The Gods Alpha

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"What do I smell like to you?" He smirked, his fangs sticking out in his perfect smile. Fuck, focus Masie. I still didn't answer. I didn't know what to say with the warmth crawling on my cheeks. I leaned in my chair, taking another sip. How odd that this was so very comfortable, even the silence.

"You smell like the sweetness of the air before rain fall, and jasmine. It's very distracting."

I laughed a little "I love the rain, and Jasmine's have always been my favorite smell like chili spices, and chocolate. It's...sweet and savoring." I bit my lip in regret on that last part

We sat in comfortable silence before he spoke up again. "Why is your wolf hiding from me?"

"I'm not very sure myself." I answered honestly, pouring another glass, I handed him my full one in exchange for his empty. He smelled the spot my lips were, I could only pretend not to notice. With a quick glance, I saw he was in normal black jeans and a dark grey t-shirt that had a baby Yoda hanging out of his chest pocket. I held in a smile. I loved his shirt. I clicked my eyes back to my desk. Silently cursing myself for wearing nothing but yoga pants and one of Ezra's oversized t-shirts. Wonder if Candace ever wore his t-shirts.

" What's her name?"

"Why do you care?" I snapped, he sat unphased, I sighed, tucking my hair behind my ear. What the fuck am I, some teenager. Act right maze! I scolded myself. " Her name is Eir."

"Mine is called Aric, I don't need to care, I'm only curious as to why I've been mated with an Alpha, I'm sure if you had never taken position as Pack Master we'd probably be having a very different conversation, probably over this very desk."

My eyes snapped to him, Eir was trying to gain control. 'Oh you now decide to show up.'

Adams eyes were pitch, and he was grinning "There she is." He breathed. Dick, he baited her.

'wow you're pretty much a bundle of sexual putty aren't you Eir.'

My heart was erratic in my chest and hearing his laboured breathing increase gave me chills. All this in a short amount of time isn't good. With a normal male and she-wolves the bond pull could take weeks to develop, and consume. As Alphas this shit had intensified, and developed practically over-niight. I can last a month here, just keep my distance right… I am so fucked.

"You don't want a mate?" Aric echoed with Adams voice

I let Eir answer, but made her know I was still concsious enough to gain control back.

"We cannot afford a mate, but Masie does not wish to have you suffer...I do not wish to have you suffer so we will not reject you. She's seen what it does to our kind…" I felt Eir push me back in my mind's eye "She's suffered enough."

I watched Adam visibly flinch, his black eyes roaming my body, and to finally my face, to my scar across it. I was used to having people gawk at me from time to time but with the found confidence, thanks to Twitch I didn't mind. When Adam looked me over , I oddly felt as if I was finally being noticed. I caught Adam's claws dig into the arms of the chair, splintering the wood underneath. He's going to owe me a damn new chair.

"If we found her sooner, we could've protected." Arics voice made it through gritted teeth. He was now shaking.

I felt a wave of emotional distress from the pull. Eir stood up and caressed Adams face to calm him. His eyes glittered, and he visibly relaxed. With both of our wolves at Bay, the vibrant tingles we felt were magnetic. Too close.

'Enough Eir, Get back.'

I felt her retreat reluctantly, I watched as Aric did as well. A breath of relief flooded me, at seeing his forest color of eyes come back. Too close. I cleared my throat backing away from him. Adam shook his head as if breaking from a trance, and stood taking in a deep breath.

"If you excuse me Maze, I think we both need space from each other. " Adam stood up, bowing his head before leaving. I nodded, slowly turning back to my desk, only to be tugged back, feeling his mouth crash into mine. I tried to pull away, but Adam held my face into place with both his hands pushing his tongue to caress with mine. The kiss was exhilarating, I felt the pull erupt in my chest with joy and warmth, with sensations of longing and lust.

I held in a whimper when he pulled away. His forehead on mine, both of us panting "I just needed to I promise I'll keep my hands to myself from now on, I'll keep Aric in check. You don't need to worry about us."

He left me standing there in my office, his scent lingering in the small vicinity, I couldn't help but stare at my door.

'Would it be so bad to have him Maze?' Eir's head hung low, she was hurt, and I couldn't offer anything to comfort her.

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