The Gods Alpha

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A young man with the forest in his eyes, and the golden sun in his hair entered, capturing everyone's attention from the squeak of the dining hall double doors. He was wearing dark grey slacks , his button up shirt with the sleeves rolled to his elbows revealing his tattoos and his suspenders hanging off his hips, with his suit jacket in his arms. My gods...he was gorgeous. He looked exhausted, and was now staring dead at me, as the smell enveloped me. Fuck. No.

'Our mate Masie…' Eir coward in my mind, she knew what a mate meant to us. Why would mother do this ? Why ? We cannot and will not have a mate.

He bowed his head in respect to everyone "On behalf of my careless future Luna, I do apologise. Greatly and dearly. Please do not take her foolish actions to be a representative for Howls Ash."

Fuck even his voice was smooth and rough at the same time

Fuck focus Masie.

I bowed in return, now feeling a spike in my emotions. Fuck fuck fuck. "She's been warned, Alpha Hohlt . "

I excused myself holding my breath, walking past the fucking 13 seats of our table, Jesus Christ why is this damn table so long and finallypast him. Our eyes connected instantly, crap. He knew.

Fuck. I couldn't be rude.

"Please enjoy a meal," I turned to the others breaking contact "I'm quite exhausted from today , so please excuse me , and everyone help yourselves to anything you'd like." I caught sight of Ezra coming toward me "My Beta Ezra would be happy to retrieve it for you." He froze looking at me confused before he retracted his steps back to his seat.

Everyone bowed their heads, and bidded me goodnight, Alpha Hohlt held out his hand for a shake. I looked at it, and him. I felt others watching us. Crap. I smiled a fake smile and shook it, hearing him suck in a breath covering it with a cough. I held mine in. We both felt it . The ignite in our touch.

"Please it's Adam. Finally nice to meet you."

I nodded letting go. "Maze is fine. Now goodnight everyone, it's been an honor to have you all here."

"Goodnight Alpha Masie we are honored to be here." Everyone raised their glasses to me

I walked as slow as I could without making a scene, the damn dining hall doors were still open, and I knew he was watching . For a moment I felt a little embarrassed but I knew better I took in a deep breath. Dear God's his smell was still in here . Fuck. I hurriedly ran to the front door when they were out of sight. I grabbed one of the she-wolves walking by . She stared at me in shock and bowed her head. I needed to get the hell out of this house.

"Uhh Margaret!" I breathed finally remembering her name.

"Yes Alpha." Her eyes still in disbelief, I had seen her a couple of times around the house, she usually cooked with the mothers of the pack . I began undoing my dress, and kicking off my heels.

"Can you please take these to my room. I need to go for a run if anyone asks, let them know I'm in my room and I do not want to be disturbed. Thank you."

She nodded, taking my clothes "Yes, Alpha. " She bowed, smiling at me before heading up the staircase.

I took the chance and darted outside, shifting as I began passing various groups bowing to me. I didn't, pay them any mind. I just needed to run. I felt the cold crisp air brush against my fur, and it felt amazing. I closed the link to everyone at the moment, I just needed peace for this forsaken overwhelming day. I ran for what seemed like a mile or two of my lands. Eir felt free, and held excitement in her howl. We felt the dirt crumble between our paws, this was home, this was freedom. I blocked out everyone from my thoughts for the moment.

For a person at such a young age having so much on their plate would make them snap, I wonder how long would it be before it happened to me. My mind was in rambles, I was still fucking starving but the bimbo had to ruin it. I was so protective of my pack, as any Pack Master should be, but direct injury to them felt physically upon me. I dared not try to explain that to anyone. I didn't even understand it myself.

When it was time to turn back we ran through the training grounds and came to a halt. The grounds were empty, and I could see the moon was high, glittering across the lake. I would've loved to go for a dive but it was too dark to call on the creatures for permission.

I shifted back to my skin and sat naked on the grass, hugging my knees to myself. I shut my eyes and just listened. Listened to the crickets, listened to the water, and listened to the screeching near our borders'. That was only to the left of me. Marie had put a spell to keep others out of our lands, but even creatures who were more mindless beasts than anything were drawn to our barriers. I walked slowly to the invisible barrier before me listening to the screeching. It was in pain, and it was calling for help.

I watched the creature drop at my feet, hitting its body against the invisible shield. This beast was bloody, smelling of pestilence rot, its heavy breathing uneven, causing it's antlers to raise slowly in rhythm, I could see a large hunting knife in it's chest. Poor thing. No creature deserved to suffer.

'I dreamt of you...smelled you on my pillow when no one was there . .. I thought that piece of shit killed you.-" the creature said almost inhumanly, I recognized it was Louis' voice echoing along with several other voices.

'No please don't kill me! Please God what are you!' A females voice rangout, probably the last few voices he heard.

'I can't take this anymore! I need to die! I'm a monster!'

I crouched beside the beast and looked at him in pity. What a curse to have, to lose all that you are, and give into the demon devouring your soul. It's fur was matted with blood and water , it's teeth were bared when it finally noticed me . I left the barrier no doubt alerting Ezra and Micheal. Well so much for peace. I knew as soon as they felt the pull of me leave the border they'd come running. This thing was once human, a human with a curse and undenied hunger. He must've given up. I smelled the blade, and learned he did this to himself, his dormant form, transforming last-minute into the creature to save himself. The human part of him wanted to die.

The tall tales of the Wendigos were much more damning than the actual truth. The stories were told by humans , just as ours were so they make us out to be the things that go bump in the night. The things that devour small children if they're bad or the lonely hiker to be taunted before his demise. We were no such beasts. I sat beside the dying thing stroking it's fur on its forehead.

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