The Gods Alpha

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Marie left me on my bed after we laid together talking about her and Louis. It was moments like this that I loved how normal things felt. She pulled out Micheals stash of sweets and brought them to my bed. I felt better and my heat had dissipated finally. Marie teased me about why Adam tackled me. She said to her I smelled sweet like fresh apples and flowers. I told her about what happened between Ezra and Adam at the gym, this was what made her bent. She didn't have a place to hide from anyone. She said she just likes the deafening music and laying there staring at the ceiling like a psycho. I loved this girl, I couldn't be happier that we both escaped hell together, she was strong, maybe even stronger than me, I was starting to see that.

I skipped dinner again and opted to sleep my exhaust off. I was hoping my slumber would pull me into a peaceful darkness, but no such luck.

We were standing, gathered around a platform aligned with torches near the lake. My whole pack in attendance. I could see Rhett strapped with his arms open wide, he was so swollen and bloody from the beatings Ezra and Micheal gave him. I could see Marie slightly cowering in Micheals arms as he held both she and Twitch. It took me a moment to realize it was Rhett's execution day.

His eyes were locked into Marie. Marie was trying to control her breathing. I remember excusing her that day but she refused. She said she needed to see it.done so he would stop haunting her. Rhett let out a growl when Micheal spoke low to her, she nodded and he kissed her forehead.

I saw myself wiping some blood off of Rhett's flinching face. I wrote a symbol on my forehead of a half crescent moon, as on Sama'el. It was a ritual killing Mother had shown me. A sacred killing for the most vile. The Blood Eagle.

We all wore white for the occasion, this wasn't a mourning, this was a purification and celebration for the true monster being out down after years of tyranny. I wore a laced white gown that flowed behind me, I remember the wide eyes that Sam had earned, the suits that were worn every single day leading up to this occasion were gone. Out in the moonlight Sam glowed a different kind of aradecent beauty. I couldn't help but laugh as we now knew Sam was a female, wearing the most gorgeous glittering gown before us.

She had revealed this to me of course before hand, but it was still hilarious to see reactions unfold.

I remember having Micheal design the blades that would be used for this, and it was decided all the females parents that were taken by Rhett would attend to witness his demise. There was no jury, no trial, just death. What he deserved. He screamed so hard I was sure he'd have lost his voice by now. The blades glided in one motion, I was almost frozen in admiration of Micheals work, as it split his skin from the meat on his body. It was soothing.

Sama'el was on her knees, it looked as if she had been kissing Rhett but I remember what she had once told me, she wanted to feed.

I stared at Rhett's spinal cord and visible ribs, and smiled.

"I hope you hear them..all those delicious screams you loved so dearly, I hope they scream above yours and drown you out." I whispered into his ear as a lover would. My manicured nails dug deep into him pulling his ribs apart in one harsh tug. A gargled scream was let out, while some of the audience flinched, most stood stone faced, unwavered, a sense of pride hit me.

"Good boy." I breathed into his ear once more before the splatter of his blood soaked my front. When the ritual ended I walked away from the platform, hearing Rhett's agony. I didn't stop any of the parents of those girls he took and tormented. They ripped him a part piece by piece. And I couldn't help but relish in the sight. Sometimes I wondered if I was any better than he was at feeling the deep unhindered satisfaction.

My memory woke me with a shutter. Reliving that night bothered me sometimes, but as always I pushed it to the back of my mind like I usually did. It was nearly midnight. Sama'el should've been here by now, but why had no one bother to wake me . I pulled on a hoodie and shorts and headed downstairs. The house was quiet, and I could smell the faint scent of brimstone and ash.

"Hello my love." I jumped and almost fell back into the staircase

"Sam! You dick! "

She winked tucking her hands into her dark blue suit pockets. "I was waiting for your ass to wake up. Was tempted to go feed on you while you slept ...rotten dreams are a good snack. "

I rolled my eyes, continuing my desent to the dining hall, it was big enough and closed off enough to speak freely. "I'm sure Marie told you why I needed you. "

"Yes, and I'm actually here as a friend to tell you, that's a bad idea."

