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The Gods Alpha

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(18+)⚠️⚠️ this story contain sexual content , vulgar language, and violence.⚠️⚠️ and this is my first story putting up on her. Writing helps with my anxiety so I have so many of things bouncing in my brain.. This happens to be my favorite at the moment . Go easy on me if you hate it . Thanks 👍👍😊 This story Follows Masie Barnette, the only female Alpha in the supernatural world to be solely recognized by the Gods, as protector of her kind. But can she manage protecting everyones when she's tossed into a war between the ancients. (Original work by I.A.B)

Fantasy / Romance
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Chapter 1

I felt the metal burn, and seer through my skin, I never gave them the satisfaction. I knew all too well this sadistic bastard wanted to hear my screams, to hear me beg, to hear me plead and cry. Unfortunately for him, I was one of the most stubborn bitches in the pack.

It was easy to lose count of how long I had been here, how many times I'd been slashed and healed, being chained up here time slowed with the monkshood. There were no windows to let in the fresh air, or the sun, and only one door that led to one chamber.. my captors bedroom. How disgusted I was at the thought someone slept so soundly at having a tortured, violated girl in the room next to him. He let me know too often, this was done for no other motive than his pleasure. This sadistic piece of crap loved to torture and defile what shewolf he could get his hands on . His addiction to this is what led me here in the first place.

My captors name was "Alpha"Tommy Rhett, I don't put much work into the emphasis of Alpha title, his pathetic little pack was a bunch of random rogues, and strays with no place. But these conniving beasts were able to pull off numerous kidnappings, and murders even from multiple packs. Our pack was hit hard unexpectedly, discovering they had kidnapped 15 young girls from our land, using monkshood, a near deadly toxic flower that can pull a wolf to their knees, stop a shift, or even bring death.

I was patrolling with my father's Beta Ezra Teller, he wasn't that much older than me, but he always acted as if he were an older brother. We were hot on the girls scents till we fell into a trap, an ambush we were too blind to see, their wolves scents hidden, and we didn't understand how.

So there we were Beta and daughter of an Alpha in the most fucked up scenario possible surrounded by Rogues, holding our girls in silver chains around their necks, and a cruel master that controlled them

Without realizing it I stepped forward growling, as did he. We were outnumbered, and I needed those girls back asap.

"What would it take for you to return the girls?" I glared at him

Their captor smiled sarcastically, standing half buttoned jeans, and no shirt, likely due to a recent shift. He stepped closer into the moonlight, revealing a shaved head, and a battered body of dirt and scars.

"There's nothing you all can possibly give me. You see…" he said quietly yanking on one of the girls chains, making her cry out from the silver burning her neck "I love that sound, so much...pain, to see the innocence and hope fade into despair, and suffering. It's so... delicious." His eyes closed as if in true pleasure

I heard Ezra growl and begin to approach, but I held him back.

"Take me. " I stated "Instead of them."

He looked at me as if offended " what will I do with just one girl?"

"Masie what are you doing!" Ezra hissed, I pushed him back behind me . I swallowed making up my mind.

"There's a lot you can do, I'm stronger, daughter of an Alpha, they'll die too soon, then you'll be out again looking for more girls, other packs will expect it now, and keep the girls under tighter security. I won't die so easily...you can ...play with me longer."

Play was his trigger word, I caught his golden eyes look up at me instantly, licking his lips into a curling smile.

" You'd come so willingly?"

I looked around me counting 17 Rogues, and still none of our own close enough to smell, but distantly hear. We scattered along the borders trying to find the girls. I assumed Ezra mind- linked to someone already but I knew once they came it was too late.

"If the girls go free, and are safely returned home ...yes."

I dropped to my knees, keeping contact with the captor. I felt Ezra reach out for me, swearing at me about how he was to protect me. I put my hand up in protest, using the most commanding voice I could muster and told him to back off. I could feel the literal dragging in his steps as he retreated.

The captor came closer , circling me, his new prey. And smiled thoughtfully.

