The Gods Alpha

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I was restless laying in bed, tossing and turning. The red glowing numbers read 3 am, God's I just wanted to sleep. I sat up in defeat knowing it would be coming anytime soon. Tying up my hair, I quickly changed out of PJs and slipped on some athletic leggings and a sports bra under a ratty t-shirt. If I can't sleep naturally, I needed to force it out. I was heading to the gym , plus might be good to take out my frustrations in this way than another. At this I suddenly realized I didn't miss Ezra in any way. I hadn't even given him a second thought. Shit. The pull was incredibly forcing anyone who wasn't my mate out of my brain.

My mate...I hated thinking about him. I was happy he understood our predicament, even a bit hurt he didn't fight for me. But I knew better. I needed to worry about the danger heading our way and not worrying about my soulmate getting married to a horrid Barbie. Well-i guess I shouldn't be so harsh. I don't even know her. I groaned in frustration. Yes the gym was definitely needed.

At this time, the packs were sound asleep, thank Gods the gym would be certainly empty. With our Manor with sound proof walls, I blasted music incredibly loud enough to shake the mirrors aligning the walls. Masterpiece by Jessie J began to blare when I reached my favorite punching bag. I wrapped my hands and slipped on my fingerless gloves. And had a go with the bag of sand.

With every hit and kick I could get in images flooded me. So many faces, so many memories, it made me shake with anger , but also frustrated beguile. Before Rhett I was so happy , bubbly , carefree, and now I'm content, guarded, and cautious.

Why couldn't I just have a fucking normal life! Why did I have to be tossed into shit I didn't understand! Why couldn't I just be a normal wolf, even a fucking human to meet someone to make me complete and give them babies!? Why did I have to question mother !? I never did, not once!

Did I even want to be normal? I was a part of something unbelievable, something no one would ever have thought was possible with our very own all knowing creator. I should be great -ful, I should be understanding that things happen for a reason.

Sweat dripped from my face and down my back. I ripped at the fabric discarding it to the floor before having another go of punches at the bag. I let out a scream and hit harder.

'Maze calm down…' Eir spoke so calming to me but she understood why I was so upset. I felt her distress.

Would it be so bad to step aside from something I worked hard to have.

Why would I abandon my pack

I was just so tired of fighting.

I Just wanted to be happy. mate or not . Wolf or not. Why would I ever think about walking away

Because I have wanted to so many times.

This in depth battle with myself was sometimes damning . I held the punching bag in place after seeing a pile of sand beneath it. Fuck. I leaned into it. Jumping at feeling a tap on my shoulder, my initial reaction was to punch whoever was behind me.

I had my fist clenched and pulled back but saw Ezra with his hands up in defense. "Whoa whoa Maze. " He laughed

"Fuck Ezra don't sneak up on me like that." I ripped off my gloves at threw them at him

He tossed me a towel to wipe off my sweat and a bottle of water. I devoured the entire content and tossed it on the floor. Taking a seat on the ground. He sat beside me, grabbing the remote to shut off the music.

"You've been avoiding me ." He smirked "Why?"

"Just a lot going on RightNow Ezra…" I mumbled, I couldn't look at him, one look I knew he'd be able to get the truth out of me.

"Is that why you blocked our link I unless it had something to do with duties?"

"Yes...I don't need to explain myself... Ezra." I did not want to reveal anything. I didn't need another worry on my mind. I needed to be focused, but I also needed to be fair with Ezra. He had been my most loyal and unwavering Beta, friend and lover would I break his heart, would I hurt his wolf, wound our bond.

I felt his nose trace my shoulder, up to my neckline, my breath hitched. "I've missed you…" he took in my scent, and I found my eyes had shut. A part of me had missed him too, I missed the familiarity of his touch, his kiss, his admiration and worship of me and Eir. "I miss having you...I miss fucking you…"

I laid back onto the acrylic floorboards, feeling a trail of kisses on my skin, leading up to my neck and chin. My body knowingly arched to his touch. Ezra hovered above me, settling between my legs. An image of Adam's face came to me, his smile. My eyes snapped open "Ezra …wait" I had a lump in my throat "stop…" He continued to kiss me, his hands caressing my revealed skin, drawing near to my sex as his mouth almost reached mine,"No Ezra." I breathed, begining to push him away.

What occured next made my heart drop, it happened too quick, Ezra was ripped from me. A loud growl ripped through the room as the mirror shattered.

Adam, and Ezra were now choking each other, their wolves taking over, immediately shifting, shredding their clothes. And into the massive beautiful beasts they were. Adams wolf Aric was charcoal grey with white under his belly, with emerald eyes. As an Alpha he was much bigger than Ezra. Danikan was a dark brown, his fur matching his eyes, with eyes of pure gold. Both beasts were magnificent.

"Shit." I jumped to my feet and gaped at the two clawing at each other. I was in shock to see, even as Beta, Ezra did not back down to another Alpha, but it occurred to me, Ezra once had been an Alpha as well. He wouldn't dare shy from a challenge. Both released snarls, slamming to the walls, breaking more glass, and smashing the walls into splinters.

'Eir help me!'

I waited for my opening and grabbed them both by the throats slamming them both into the ground, caving in what ground we had left.


Both struggled against me in astonishment, nearly lunging but recognized it was me. I knew neither would dare attack me.

"Shift. Now." I commanded, both wolves whined but obeyed, panting and healing from their wounds. They were struggling to breathe now as my frustration gripped them tighter, finding my commanding voice.

"If I let go, you both will hold Aric and Danikan back. Do you understand?"

They both nod. I released them from my grip. Ezra was messaging and wiping his blood from his jaw. As Adam flexed to pop his shoulder into place. I took in one deep breath, inhaling the sweet chocolate and chili peppers. Fuck me, he was delicious. Fuck. Focus Maze.

"What the fuck is your problem!?" Ezra barked at Adam. Adam wiped the blood from his nose. He remained silent, and I shut my eyes once more, opening them again I found my grounding. I looked at them both and handed each of them a towel to cover themselves. My eyes averted to the ceiling.

"He's my mate." I tell Ezra, his eyes widened in shock, Adams head hung, I'm sure contemplating on how to approach his behavior.

"Adam ...may I speak to Aric?" Adams looked at me, with emotion in his eyes, but nodded as his eyes glazed into pitch blackness.

"Aric...why did you both come? I'd ask Adam but I feel he'd be reluctant to tell me."

"The pull, we felt Eir in distress. Though we promised to keep our distance, you block our pull, I embrace it. "

I was taken aback, how did he know I blocked it. "Why?"

"If this is the only taste we have of you...we will take it. Adam has duty to his pack, just as you. He is too noble to get in the way of it. But we came to make sure you were alright...then we saw...your Beta. We misunderstood." His tone turned to disgust at Ezra, he only glared back.

I might as well lay it out like I did with telling Ezra he was my mate "Ezra and I have ... history. Recently present. "

Aric growled "We hate his stench on you."

I flinched, a bit hurt "Can I have Adam back now please."

For a moment Aric glared, shaking before releasing Adam back. Adam shook his head, and began to walk away .


""Goodnight Alpha Barnette." He growled before exiting.

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