The Gods Alpha

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I found myself unable to go back to bed. I needed to call a meeting with the Pack Masters. I couldn't expect them all to stay, just incase. I'm sure they still had members on their grounds that didn't come for the celebration. If Hel mate comes here, we need to be ready, with the help of Sam I'm hoping it won't be anything to worry about. My gut was telling me otherwise.

I sat in the dining hall thinking, I needed Ezra and Micheal, having their input was a must. It was still too late to call on them or any one for that matter, unfortunately. This was going to have to wait till morning. This divulgence wasn't something that could be ignored or kept to myself anymore. I let out a groan in frustration. I needed to run, break something. Considering I already broke a glass, seems I'll be taking the run next. I began making my way to the double doors, and paused at the door knob turning and the heavy doors being pushed forward. Of course this dude is everywhere I am.

Adam was in his pj pants, and light green shirt of the Pi symbol written in literal cherries. A horribly funny pun. I found myself always looking at Adams t-shirts the silly little things always seemed to make my day. Adam's face was red and flustered and holding a large slice of chocolate cake and cookies with a cup of milk

"Maze! H-hi -hey I'm sorry I didn't know you were in here."

I found my voice keeping a poker face "Midnight snack?"

"Y-yeah, uhm…" His stutter was adorable. Fuck. Focus Maze. "Look I really didn't know you were in here, I usually know where you're at, it smells like the house burnt down in here. I was just being nosey ."

I laughed a little. Taking in the scent of chili peppers and chocolate.

'Stop being a child. Just talk to him.' Eir growled 'He feels hurt and guilty'

'I know . ' I sighed inwardly

Adam was about to take his leave but I grabbed onto the hem of his t-shirt. "Care for some company?"

His smile was small, but he nodded. I nodded for him to follow me into the lounge room. It was a large thing, with arcade games, and a pool/ air hockey table. The younger wolves were usually the ones playing around in here, but I knew it'd be empty at this hour. I locked the door as he sat awkwardly holding his plate of sweets and milk. My finger brushed his cheek when I walked by to sit beside him on the L shaped couch. Instantly he relaxed .

"Relax." I grabbed the remote and flipped on the T.v.

"You make it very hard to. Suddenly I'm 15 again, awkward and stumble over things I say." He laughed, setting his plate on his lap.

I sat cross legged going through the channels trying hard to ignore his glances.

"I know what you mean. I try so hard to ignore you. " I admitted, I wasn't sure why.

"Can I ask you something?"

" Can I have some cake?" I smirked, he glanced at his plate hesitantly and handed it over. This made me laugh a bit louder than I should have "You really had to second guess giving me some cake? Are you sure you're my mate?"

He blushed, tossing a pillow at me. "I don't share my sweets, bottomless pit I have for them. "

We laughed, and I genuinely felt like nothing else mattered, nothing outside of us mattered. I shoved it back, taking a deep breath and looked right at him. Crap.

"What did you want to ask?"

I thought for a moment back tracking my initial question. "What would you be doing if you weren't Alpha?"

He took a bite of his cookie "I'd probably be traveling, I mean I travel now but not to places I want. I just like visiting new places. You?"

"Probably would be in London, I was planning on going to the university out there before everything changed."

Silence, I stopped flipping the channels and took another bite of cake. We kept a distance but even this seemed close for comfort. I didn't want him to move. He spoke again, putting his stuff on to the table.

"I'm really sorry about earlier Maze. I-I never want you to look at me the way you did when Aric had you pinned. I'm trying really hard not to think about why you reacted that way. "

My eyes simply looked at him, all I wanted to do was to curl up on his lap and feel safe, but I dug my nails into my palm instead. He may not be mine and I may not be his but maybe we can have a neutral ground. It was as if there was static between us, having our hair's stand on end at the proximity of each other. I pulled off my sweater ignoring his gasp. Sure I showed skin but I wanted him to see me again. I was wearing a sports bra under but it revealed enough.

"The scars on here," I revealed my wrists were Rhett's silver chains dug in deep enough to thin the tissue. "And everywhere else aren't the ones that bother me. But the ones up here, " I pointed at my head

"Those haunt me. I don't blame you or Aric for relying on our instinct to have your mate, I blame myself for thinking one second you'd take control from me like that piece of shit who did this to me would." I reached out grabbing his hand, both feel the magnetism pull us " I know you would never hurt me. My brain is just messed up. I know better than to think that the one made for me would try and destroy me. I was hurt in so many ways, I sometimes don't know how to be me anymore. So I am sorry for how I reacted. I am sorry for making you think I was terrified of you and Aric. "

He closed in the distance between us, I actually let out a breath that I had been holding in, our hands still intertwined.

"Will you do something for might help."

My brows knitted together in confusion, but I obliged. He grabbed the remote and put on Lord of the Rings. He explained how a long movie gets people sleepy sometimes. We had a basket on one end of the room filled with blankets for the kids, he grabbed the biggest one. When he was done he finally had me next to him at the end of the L of the couch. We had the throw pillows behind us making a small bedding seem a bit comfortable.

He started the movie, pulled me too him after pulling off his t-shirt, and staying in his pj pants.

"What does this accomplish? " I asked

He laughed and pulled off my hoodie once more and pulled me closer.

"A taste of what if Maze. That and ...just watch."

I sighed reluctantly giving in as I pulled back the covers, getting in next to him. The movie had already been playing as the background noise, and he was still picking at his sweets.

"Don't get crumbs on me now." I laughed, he genuinely smiled

"I love your laugh. "

I blushed not saying anything till I was comfortable laying down. We laid sideways, he, behind me spooning and then I felt it. He cuddled, but I finally felt the full pull. Spreading the tingle of Menthol throughout my body. It was built up to where our skins touched. I let out a Shaky breath and laughed. The pull had me engulfed in what he was feeling for me. I felt safe. No one was ever going to harm me, no one would ever touch me again.

"Feel it?" He whispered in my ear

I nodded, "Thank you. It helps."

We stayed like this for a few more minutes, our bliss it was. I felt him reach over for my hoodie to hand it back to me. I looked at it and pushed it back on to the floor. Grabbing his hand I pulled him closer. A relieved sigh left him, we laid this way for a long time, not speaking, not needing to. We felt everything we needed to say. I wasn't very sure how long it was till I fell asleep. It was the most peaceful sleep I'd had in ages.

But a harsh pounding on the door woke us. The sun was rising. We stayed here all night without realising it. Both of us hit the ground with a grunt .

"Fuuck." I groaned, more pounding!

"Alpha! It's Tally! Come quick!" Micheal's voice was frantic and pleading.

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