The Gifted Sisters and the Golden Mirror

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Midnight comes and goes. Livia and Vera both go to sleep on the eve of their sixteenth birthday, neither knowing if their gift will awaken inside them.

Both of their dreams start off in blackness. Then a tiny bright light starts transforming in the distance, getting brighter and brighter until it comes upon them. Engulfing them.

An explosion of color sparkles all around--whipping around like a soundless wind. When everything settles, a tall golden mirror stands before them.

Not just any golden mirror. But an antique mirror with a gold frame that twists around intricately portrayed details of timeless, ancient, gilded work.

They admire long flowing white gowns that feather down to their feet, disappearing into a fog below. Their long black hair hangs down their backs in soft waves, and each admire her polished look. But it isn’t until they see their starkly bright, violet eyes that they see the beauty they now possess.

Stunned by their reflections, one sister brings her hand up to her face but notices her reflection does not mirror her movement. When her eyes shift to what she thinks are her own, she quickly realizes they are someone else’s.

Who is this person inside the mirror, someone who is her, yet isn’t?

A purple and blue mist gathers around each of them. The golden mirror fades from sight. The mist soaks into their skin and each feel a tingle that covers her entire body, then all ends with a thunderous jolt.

Their dream begins to fade and turns back into darkness. Each is unsure what just happened.

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