The Gods Alpha

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" They haven't stopped looking for you." She whispered before exiting, almost as if reading my thoughts. She knew who I was when she arrived that was weeks ago, how I wished she told me more of what was happening out there.

One of many occasions I would hear her cries, her pleads, and all I could do was beg Fenrir and Our moon Goddess to end this agony. Not mine but hers. I had always been a selfless person, no life was ever greater than my own. I was raised to put our family first. To fight for our pack first, to die for our kind first. To die was always a glorious thought. Believing we wolves had a place amongst our God and Goddess.

We believed in the old ones. The ones who once walked along us being kneeling only to rise for what was theirs. Much like our beautiful God Fenrir and our mother of wolves, producing twins that chase the sun and moon, before the other Gods chose to strike him down. Forever chained in the underworld. Chained just like me, when I think about this; I swear to be brave . I swear to never show any weakness, I try to make Fenrir proud.

"Hear me Fenrir ...hear me mother of wolves us."

Rhett came in drunk one evening, I was chained to the ground by my ankles. He slumped beside me looking at me before striking my cheek, cutting my lip in the process. He pulled out a silver blade, caressing it against my cheek. I flinched feeling the burn of the steel tingle my skin.

"My mate is so beautiful...I wish she was the one I was marking this way...her skin would look so beautiful bloody, but this bastard won't let me harm her." He threw the bottle of liquor at the wall .

"Now all I have is you ...sweet little bitch ...and he won't even let me touch you either!" Rhett slammed his fist into the wall , crumbling it behind his hands . His eyes closed as he leaned against the wall. He had fallen asleep.

It was then I heard it . A small giggle in the corner, my eyes snapped to it seeing a girl not much older than I, with silver elaborate braided hair, minty eyes , and small frame. She came into view, I questioned what I was seeing for a moment. Her appearance wavered as she stepped closer, crossing her arms over her chest. What was even more questioning was her attire. She wasn't from this time. She was dressed in leather armor that smelled of the forest, blood and the wind. She was dressed as a shield maiden, prepared for battle.

"Who-who are you?"

She squatted before us looking at Rhett and then to me

"I knew I chose you for a reason. " she said calmly

"Who are you?" I said more sternly.

"Even now still having the command in your voice after what you've been through...I knew you were my favorite…" she stood up walking aimlessly around the room, touching devices here and there .

"I'm your mother Masie."

"Moth-what no you aren't? Are you one of his rogues!" I spat.

Her eyes snapped to me in daggers " where do you think you came from? Where do you think all of my children came from!?"

I gasped , great was I now delirious. "Moon Goddess?"

She shrugged "I've been called too many names and none I've may call me mother , or Henbane. The name I was born with."

"Born with?"

" We were all something before this Maze."

She crouched before me , "Fenir sent me...even the sadistic bastard himself didn't appreciate his favorite daughter being held at the hands of this pathetic're finally dying but you can stop this. Be reborn. Such as a Phoenix, but we are wolves not little birds, and we fight till we are dead."

I stared at her, can this be real, if I'm dying this must be a delusional by now. Henbane snapped her fingers before me, I had her in full focus now. Feeling her aura intensity cradle was violent, it was powerful, and it was beautiful.

" Maze...I will help you just this once. You are who we entrust our children to. Do not disappoint us."

"Yes, mother." I bowed my head in respect, suddenly finding strength I thought I had lost. I never stopped to question, why me? Why would I? It was pathetic to dwell on questioning our gods.

"Ready?" She smirked, as I nodded.

I felt her aura vibrate before caressing me . In one swift motion her hand was on Rhett's throat, his eyes buldged in panic, but it wasn't Rhett himself she had been choking . It was his wolf. It was as if I was seeing things as they truly were now. His wolf, a now radiating essence. He was trying to shift, but was unable to against her small hand.

I sat up reaching into Rhett's coat pulling the keys in urgency unlocking my ankles

"No-no you don't!". He tried reaching to grasp me , fighting against Mother "what magic is this!?" He choked out .

Could he not see her. I ignored my thoughts and reached for the blade of silver he had threatened me with, and the pile of chains at my feet.

His wolf was fighting hard against Mother,

"Let him go." I whispered, I watched her grin when she finally let go, and vanished. In one jump Rhett was in midshift, and as poorly but quickly calculated his pownce halted by the silver chains I caught around his neck. I heard the sear before I saw the burns around his neck . With the strength I now had I dragged him to where I had been chained. I tightened it around his neck before locking him down .

The leash was so tight he could barely speak . I heard the door creak and his mate stood there staring at both of us, clearly in pain .

For a moment I wondered if she was going to come to his aid or not . The poor girl's eyes red and puffy, and in a silk gown, I looked at Rhett, he was almost grinning, but it suddenly faded, my eyes reached back to his mate as she pulled out her own blade, staring him dead in the face with a glare that could kill.

I walked to her cautiously, she spoke quietly " Kill him...or I will. "

" I don't want there to be a chance I'll kill you too. If your mate dies, I don't want to hurt you."

She looked up, smiling sadly "I'm very tired...I've already been dead since being mated with him. Please do it ."

Rhett was gargling blood, fighting against the chains in disbelief. She put the blade in my hand and pushed me back to Rhett. I felt my core burning with hatred for this monster . But when he was gone, I'd be free . We'd both be free. I stalked over to my captor and brought the knife to his face, he flinched waiting for the strike, but I waited ...this small amount of power and fear over for him was intoxicating. I had an idea, it made me no better than he , but I didn't give a shit at this point.

I turned to his mate "Reject him."

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