The Gods Alpha

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Micheal had been right about one thing. The guests were going to have to wait. I sent Louis and Marie to get settled in , and to be examined at the pack clinic. By the looks of things, he was in great hands. I had never seen Marie so laxed at the sight of someone, it was genuinely refreshing. After what she and I endured, she deserved what-ever it was that soothed her soul.

I made my way back to my room quickly, drawing the curtains, and lighting candles. I needed some insight. I needed mother.

What most did not know about me was since meeting mother and her frequency of visions. I learned how to call on her. I learned ancient magic, hence why I lifted the ban on it. This didn't make me all powerful, or any different from the wolf I already was. It just made me see things a bit more clearly than I would have. I once told Marie about mother, and her visions, she made me undress and kneel before her closing my eyes. When I opened them I was marked with symbols all over my skin, with blood. I had a bird cage near my window, it had a small finch inside I received as a gift. She killed it.

She told me to open one door to something so divine, it deserves a whole sacrifice. I didn't get exactly what she meant at the time but I went with it.

I recited the rune words she whispered in my ear, and suddenly my room before me wavered. It took a few times before I finally accomplished something.

At this point I felt proficient enough. My canary cage was placed on the floor center, between the candles I lit, and placing a stone bowl before the small made alter. I stripped out of my clothes and sat cross legged on my grey carpet. Sorry buddy, nothing personal. I thought . I pulled the bird from its cage hearing it's panicked chirps, it's throat was slit in an instant by my elongated claw, it's hot blood poured into the bowl, filling my nostrils with the sweet metallic rot.

I began to draw symbols on my skin, whispering the incantation. A pull began to tug at my gut. This was a high unmatched, I felt my eyes roll to the back of my head, hearing whispers, voices chanting, as my body swayed before putting me out of consciousness, into darkness

When I came to, I was no longer in my room. I was in the snow, in the forest with the echo of other birds. The familiar scent of mother hit me, and I found myself running to her as if I were a small child. She sat against the trunk of a tree, near a calm field of water and a small crafted village. Beside her was a snow white wolf, I learned was Azelea, her wolf given to her by Fenrir as a gift. She was sharpening a hatchet with a smooth stone, simply watching. Her body in alert when three girls came out of a cabin.

I sat beside her, watching them laugh, and play with each other.

"My sisters." She said answering my unasked question. "I miss them sometimes. So I visit them when I can."

"Is this a memory or is this real?"

Mother shrugged, sighing as she laid into the Bark. "I sometimes wished I was never brought home. I wouldn't have killed them, I wouldn't have damned them. Yet here we are. "

"What happened to them?"

"They sleep...every century or so. They sleep till I need them. Nothing has been so urgent that I awaken them. Nothing yet at least…why are you here Masie?"

"Guidance mother, packs are being destroyed, a survivor smelled like Hel herself… it's cause for concern. "

Mother looked at me with green eyes empty, and cold "Are you sure? "

"Eir smelled her. "

Mother looked up at me, smelling me, and glancing up "Do they have a child on their grounds? A half-breed of our decent, and something else?"

I stared confused "No mother, I would've sensed it. Eir as well."

She shook her head standing up "I've heard rumors Hel is looking for her child. One born of wolf and death. Hel maybe my mates child by that Angrboða, but a child with that magnitude of power can destroy us all. "

"How did Hel lose her child? "

"Her mate never wanted a child, but when gods go at it like rabbits what else did he expect. He left the child in your world amongst wolves. Maybe he hoped the child would die once an alpha smelled it."

"So she's destroying all she can for this child?"

"You're not a mother you wouldn't understand." She chuckled, "Hel is not allowed on your plain, she must be the puppet master ." Mother stroked her wolf and continued,"Do not let your guard down...for now I have no reassurance to give you my daughter, but be prepared. The Blood Moon is nearing, I pray she wouldn't be foolish enough to attack now…she may not be birthed from me but I still care dearly." Mother paced in the snow, leaving tracks of her steps, it barely looked as if she stepped at all. I sometimes had to remind myself this wasn't the same plain I was from, this was within my mind. Any hint of losing that realization could get me stuck here Forever if I wasn't careful.

I watched mother and Azelea pace together, she suddenly stopped "If her mate hid this child ...he too could be after it to kill it. He should very well know hybrids are a danger to my children. Tread carefully Maze, I fear a war will begin, and my children will be caught between... protect them at all costs. We know the why, and possibly the who, now we must wait for the when."

I felt the vicinity around me begin to waver, and the smell of the canary blood was beginning to smell stronger, I was running out of time . Time here was different, a few minutes here, was a whole day out there. Just like a dreamstate.

"And the child?"

The smell of burning candle grew stronger

'Maze? Masie please answer me. Is everything alright? ' someone was trying to link me, no I needed more time.

Mother came to me, cupping my face in her hands "My sweet daughter i-"

I awoke gasping for air as I was violently ripped from mother's grasp. . The candles once wax towers, now laid in their own puddle, the blood on the bowel had been soaked into the carpet, and the cage knocked over.

My doors bursted open , Ezra stopped in his tracks, at seeing me on the floor covered in blood.

"W-what happened ? Shit-im sorry Maze, evveryones been trying to get a hold of you never answered."

I was still panting, grabbing a towel near me, I wrapped it around my body. Suddenly Eir came in perking up at the sight of him. She was craving Danikan. Ezra looked as if he was back from a run, gym shorts clung to his sweat, and having him in a sleeveless tank, revealing how tone his muscles were made Eir go insane. I felt her surfacing, reluctantly I had to push her back.

"It's f-fine, I was just-checking something." I said shaking my head, Ezra took a step forward, but I held up my hand knowing full well what would happen.

"What's everyone doing RightNow?"

"Dinner is going to begin in a few. You were gone all day and Micheal let me know what happened with Louis and Marie...what-what did mother say?"

""Another time Ezra...let's get ready for dinner. Make sure the packs are taken care of."

He nodded, leaving me alone .

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