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an office smarty who is alway late ends up being the eye of attention with the big boss. called out she is in panic mode thinking she is going to be fired, but when she realizes that she infact is getting promoted she is beside herself with excitement, but little does she know what her new job and title will require of her. Working for this self made man won't be easy but if anyone can cut it she can, well if she can get out of bed on time and get her but to work.

Fantasy / Romance
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Have you ever just woke up wondering where the hell has all the time gone. One minute you are in grade school the next jr high, High school, and if your lucky college but if you’re one of the unlucky ones you are the one who didn’t want to go to college but still saw herself becoming the CEO of a massive company you created all from scratch.

Yeah! that was me!! except I wasn’t the CEO of anything or at least not yet, and not for the last 30 years of my life.

8 am!!! and the alarm has gone off again for the third time yet again.

AHHH!!! SHIT I’m going to be late! I grumbled as I jumped out of bed making my way to the bathroom

I couldn’t be on time to anything, actually, that was the one thing that I was good at ” Being late” on time was an inside joke between me and a few coworkers.

They had always covered for me since I was at least really good at what I did, adn I normally tended to have there back in those “office catastrophe” moments.

but today just seemed off, it seems different then all the other days I have woken up late yet again. This time I was rushing but felt like I was taking my sweet ass time, it didn’t make since I could physically see the clock change but couldn’t get myself to move any faster.

There was no time to shower, but I at least used the restroom, brushed my teeth, and washed my face in no particular order as I rushed to the closet in my room to find my outfit for the day.

Business casual was the norm on Fridays but this Friday I’d I felt like scrubbing it, but I knew that wasn’t an option.

I just needed to get a move on and fast.

FUCK!!!! 830am already... Shit, how is that even possible I have only been awake 10 minutes.

growling to myself. I grab my jeans, and a top casual shoes and grab my bag, makeup will have to be done in the car as always. running out the small condo apartment I have tucked away here in the big city I dash down the stairs making it to the parking lot for the tenants beeping my locks on the car doors so I can dash inside start it up and head out.

Thus far leaving seemed to be moving faster then me getting ready each morning. I guess I should have been a nash car racer.

true my 9-5 wasn’t glamourous but it paid great and the insurance we got was top-notch all I had to do was keep this job a little long and I could be sailing higher in no time or so I liked to think.

turning up the radio all while zipping in and out of the morning traffic I head down the main streets away from the highways just to get there sooner. Hitting the green lights every time like clockwork, I really was better at this driving thing then getting up and moving. I smiled hmm if I could only find a job that paid me to do that.

845Am. omg!! I’m going to be so late!!! I couldn’t be late again or at least show up after the boss did. If he saw me roll in one more time after him I was sure to be a goner.

you know the boss man that was hot, smart and had everything he wanted... yeah one of them... I had never actually met the guy but from what others told me he was someone who took his career seriously and wasn’t going to handle or deal with slackers.

SHIT!! besides being late I was no slackie, but I guess your work doesn’t matter much if you can’t be there on time to prove you are worth it.. but we shall see boss man.

gunning it I dashed even faster passed the cars hitting every green light as I roll, sorry speed by.

This time I was going to get there at 859am.. the boss was always there at 9 am exactly but maybe if he saw me clock in one minute before him he’d think I was always on time.. yeah, fuck that 5 minutes early shit.. unless your an ass kisser there was no reason for that shit.

I always clocked in, grabbed a coffee, and went to work I hardly ever left my desk unless I had to pee. so I didn’t want to hear it about that 5 minutes shit. I scoffed thinking about how everyone else always said to be there to have time to chat and grab a coffee and then settle in. like what the FAHHH!! “Hey watch it, buddy, learn to drive” I yelled at another driver nearly missing me as he turned. “ASSHOLE” I shouted again as I speed up passing the final light before my turn to the office.

LEFT turn, one block then the last left turn and I was here.

Parking I grabbed my bag and shut the car door locking it as I ran to the building right in front of me. the doors opening and closing as others entered and left the building by now.

I was an assistant to a manager here if not for her I would be on my ass, why she tolerated me I don’t know but I did good work for her so she overlooked my tardy but the main boss always had his eyes on me, I swear he knew where and what I was doing at all times it was almost creepy.. but as the big boss, I’m sure he knew so much all about his employees, right!! I asked myself hundreds of times.

