The Gods Alpha

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I washed up slowly, my mind still racing about what happened in my vision. How did we get pulled into a mess belonging to the gods. I needed more information; this child is hidden amongst the wolves, both parents coming for it, fuck if this isn't resolved how many casualties will be faced. 3 packs down and disbursed, having 3 more all together would be an easy target. I need to figure out how to talk to Hel.

I stared at myself in my vanity mirror, my black hair thick, and silky rippled down above my waist, my grey eyes now burning with intensity. Eir was unsettled, no doubt by this revelation. The stress we carry as an Alpha is sometimes unimaginable, but we push through. I could hear the pack throughout the grounds and manor, all bustling through the forest, and running around to have things presentable. I shut my eyes blocking them out, how am I to protect 3 packs. If Hel or her mate decide to search for their child here how can it be done. I sighed, another worry for another time …

I slipped on a black high neck lace mermaid dress that Twitch gifted me for my birthday , I never had an occasion to wear it so may as well have been tonight. The dress was glittered and beautiful, opening at the back down to my waist. A bit much but since I had no shame in hiding my scars I wore it proudly with dark makeup, and maroon lipstick. Everything about my appearance screamed elegant, but this meant I had to wear heels. If the mermaid tulle of the damn thing wasn't so see through I could've gotten away with wearing nothing, but my bare feet. I loved being bare-foot, sometimes I feel I loved being a wolf more than human. In clothes, shoes, in my own skin I felt so restricted, I just wanted to run free, to hunt, to feel the dirt beneath my feet. In the mirror I watched my eyes glow, and Eir growl, she wanted to get out too.

"Later Eir, we'll go for a run." I sighed After pinning my hair to the side.

I finally made my way down stairs, and sat mid way, the Manor Hall's were emptying while the rest of the pack was being served outside in the tents, the dinner I was attending was for the Pack Masters, Luna's, Betas, and Gammas. My stomach was in knots from seeing mother , I couldn't keep my thoughts in focus. How am I supposed to reveal we might be in potential danger. How can I help other packs before they're even attacked. I was suddenly getting hot with the question I hated to be asking myself …why me?

"Were you waiting for me?" Ezra's voice jeered from behind, I lied smiling back, not needing for him to worry

" Yeps, ready to face the wolves." He rolled his eyes at my joke, helping me to my feet l, he paused for a moment rubbing his nose into my neck, taking in my scent

"You look so beautiful." He whispered seductively, I smacked him and smiled as he cornered me into the wall.

"Behave Danikan. "

Ezra's face lifted to meet mine, his eyes were pitch, flickering black between his master's brown orbs, he only grinned, trailing a hand at my lace, slowly rising it to reveal my skin. I felt Eir nawing to get out to attack him, our faces drew near for a kiss, but at the sounds of a very pissed off growl that rippled through the hall caught our attention.

We looked at each other confused, and giggled a bit, before shrugging it off. "Probably from outside...Let's go, I'm starving."

I took in Ezra's freshly pressed suit, he always looked so nice dressed up. But having him on patrols always kept him in wolf form too, Eir never minded , the pervert she suddenly became around him.

We entered the dining hall, everyone was mingling , and suddenly cut to silence when we entered. They bowed their heads in respect, and took their seats. The table was a long old thing, Ezra and I often joked about practically jogging to the head of the table just to sit and eat. At this I stifled a laugh, and heard Ezra do the same. We only ever used this table when we had formal guests, otherwise it was in bed dining , or office dining or on rare occasions Ezra cooked for me at his own little house.

We were walking past the 13 seats to get to mine, I almost groaned when I finally got to my chair, not yet able to be plopped down . Ezra was to my right and Micheal on my left. I had noticed one chair empty beside a female. And counted the familiar faces.

I plastered on a smile "I see Pack Master Alpha Hohlt isn't present. Everything alright?"

The female wearing a blinding pink dress perked up, and honestly so did her cleavage. "Uh-Yes Alpha Masie, I'm future Luna of Howls Ash, Candice. My fiance is just on the grounds making sure everyone is settling in. I'm so sorry he's late. Forgive us."

I waved her off and kept the smile on sweetly, if words could be sticky and fake this girl's smile and tone were malasis. She didn't like me very much, I could smell it. It was something I got used to with other Luna's , pretty sure most Alphas vented about not wanting a bitch to run a pack or that I would even know how. Men's egos are something else I'd say.

"No worries, our pack does come first. But I'm sure everyones starving. If you wish to wait it's fine, if you care to eat that's fine too."

Our plates were severed, and suddenly the old mohogany table was filled with the brightest of colors, and the most delightful of smells. No one needed to be told twice to dig in. I mostly talked to Milo, his wife Ally and his son. Milo was an old wolf, and once was a dear friend to my mother, I kept his company close, he told me he was nearing his retirement, and that was why his son Markle was brought along. He was going to take his place after the Blood Moon. I congratulated him. Tomas Creed and Alice Till, SmokeRidges' Beta and Gamma spoke amongst themselves and to the GreenMarsh groups. They were too far from me so I sort of didn't bother to yell across the table to them. Everyone seemed to be enjoying themselves but Micheal.

It seemed he was a little annoyed at having Twitch be part of the serving party, but she volunteered covering for a pregnant she-wolf. Twitch was just kind like that. Micheal wanted her to join us for dinner, but we knew crowds weren't her thing. Micheal watched Twitch make her way around the table serving water and wine, his eyes were so loving. A little hard to believe just a few years ago this man was a stranger with nothing but a bag and weapons to his name helped me because it was the right thing to do, and now he's one of my most trusted advisor next to Ezra , and is so happy with the life he has with his mate. I couldn't have been more thankful. I finally looked down at my plate ready to dig into the untouched food of smoked pink fish, but a smack echoing the dining hall made us all snap up. The scene laid before me spiked unimaginable anger, not just from me.

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