage. Maybe, it is an image of her own mind, after all.

Then something happens that changes the dynamic of their frustrating dreams.

Livia steps back in front of the mirror. Her brow puckers with unrelenting determination. Reaching out with her hand, she touches the shiny surface of the mirror.

A strong wind blasts out at her from the mirror, spiraling her hair behind her. She watches as her sister’s eyes widen.

Livia: Hello? Can you hear me?

She sees her sister nod.

Livia points to Vera, then to her own hand touching the mirror; she motions Vera to touch the mirror. She anxiously watches Vera reach out and touch the glass. A gust of wind blows Vera’s hair back the same as it did Livia’s.

Livia: Can you hear me?

Vera: Yes

The tension and frustration, like a wall, collapses down around Livia. As much as she tries to hold it in, she can’t. A tear escapes down her cheek. She can finally talk to her sister.

Livia: Do you know who I am?

Vera’s brows knit together.

Vera: Are you me?

Livia: I am your sister.

Vera: That can’t be possible.

Livia: It’s the truth. Our parents were murdered. I was able to escape, but you were taken. Has no one told you?

Vera knows this girl is not her sister. Kgar never hesitates to shove in her face the horrors of her life. This is something the king would not hide from her. It only makes sense that this girl in this mirror, or cage, is speaking what she can only wish to be the truth. Nothing else.

Livia: Look, you are coming to Pynth with an army of assassins. You must stop them. The people of Pynth are yours, just as they are mine. You have to believe me.

Vera: They are not my people. If they were, then why have they never come for me? They don’t deserve my pity.

Livia shakes her head in frustration. Time will run out before she can convince Vera otherwise. Something has to be done to change her perspective.

Livia: Are you at least being treated well?

Vera: I am an assassin. Living free of pain is not a luxury I get to enjoy.

Livia: Surely you want better for yourself. I can offer you protection, and you can have the luxury of peace. I can help you.

Vera: There is no such thing as peace. You are only a thought in my head, a crazy idea I once dreamt of as a child. You’re a trick of my mind, nothing more. If you were my sister, I would’ve been told.

Livia: Please believe me.

Vera: I tire of this game.

Vera takes her hand off from the glass, and steps back into the fog.

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