I knew he had seen me a few times because as I would clock in he was always standing in front of his door sipping his coffee in one hand while watching the “crew” of employees working as I rounder in countless times before rushing it to my desk.

This morning though I looked down at my phone 857am. Shit!! I smiled happily as a clam I was 3 minutes early hell yes!!! I screamed internally.. smiling as I grab my tab card and clock in.

“Miss Clarkson, can I see you in my office this morning” A voice broke me out of almost doing my happy dance.

Turning I swallowed hard as my eyes meet his, The fucking big boss was staring me right in the eyes asking me to go to his office.. OH!!! SHIT!!! I was so fired... I swallowed again and answered

“ah, yeh.. yes sir be right there, I just” I began

“no, right now please” he cut me off gesturing for me to lead the way to his office

SHIT!!! I swallowed turning as I nodded and leading the way to his office, feeling like a walk of shame I didn’t know what to say or do. SHit if I lose this job I don’t know what I will do.

FUCK, Cris! why can’t you be normal and be here like everyone else, what excuse will you begin giving this man this time, ahh you better have your best begging voice and eyes on and soon. I yelled at myself internally.

The doors to his office right in front of me as I passed through them and into his cool modern room, leather seats black in front of his desk, paintings of fine art behind him, and a view of the best part of the city at his right. AHH! what I wouldn’t give to have this office, his job. Oh yeah!!

being on time is something I could do to have this or college. I began to wonder until I heard the door shut behind me making me flinch.

“Miss, Clarkson! please take a seat ” his roguish voice demanded.

“yes, sir,” I said keeping my bag in hand I took a seat in front of his large desk.

Has he came around to his chair I swallowed again worried about my fate here.

“Sir, I can explain,” I said suddenly without even thinking.

“oh, can you now! hmm, Miss Clarkson do you even know why you are in here?” he asked before I could continue.

“um. No! no sir I don’t”

“then what is it that you can explain exactly” he smirked his eyes the deepest hazel blue I have ever seen whirling in color as the light danced in them. his figures coming together as he leaned forward waiting for my answer.

“um.. actually sir I... I didn’t think before speaking sorry, I must be nervous” I said trying to salvage my dignity at the moment.

“well, miss Clarkson you should be nervous I mean after all you aren’t very punctual at all” he suddenly said making me feel ever smaller then I had already.

“yes, sir” is all I could say not even fighting what was about to come

“But, you are one of the best workers I have, I don’t know how you do it but watching you every morning running in late but working til even minutes past closing, I can only assume you are making up for the tarty of each day. but your work, what is surprising is that you have no college background” he stopped waiting for more from me.

I didn’t say anything I just sat and listened to him, my hand fidgeting waiting for him to fire me, regardless of my performance.

“Miss Clarkson, Cris! can I call you Cris” he suddenly asked

“um.. yes sir of course please,” I said looking back up at him.

“Cris, my manager says that your one of the best she has seen in the business, minus the tardiness and all, it’s one of many reasons she overlooks it, but I however haven’t in fact I wish to know why you are always tardy and not 5 minutes or earlier like all the others”

I smirked internally my eyes shot up to his and before I could think I said the most stupidest thing I could ever hear myself say to a boss ever.. ” Because I’m not a kiss ass”

his eyes glared at me with a hint of something before I swear a small smirk lifted his sexy lips, only to disappear and answer me back.

“excuse me,” he said looking a bit pissed

“I. I just mean sir, I honestly don’t know being here 5 minutes early to chat and get coffee is stupid, if I could get here 5 mintues early I would but I can’t for me time seems to speed up when I slow down or in fact, slow down when I want to speed it up honestly the only thing I am on time for is always being late. one minute or 5 never any longer but you will always know I’m there within that time frame take it or leave it.” I couldn’t believe the words coming out of my mouth but I couldn’t keep them form leaving it. the moment I stopped I swallowed and freaked out internally once again. I knew for sure that he was going to fire me. I had just literally said fuck the rules I make my own and you will deal with it because I do good work.. hahaha it what world can you get away with telling your boss that and not be fired.

but, for a few minutes more he just sat there looking at me, his fingers still crossed in front of his face, his eyes looking me over. a few sighs before he looked over at the window then back at me.

his next words would floor me.

