The Gods Alpha

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"Are you afraid?"

He let out a growl of pain, an enormous claw came up to swipe at me but I held it, mere inches from my face, and brought it down. Shushing him, while I continued to stroke. I always felt sympathy for the Ill and dying. I mean who wouldn't. I was named protector of our kind but who said I couldn't try and be there for the rest of our paranormal creatures. I reached for the blade in it's chest and yanked, sending another cry of pain out.

"I'll help you. " I whispered " May mother and Fenrir have mercy and accept you amongst their beloved beasts."

I felt Eir emerge once more , lunging for the creature's throat, silencing one more screech. I felt the creature shift into a man in my arms, his eyes still glowing from the beast, he was gasping for air .

"Thank you.". He gasped before his eyes widen, the glossed over once he went limp. I felt a tear fall, no one deserves to suffer. I felt the pull of Micheal and Ezra. They were near enough to see me and still keep a distance.

'Masie! Are you alright?' Micheal linked to me, practically shouting in my mind

I saw myself lay the beast down gently, I'll bury him in the gardens, maybe he'll be at peace then. My feet carried me carefully towards my boys, I had already seen Ezra unbuttoned his shirt and held it out for me. I felt myself pulled it over my naked body, they were both studying my bloody face. I don't think I want to face anyone else today. Can't I just hide for once Eir.

Eir finally answered for me, "She's fine. Please bury him. Somewhere beautiful she envisioned the gardens. She needs to rest." Eir knew how I felt when it came to the suffering. Sometimes it felt as if I were staring into my own reflection. Even killing Rhett did nothing to ease my own demons.

A part of me was dying to know why couldn't today just be a fucking normal day.

The next few days I was blessed with so much damn work I couldn't think straight. I didn't need my mind clear of the events that happened in one whole fucking day. I sat here in my office elbows buried deep in new transfers from packs, and travelling applications. A part of me knew better . I knew I should bolt my gates and keep anyone from leaving. Neighboring packs were always welcomed to join our celebration as long as they had a relative in my pack. But the worry of having ourselves possibly cornered like feral animals by Hel or her Mate, had me clawing my eyes out.

How would I be able to speak to Hel and tell her we have no such child on our lands, would she even believe me, would her Mate. This was so messed up. With Hel not being able to enter our plane, who was she using to find her pup. And who the fuck was her chosen mate!

Micheal had been gone gathering information from MarshView, Marie was in soulmate paradise with Louis at the moment, leaving Rosemary to be cared for by Twitch, much to her husband's dismay, but I knew he was a big softy. He adored the little thing. Wait- you don't think-no. Shaking it off, it was nearly noon and definitely I was in need of a drink...or two.

Walking over to my office bar I poured two glasses of whiskey. Maybe I should pour a third, would take so much more of this to get me drunk.

I heard a small chuckle behind me , chills ran through me, and I inhaled the sweet aroma of spices and chocolate. Fuck. Me. I forgot about this poor git. I shook my head, of course I hadn't he was the damn reason I shot down Ezra the past few nights. I was actually wondering when Ezra was going to come out and question me about it. I never rejected him.

At 30 Ezra still never found his mate, he said he never bothered looking for her. He didn't want to have the chance of meeting her, and have his pack duties on hold. A generous lie. He didn't want to put me on hold.

After what I endured, it took some time before Ezra stopped watching me like I was some wounded animal, how things began between us was all my doing. I needed to feel... something else. I needed to not remember Rhett's hands, and mouth on me. From there it grew into whatever the hell we had now. I never let anyone else touch me, and because of that I knew he still sees me as a wounded animal, he still had that need to take care of me.

I sigh, inhaling through my nose, and exhaling through my mouth. "Care for a drink, Alpha Hohlt."

"Adam." He corrected "and yes, please. May I sit. I'm sure you know what I'm here to discuss. "

I turned, stone faced, handing him a glass, and returned to my seat behind my desk, but not before I grabbed the whole bottle and placed it between us. He grinned and laughed as if it were a joke. Gods his smile was dangerously memorizing.

"What's there to talk about? " I shrugged " We're mates, but as you know I have no interest in becoming a Luna and stepping from My position, and you already have a future Luna, mannerless Candy tits over there." I couldn't help but have a spike of jealousy shoot through me. Fuck.

His jaw twitched "Candace is a handful, and I did apologize. I had no intention of asking you to step aside as Alpha, from what I heard you earned this pack, being a man or female I'd never ask or challenge someone who held deep respect from me and my grandfather. "

I took a sip, avoiding eye contact, finding my desk looking suddenly so interesting. " Then again...what is there to talk about?" My tone a little more unfriendly, and I wasn't sure why. What if he didn't even want us. Eir was unusually quiet.

Eir? You there?


"You must frighten plenty." He smiled in his laugh "As for my future Luna Candace," I dug my nails into palms under my desk, as he continued "Our relationship is strictly for an alliance, duty to our packs, an arranged marriage. But let's face it, when was the last time those made anyone happy. "

I said nothing, Distance was best. Distance was best. Distance was best.

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