The Gods Alpha

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I was not always put together as I am now. The trauma of being with Rhett left an embedded disfigurement inside me. And I longed to claw it out. The nightmares linger still, but they aren't as horrid as they had been. When I came back home I had thought I was going mad, I wouldn't eat, wouldn't sleep, some nights I'd wake up to blood in my hands , self inflicted wounds coated my arms and stomach. Funny when your body recognizes a form of abuse, it's almost calming. I slept better after I hurt myself and I could never fathom why. I loathed the physical scars Rhett left on me, but the in depth emotional ones felt worse.

He was locked away in our dungeons for the time being, and I was slowly seeping away from reality. Though I never let anyone know it, I was terrified, I always felt watched, I was jumpy, and I thought I kept seeing Rhett watching me from a far.

The realization of finally getting away from my tormentor was of some help, but having him on our lands, and so close rose anxiety. I knew he couldn't hurt me anymore, but I also think my body and mind were going through a sort of shock. I kept my focus till I escaped, when returning home, I felt vulnerable. I stayed strong the whole time away, and now I was safe, and now I was able to let myself feel everything. It wasn't pretty.

I ran one time. Ran deep into the sea of trees ignoring our borders, and just kept at it till my lungs burned and my paws were bleeding. I laid panting, but a small passing riverbed. I ran because I felt I was being watched in my sleep, when I woke up groggy Rhett was inches from my face grinning. He wasn't real of course but the panic arose just the same.

"You know your despair is quite Devine. " A figure in a suit came out of a clearing, I began to growl and show dominance.

Eir's ears perked up, she was on edge as it was but, this worried her.

The figure smelled of Ash and brimstone, it's eyes glowed in night as mine would have. This figure wasn't human, as much as it looked like it. The figured walked so casually on the boulders, it's pale hair parted and slicked back, short above it's ears, it's skin pale as alabaster. I caught it licking its rosey red lips at the word despair. It was as if it had joy over this. Disgust rose in me, thinking maybe this thing was the same as Rhett. This creature was so inhumanly beautiful, almost glowing in every motion it made in the moonlight.

"Sam. " It stated holding out a hand but laughing as it retracted. "Forgot, " it made a jazz hands motion and still laughed out loud revealing it's rows of sharp teeth. " what ya doing out here away from your pack Alpha?"

Sam rolled it's eyes and tapped on its head, I say " it's" because I honestly could not fathom what Sam was. What creature or what gender. What random thing just waltz through the forest like nothing, wearing a fine tailored suit.

"I just came for a walk away from my homely troubles. You seem to be drowning in yours." It chuckled finding a place beside me, and continued talking " You know his magic is dwindling, he won't be able to scare you anymore. You could stop it all if you just killed him. It won't guarantee it'll all go away, the fear will still be there but it might make you feel better. "

I looked at Sam a bit bewildered, I shifted immediately, it removed it's coat and handed it to me to cover my naked self. "How do you know what I was running from? That piece of shit is still using magic?? How!?"

"Must've been born naturally with it, " it shrugged "maybe his mother or father was a witch, in any case're practically oozing fear and frustration. He's feeding of of that. It'll be better if you just killed him. But ...turn it on him, make him feel the suffering he's causing you."

"W-why are you being so nice to me?"

"I'm bored, plus it's be great to get out and have some chaos to look forward to. "

"What are you? " I smile a little, this thing was so odd to be around, I felt the aura of hatred and malice, but it was ... comforting, it was swaying into something warm and human. I couldn't explain it properly if I tried, not on paper anyway. It was something that had to be felt.

A sharp smile was made wider "A demon. "

It explained so much, yet nothing at all at the same time "How do you know about Rhett or his magic and what he's doing to me."

"Well partially you, and evil always sees evil. Might wanna correct one of your maids, he made her sneak a mandrake root , and some of your blood and hair. "

Blood and Hair? I almost wanted to argue but I immediately went to thinking about the nights I harmed myself. I had always left blood on my sheets, and probably my hair. The maid probably took what she could to him. Dammit.

"Can I help you? I would love to see him whither in such pain and despair. It'll be beautiful. Might even make a night of it."

A part of me could not comprehend what the hell was happening here, but I didn't fight it. I didn't trust Sam, but I did not not trust the words that were spoken or the feelings I felt when help was offered to get rid of my biggest problem.

"What is it you want in return?"

"I never fed on a wolf before. I feed on despair and self hatred, you know the usual misfortunes in our insecurities. Let me feed on him. I'll be very strong after, finally get my place back in my family after I kill the ones in the way of my parents throne, soon to be mine by the way."

I grinned, her true intent was no concern of mine. "Let's do it."

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