“What am I going to do with you, Cris?”

this time it was my turn to ask “Excuse me, sir”

“you are beautiful, smart, daring, bold, and well a complete mess. If I may say but there is something about you that keeps me intrigued, SO, what am I going to do with you, Miss Clarkson, ”

I was completely shocked did he just call me beautiful, smart, and bold. was I dreaming was he just compliment me or was he hitting on me? honestly, at this rate I’d take both if it meant keeping my job. Ahh! I cried inwardly shaking my head trying to regain focus.

“Cris, well do you know what I should do with you,” he asked again

“Actually sir, no. no, I don’t but I do know I don’t want to lose my job” I said honestly, of course, the way I said it actually for a second sounded like I’d do anything to keep it. SHIT!!! that’s so not what I meant.

“Well, Miss Clarkson im sure we will come up with something, but in the meantime, I need you to be here at least before 9 am, can you do that for me”

“before 9 am, yes I can try” I smirked.

“no, 9 am no later”

“yes sir,” I said only to mumble shit under my breath

“what was that”

“Nothing, nothing I was just saying thank you,” I said correcting myself.

little did he know that once I was given a time frame to be somewhere I even altered then I was asked to be.. shit.. this wasn’t going to be good. I would have to figure out how I was going to tell myself to be here the same as always so that way I was at my desk at 9 am.

“oh, and you will report to me from now on, miss jewels has been promoted and has a new office so you are her replacement”

“I’m what,” I said suddenly looking back up at him. I was about to get up to leave but found myself sitting back down taking this all in for a second.

“so you want me to, I’m sorry what” I mumbled

“miss jewels was promoted to a new division, she worked directly under me and you where her assistant so naturally you work under me now and you get to hire your own assistant, will that be a problem”

his eyes cutting into mine his hands finally coming down away from his face as his grin grew lifting the corners of his lips into a sexy smile

“no, no sir thank you,” I said standing up slowly to leave.

“you can move you your things into her office asap, miss Clarkson,” he said as I headed to his door “oh, and once you are done come back so I can give you the rundown of your new job”

sitting back into his desk chair now he glared at me daring me to say or do something more but all I could do was nod as I opened stepping out and shutting the door behind me.

had he even dismissed me I have no idea but somehow I just got up and walked out with a promotion instead of being fired. OMG!!!!! I screamed. HOLY SHIT!!!! I think I actually said out loud because the office staff all turned to look at me..

AHAHAHI let out a small laugh and ran to my desk.. and as quick as ever I packed my desk and took my stuff to my former bosses office. I don’t know if she put in a good word for me to get her job or if he was bull shiting me but I wasn’t going to complain, in fact, the next time I see her I was going to thank her. I couldn’t believe this, I was keeping my job and actually moving up. holy shit. I was beside myself.

as I walked into her office with a box full of my stuff it felt smaller then I remember but with all her stuff in here made it bigger I guess, but this time it felt colder in here. I sighed I missed her and she didn’t even say goodbye or let me know of her promotion. hmm, I’d have to text her later. but for not I needed to unpack so I could get back to his office and get the DL on my job.

I sat the box down and began unpacking only to notice a small note sticking out from under the computer keys.

“to whoever gets my job, I hope it was worth it, working for him isn’t easy and whatever you do don’t be easy, and bought by his sex appeal he will eat you up and spit you out like all the others” best regards J.

Holy shit was she fired. oh my god! I wasn’t sure what was happening I felt horrible to have her job if she in fact wasn’t working here anymore, how would I tell her it was me now in her place, a position that if not for her I would have lost months ago. Holy hell, what was I going to do I had to unpack and get back into his office. shit! shit! shit! is all I could think as I unpacked fast and set the rest down before heading back to his office with a pad and pen in my hand. What was I expected to do, what was it like working for him, and what did she mean don’t fall for his sex appeal, shit that was the hardest task yet? the fact he’d eat us up and spit us out like nothing only made my mind wander to what that exactly meant. Did he have his way with all his assistance or was that a figure of speech.. all I knew is I was entering the lion’s din with fear written all over me and I hoped he didn’t smell it on me.

Knock, Knock, I tapped on his door.

“ahh, Miss Clarkson! please come in your right on time surprisingly” a slight smirk on his lips as he watched me enter and take a seat.

“Shall we begin?” he asked closing his door

my hands sweaty as I swallowed waiting for what else was going to come from this new job and the BIG SEXY CEO, boss..

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