The Gifted Sisters and the Golden Mirror

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Chapter Twenty-Three- GOLDEN MIRROR

The girls stare at one another. They both know the truth.

Vera: So, you are my sister.

Livia: Yes. And you and the assassins are here.

Vera: Yes.

Livia: Do you plan to take me?

Vera shows no emotion.

Vera: I do. I also plan to take back the king’s uncle.

Livia’s eyes widen.

Vera: Did you not think I would find out about you having him?

Livia: I didn’t know. I mean, I knew, but I didn’t know if I should tell you.

Vera: You thought me a fool, sister? Did you think I would fall for your lies? I know you care nothing for me. I know two queens can’t rule a kingdom. I would only be in your way.

Livia: That’s not true! I want you here with me. I’ve never wanted you out of the way. Whoever told you that is not speaking the truth.

Vera: The person who told me has been more of a family to me than your entire kingdom put together. A kingdom that never once came to save me.

Livia: Look, I didn’t even know you existed until a week ago. I didn’t even know I was an heir to this kingdom. But I do know I’ve always longed for my true family. That is you. I need you.

Vera: You don’t need me. But I do need you--to keep those I love alive, and to keep his hands off me. That’s why I need you.

Livia: You would turn me over to that man? I’m offering you a safe haven. What else do you need?

Vera: Nothing. I need nothing else.

Livia: Surely there is something. Let me help you.

Vera: Put yourself in chains and walk out to me. That would help me.

Livia takes her hand off the mirror, and steps back. This girl is not the sister she envisioned. Her mind is warped into thinking only lies. There is only one more thing she can try before all hope is lost.

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