"We're going to have a lot of fun together...release them. "

As if it had been a floor negotiation, the girls now unchained and I traded places, some giving me hugs along the way, crying, whispering that the goddess, and Fenir be with us, be with me.

"Ezra...take them home now." I turned to see the debate in his eyes. "Go!"

He turned and made the girls run ahead of him . The world went black after.

So here I was chained with silver, drugged, bloody , and violated. Rhett wasted no time when I became his, weeks began to pass and I never screamed or cried, or if I did I made sure they never saw the flicker of weakness. I was 20 years old, barely living my life, barely learning the ropes from my father, and mother. My parents must've been going insane with worry. I would've hoped they didn't blame Ezra for anything.

As time ticked with my torment, I learned Rhett stopped hunting girls, because of my strong bloodline and apparent inability to crack he found his challenge enticing. I just wished I would die. On some occasion, my wolf Eir took over, but even then I couldn't stand the thought of her being beaten when it was supposed to be me. She was such a beautiful thing of sill black fur, and eyes of gleaming silver. When he had seen her take over, his own took over, elongating his claws slashing at my face, leaving me a long reddening unhealed tissue from the left side of my forehead to my cheek.

'Be strong Maze.'

I remember Rhett being especially horrid one evening. Usually he came in happy, with jokes, or taunts. But he was pissed grabbing his favorite device, a cat o' nine tails with tiny silver laced razors woven inside the rope.

He yelled to himself repeatedly.

'" No! No! How the fuck can this happen to me!"' he stuck repeatedly, I only let out whimpers , holding the Chains above my head in support. He was not merciful in his assault . I felt the cold musky air sting my exposed flesh, unable to heal properly. A pool of blood was forming at my feet as it trickled from my toes.

This was a lighter punishment. I felt another lash, splitting my shirt open from the back, I was lucky to have a tank under. I clenched my teeth. I could feel the microscopic metal hook into my skin only to be lifted ripping my flesh along with it.

'"A fucking mate!"' he exclaimed before one more harsh lash. Dropping the flogger to the floor Rhett paced to his wall of deadly devices, grabbing a whip. I shuttered, bracing for impact. Once it came, I felt my eyes widen, letting out an unvocal scream. Gasping for air, I took a deep breath preparing for the next . But it never came.

Rhett looked off at the door, he screamed in frustration before throwing the whip to the wall . I watched Rhett exit his torture chamber ,and stalked off into his room, dragging in a girl, small, red hair , with pale skin and brown/black eyes. Her wolf was trying to protect her, trying to surface. Rhett pulled the whimpering girl no older than 17 before me, forcing us to look at each other .

" You're Masie Barnette." Her eyes welled up, glossing over "oh my gods." She breathed. I took in her smell. She smells of sunlight, Daisy's, and fear. I gave her a ghost smile, not sure why. Probably to reassure her falsely it'll be okay.

Rhett yanked her hair " Take a good look at her...this will be you, if you dare get in my way, or question anything I'm doing. Understand?! Do not look or touch me! I will keep you alive for my wolf and nothing else!" He shoved her too the floor into my blood, the poor girl couldn't stop crying. He dragged her off into his chamber, and slammed the door.

In a bittersweet relief, Rhett narrowed his visits from 2 times a day, to once a week. I hated to think what that girl was enduring, he even refrained from defiling me, it was only whippings, and beatings. I assumed it was his wolf from preventing anything else. His mate was found . He only wanted her. ..poor girl. But I saw she was a fighter too, he was left with scratches and bruises as well. Looks like she even got handy with weapons . But I knew he wouldn't be able to kill her.

She occasionally was in charge of serving me food, spoon feeding me and serving me water. Sometimes she put herself on the line sneaking me her fruits, or sweets. The poor thing showed up everyday with fresh cuts and bruises, but still never said a word. I was the chained one yet I pitied her more.

On one of her visits, she changed my clothes for me. I dared ask his mate what day it was, when she told me I was petrified. Nearly a year since I was taken. Had I been here for so long, and no one had found me. My days were spent bleeding, or left to heal in drug induced slumber. Time really was leaving me . What about my family?

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