"I have 3 packs here, I need to keep them safe , Mother told me Hel is looking for her child. She could attack us, seeing as her fucking mate hid the kid amongst wolves. "

Sam looked to the floor , and pulled out a chair, slicking her pale hair back. "Hel hid her kid amongst wolves, not her mate. "

I gawked confused at this revelation. "How do you-"

"Demon." She said in a duh attitude.

"Okay...what do you know about it then?"

Sam took a deep breath, and held up one finger, her violet eyes glazing over like ours did when we linked each other. "Okay, sorry business to take care of ...oh yes-well considering this kid is a hybrid, Hel learned quick that the kid takes human form even if it's a being of the underworld it inherited the human form from she and her mate. Her mates is some big bad Alpha not sure from where though, but he wants to use his hybrid to basically destroy everyone you know typical villain shenanigans, anyways Hel for one as a mother said no, and as a goddess of death, she isn't too keen on having the worldly balance thrown out of wack, it means the other Gods will get involved and then her kid goes poof. We all know what happened to Fenrir wasn't great, what happens to her kid will be worse." I watched Sam become so animated in the story it was as if it excited her. Who am I kidding of course it did.

"Why do you think that?"

"Half wolf...half God. C'mon. The kid's command would be unimaginable." Sam got up to pour herself some wine from the side table. She sat back down pinching the bridge of her nose. "Soooooo she took her kid and hoped maybe a she-wolf would take in the kid and raise it as a wolf, it's underwolrdly side won't come out until the kids of age. So if anyone's coming to look for that brat it's the baby daddy, from what I heard he gathered demons, and some other boogie monsters to be on his side to kidnap the bugger right from under Hel, that's why her move was so drastic. Her mate knows the kids in this area, so he dove into ripping those packs apart. Hel was drawn to so much death she actually came to this plane, she's been devastated. Imagine your only job is to protect the dead and lead them to the afterlife but with so much despair at once really fucks with your balance. If you summon Hel her mate will know she came her. Bonds are different for Gods."

I listened, still a bit astonished, but even more so at how Sam had explained the situation. She spoke as if she were a teenager, this woman was almost 400 years old she only shrugged off her age and said time is endless in her realm . She doesn't very much care to know how it works. To me her appearance was of a 25 year old. The perks of being otherworldly. We all stop aging at some point.

"How do you even know this?"

"Benefits of being royalty and daughter of the crown." She leaned back into her arms cupping her head, a bit smug .

I smirked "So calling you princess out of the question."

"Don't you dare beautiful." She glared

"Hell, okay. So we don't need to worry about Hel herself, she wants her kid back, that's she's using someone to find it. And her mate is being an asshole trying to beat her to it. "

She gave a bored shrug " Basically. This doesn't just affect you guys it affects all supernatural beings. That's why I came. I didn't think you guys knew what could come your way but trouble does seem to follow you love." She winked

"So what do we do? "

"Kill her mate. Find that kid. Not sure but you guys need to be ready. I can get a small army here, I don't trust many of them. Heard Hels mate is persuasive."

" Blood Moon is in a few days . I can summon Mother tomorrow...maybe she can help."

Sam gave another shrug downing her wine. " Those old Bastards need to learn how to control their own. "

I smacked her shoulder "Shut it. You can take your old room . No one entered it since you put that fucking aura in there. "

Sam faked offense " well I don't like people touching my things ."

"Sam those are my things. You just borrowed them. Last girl went into clean, she came out eyes and nose bloody. So I had to bolt the damn thing."

"Sweet did she die."

I growled, Sam put her hands up "Gee I was just kidding, alright fine. I'll lift it. You know, it could've been lifted if you threw away that teddy bear in there."

I'm sure my expression wasn't a pleasant one. Sam scrambled from the chair laughing, I grabbed the wine glass and threw it in her direction. She was gone before it shattered against the double doors of the dinning hall.

"Cunt. " I rolled my eyes. I adored the thing but she was a headache at times.

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