The Gods Alpha

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A loud growl ripped through the hall.

"You damn Omega! You got me soaked!" Candace stood up, standing over a toppelled Twitch on the floor with spilled wine and water. Micheals chair had fallen over in his rush to get to Twitch, Ezra stood too helping her up. Micheal's eyes were black as pitch ready to have a go at Candace, even Ezra was protective of Twitch, Danikan let out a snarl. I felt Eir wanted to let out a growl but I pushed her back. She was very protective of Twitch, but I was sure it was because the snacks Twiitch baked special for her. She's a brat sometimes.

"Micheal. Ezra. Bring Twitch to the hall. I want a word ." They obeyed, but feeling Micheal, he felt betrayed that I hadn't said anything to the fussing Candace getting the stain out of her bubblegum dress.

I stood, inspecting Twitch, her cheek pink with two cuts from Candace's nails. I felt rage burn in me but I didn't dare let it show.

I pulled the three to the hall outside.

"Twitch sweetheart are you okay?"

"Y-yes Alpha. " She smiled through her tears .

"I'll take care of this ...go home, don't worry about it. I'll come by and check on you okay. can go with her if you'd like."

Before he could open his mouth Twitch covered it with his hand.

"He'll stay Alpha, " his eyes almost buldged, she paid no mind "Babe if Masie said she'll take care of it,believe her. She will always be on our side. So get rid of those ugly feelings Right now. Don't think of me being so weak. It was just my body twitched at the wrong time. I. Am. Fine." Twitch gave him a deep kiss calming him immediately, goddess this girl's amazing.

"I'll be home shortly ." He said hugging her tightly

We watched her walk off, taking a side door out of the manor before returning to the table. Candace had still been cleaning the wine from her dress, she never even realised the entire table did not resume eating, they knew she fucked up, and were now waiting for the show, guess I'll give them one.

"My dear future Luna, let me serve you a clean glass." I walked slowly to the side table that held various drinks, and glasses. " You know I'm sure this is all new to you, you know caring for a pack member who is apparently beneath you…" I poured the dark red wine into a glass, and heard her gasp, I continued handing it to her

" In this pack we are family, and we all take care of each other, now as an Omega I'm sure it enrages you that someone with such a title, and a present disability which is the true cause for a ruined dress was even serving you …"

"A-alpha Masie I meant no-"

I spoke over her, she was visibly shaking.

"Shh...let me be understood...future Luna or not, there are no titles other than three of us here at my table, our home runs because we all work to take care of it. We all respect one another Omega or, my dear, if I catch you touching one of my pack members or any members for that matter in such disgust, I'll collect your fucking hands. " I smiled sweetly as I sat at the head of my table. I never raised my voice, and I never gave her a dirty look. I didn't need to. She read the room quite well.

"And as Twitch being a great friend and wife of my Gamma I assure you , you have a very large obligation to apologise to him. She volunteered to be here, much to her husband's objection. I had to stop him from killing you. Hell I had to stop myself from killing you." I laughed , I downed my own glass of wine and stood.

Everyone but Candace did as well, she looked so lost. I almost had pity for her and her humiliation...almost.

I was about to announce my retirement from dinner and simply go to bed but the smell invaded my mind and nose. Chocolate and

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