The Gods Alpha

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We entered a large sitting room with toys thrown around, and blankets scattered. The old room hung bright tapestries that were painted by the children, all clearly freshly painted. Olympia was the first to pop out, she was the second oldest and looked most like Ezra and Alice, with tight dark curls that bounced around her face. She was covered in tiny hand prints, and looked flustered.

At the sight of us she bowed "Echo let the kids get me while I slept!"

I laughed apologetic "The plot thickens... Olympia this is Alpha Hohlt, and Future L-luna Candace Margo."

I felt a tingle go up my spine, it began to spread, all over my skin making my breath hitch. What the hell. I almost lost my balance and grabbed onto a sofa nearby. I shook it off. The tingle felt as if my body was coated in menthol.

"You alright?" Olympia eyed me suspiciously,

I waved her off . "I'm fine, anyways ...they just wanted to see some of the children. They'll be married soon but uhm... Candace has concerns."

I didn't want to reveal that she was not his mate and that Aric volunteered to not give his name to her own wolf. I felt a little joy in that but I didn't let that blanket me.

"We're about to have story time! Come on! " Olympia jeered with Candace in toe.

I leaned into the sofa, feeling the tingles suddenly drift to my core. Oh. My. Fuck. I know what's happening.

I felt Adam barely touch my elbow and Eir pushed me full force out of the way. I knew my eyes were now black as night, as she let out a growl. He took a sniff and Aric had pushed his way through as well. His hand reached out once more, but quickly pulled back as if it burned. I was Frozen in place.

"Get. Back. Aric. " Adam had gritted teeth and even was brought to his knees panting . "Run."

"Move Eir!" I barked, I felt my body finally obey as I ran from the center.

My fucking heat are you kidding me! If there was a time to summon mother it would be now, but considering I used up a visit already I had to wait till the next full moon to speak to her. I could hear twigs snap behind me and see Adam behind me . Aric in full control. I couldn't even bother to shift because I knew Eir would run straight to him. I prayed Adam could hold him back enough for me to get to the manor. We were ways away.

One destined thing between mates finding each other was the females fucking heat. Didn't matter when or where. As soon as her soul recognized the other half. The female would be all too willing to let the marking continue. We had a specific room for she-wolves who went into heat. It cut off all scents, and was sound proof specifically so the male wolves did not find them. It was primal instinct.

I felt panicked knowing I couldn't even call anyone to help, if I saw someone touch Adam I'd attack them. I felt Eir try to enter again.

'I-I want my mate! Why are you being selfish!" She was pissed

'I want Aric! '

"Eir stop being a fucking brat!" I yelled out loud, in an instant the air was knocked out of my chest. I was tackled to the floor with my hands locked into place above my head. I didn't like this, heat or not I needed my hands free. I needed control. An image of Rhett came to mind, how my hands were chained above my head. I began to hyperventilate, wiggling away from Adam inhaling my scent in the crook of my neck. "Always mine."

My knees were free and I did what I could. He keeled over holding himself between his legs. I scooted backwards away blocking Eir and trying to calm myself down. Letting out a relief sigh when I saw his eyes turned back to his glittering green. He took a deep breath and got to his knees, I flinched when his hand reached out for me. I didn't mean to, I knew he wouldn't dare hurt a hair on my head but still. The moment I felt the control leave me I was just locked away again with those chains, with Rhett touching and hurting me. I felt my cheeks wet, but I quickly wiped them away.

" Shit! Masie I am so fucking sorry. " He pleaded panting, he took in how afraid I was, how I couldn't breathe, he spoke carefully "We would never hurt know that, and I promise you that. Look you want me gone. Say it . I'll get the pack and we'll leave today. "

I nodded, my arms behind me holding me up. "No -I know you wouldnt- I just- I need to go." I scrambled to my feet and ran back to the manor.

Marie caught sight of me running and called out to me. She followed ofcourse before I could slam my door on her, she pushed her way in. I felt her arms wrap around me . I was not full on crying. Something I had always been reluctant to do.

I let Eir relay everything that just happened to Marie. I knew I wouldn't be able to speak with how upset I was. I just needed time. I hated even after all these years fear still had a way to slither in my mind about someone who was dead. Trauma is a bitch. Eir finally apologized, I was still a little ticked she didn't obey me but it wasn't entirely her fault.

"Maze I really hope you don't take anything out on him. He doesn't know what happened to us. To you. He just knows the basics of what everyone knows…" Marie was taking out the leaves from my hair. And wiping the dirt from me.

"I know…" I sniffed "I wasn't going to blame him or Aric for anything. It's this fucking bond. No matter how much I avoid him the damn pull is strengthening. And I can't ever bring myself to reject him."

Marie smiled sadly "Why not give it a chance Maze. "

I shook my head violently, tossing the idea completely before I'm compelled to give in. "He has a Luna here. They're engaged. I couldn't. It's arranged, but his pack possibly needs her. And I couldn't bare to be Luna when I have my own pack to run."

"You're fighting it so much, but Mother always has a reason. The Blood Moon is in four days, and Sam will be here tonight. We can ask Mother and summon Hel. When this is all over ...maybe you can let yourself be happy for once."

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