The Gods Alpha

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I shut my eyes, feeling the gut reaching pain in my abdomen, I was trying to keep my composure,but I knew I was losing, I felt my cheeks wet, unknowingly Ezra gathered me into a deep hug, breathing into my ear "I'll keep my peace Maze. I'll stay away from you. I can't imagine the pain you're feeling. Remember I am always on your side, always have been."

Ezra pulled away and walked away, I could feel my sadness begin to cradle me. I looked around at the damage, a part of me wishes I destroyed this place. Would've been the work out I needed to let out my frustrations. I locked the door behind me and left a note blocking off the area. Making my way to my room, a small ounce of relief flooded me. Adam was sitting on the stairway, in pajama pants and a 'What would Frodo do' t-shirt. Again I smiled sadly at his t-shirt choice.

Slowly I made my way up to him and sat beside him. His blonde hair tussled , his beautiful eyes tired and red from anger. We both didn't speak, but we knew our presence was comfortable. I sighed and let my fingers slowly intertwine with his. Feeling the gentle sparks of our skin touching eased us immediately.

Adam let out a shaky breath, "Thank helps."

"I knew about you and Ezra from our first night here...I'm sorry I couldn't control us. "

"You knew? Who told you?" I asked not very surprised

"No one, I saw you on the steps the first night I looked so beautiful, it was like everything fell away and it was just you keeping me grounded. It was like you were my sole reason for living." Adam laughed a bit "Then we saw him...and you both just seemed a little too close."

I think back to the memory, letting it click, chuckling. "It was you who let off that pissed off growl."

"Yeah." I felt his thumb circle the top of my hand "He's a good man, I really hate that we attacked like that. You aren't ours. Neither of you deserved that."

"We're keeping a distance as well. I can't anymore."

He smiled sadly "Can't say I'm not relieved."

My hand tightened on his, trying to muster the control of butterflies in my stomach. "I wish things were simpler Adam. This great big world laid out before us, but it isn't meant for us is it?"

He finally looked at me "Our lives were never ours. Becoming PackMasters doesn't mean we always have a happy ending and future. "

He kissed the side of my head lingering for a few seconds, and stood. "The sun's rising...we should get some sleep. Goodnight Masie."

Tread carefully Maze. I told myself as I watched our mate make his way up the stairs to his hall where he and Candace were staying.

I felt my mind grow fuzzy 'Maze, Sama'el has responded.'

Marie had linked me 'Sam needs access to the territory.'

'Allow it, Take Ezra, Rowan and Micheal. Whenever the arrival is. I'm going to bed. I'll be up when Sam gets here. '

'Yes Alpha.'

I awoke late afternoon to a small knock on my door. I glared at the clock beside me, seven hours still didn't seem like enough. I was still exhausted. The knocks continued, I sat up putting on a robe and went to the door. I took in a scent of Strawberries and mint , Candace. Great.

I unbolted my door and opened to find the girl in a lavender pencil dress, with Howls Ash insignia broched to her chest.

"My future Luna Candace." I bowed slightly "How can I help you?"

She chewed her lip and brushed her blonde highlighted hair out of her face

"Good Afternoon Alpha. Well I was actually told you could show me where the packs childcare center is. "

"Child center?"

" see incase I'm not able to carry Alpha Hohlts child. We both know chosen mates have a harder time conceiving, especially with an Alpha. His wolf might not recognize me."

I held in a breath before playing it out slowly, I had sympathy for her suddenly. Even a tinge of jealousy but I pushed it back.

"So you're what -looking for a back up plan to adopt?" I noticed my tone carried some disbelief. Get a hold of yourself Maze. Be the bigger person.

'She hurt Twitch. She sleeps with our mate.' Eir spat

She looked a bit crushed, I shook my head, internally groaning "Look we did get off on the wrong foot RightNow let's start over. Let me get dressed and I'll take you. "

Candace grinned up at me, "I'd love that! Let me go grab Alpha Hohlt! "

Before I could respond she ran off down the staircase. Fuck. Shutting the door I gave myself a pep talk and one to Eir so she could control herself. I pulled an oversize maroon sweater, and some black shorts, and put my hair into a side fishtail braid. No need for shoes I always walked the ground with my bare feet.

I was met at the front door with Candace and a very confused Adam. He had no idea what was happening. I couldn't help but laugh at his oblivion, and his bedhead. He wore dark blue ripped jeans and a t-shirt that just made me stop and actually laugh out loud. It was a dusty blue with the image of a squirrel holding a switchblade.

I bowed to them both, and laughed again at their confusion "You-your t-shirt. It's funny." I smiled

Adam's face lit up a bit but remembering Candace was there he turned his attention to her for a moment. "Thank you, So ...where are we going?"

I motioned for them to follow me, I heard Candace begin to make her plea , and case to him. I knew he'd be able to hear how hard my chest was pounding, I hope she was oblivious.

"Well sweetheart as you know when we get married we must complete the mating ritual, and well I'm just worried your wolf won't recognize Olive as his chosen mate and we won't be able to conceive. "

Silence. "Candace ...maybe we should've talked about this in private. "

I felt his panic for me, his unease, his detest at the idea of having babies with her. His heart warmed at the idea of adopting but she wasn't the image he had beside her. I smiled a little to myself as I pretended to ignore their conversation, and led them to our main child care center in the residential area. The large cabin almost looked like a campsite recreational room, with additional toddler's infants and a huge playground.

Since becoming Alpha I made it my personal task to take in whatever pups had been left abandoned, orphaned , or even infants that weren't even of our species. We never got many of those but when we did I had adopted them out immediately. Some supernatural creatures detested wolves, so if a scent lingered on the infants for too long I was afraid of their acceptance becoming denied. Every child adopted out was kept watch on till they reached their 5th birthday. At least till then we knew they were healthy and safe enough.

"It's about 3 pm…" I turned to them, Candace was grinning ear to ear, it bothered a bit when I noticed her smile didn't reach her eyes. Adam looked like he'd want to be anywhere else but here. " They should be waking from their naps RightNow. Our main caretaker here is Alice, she's our Betas mother, and his Three sisters Echo, Olympia, and Rhea. His mom was into Greek mythology for awhile." I explained, and wasn't sure why.

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