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I get it.

You're probably angry with me for ending Madelyn the way I did.

Honestly, I'm angry with me for ending Madelyn the way I did, but I didn't see any way around it. I've spent fourteen years working on this book, off and on. FOURTEEN! I'm shaking my head here. I'm worse than GRR, if you know who I mean! LOL!

There will be a second book. I hate it, but there will have to be. I can't continue this one the way it's going. I had to bring it to some sort of conclusion that could allow me to gather my thoughts and give you guys a little bit of closure to this book. I hope that ending this one here will have allowed you to get to know Madelyn, Connor, and Rinion a little.

We'll get to know Elsbeth in the next book. She was a last minute addition to the book, because I remembered at the last minute that Rinion mentioned having found his mate in Connor's pack. I couldn't allow him to leave without his mate knowing about him and going with him. :)

As for Vela and Brian, they'll be in the next book, too, because as you might have guessed already, Connor, Madelyn, Rinion, and Elsbeth are being sent to Idaho where Vela's mate is. Hopefully they'll find some peace there.

Or will they?

I honestly don't know yet. The book hasn't even been started yet! I'm going to work on another one I've been writing before I start the second book in what has apparently now become a two-part series. I do not plan for it to have a third book.

But maybe it will? I don't know at this point. I didn't plan on a second! HA!!

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