The Gods Alpha

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What was before us was a heart wrenching. Micheal and Twitch both on the floor. Twitch bloody and cut up , Micheal I could smell was hurt too. I rushed to them, Twitch was having a hard time breathing.

"Get Marie and Ezra now!!" I shouted at Adam, he took off out the front doors.

"C'mon Twitch you're gonna be fine. " She was coughing up so much blood, and crying for Micheal. What the fuck happend?!

"Micheal! Focus I need you to tell me what happened!?"

Micheal was sweating, clenching his side, watching his wife in pain before him. "We-we were sleeping and heard a crash downstairs in Rosemary's room. Twitch went down to check when I was getting my weapons. And-and- I heard her scream Maze. Gods they were trying to force monkshood with silver down her throat. They shot me with a fucking laced silver bullet. Please save her Maze. "

I finally heard Marie coming, Louis in toe with Rosemary asleep in his arms. Marie pushed me aside, I relayed what happened. Terrified we'd be too late. Adam came back without Ezra. His link was blocked, and seeing as he was once Alpha not even me could penetrate it.


"Maze I need you to hold her down. Alpha Hohlt I need you to hold down Micheal. I am not going to be his favorite person RightNow. "

I did as she asked and sat behind Twitch, trying my damn hardest to not cry. Other members began to come into view.

"Someone fucking find me Ezra now!" I used the highest command in my voice and watched them now their heads scurrying. Adam was holding Micheal in place. It was then Marie's intentions were clean, I watched as her hands ripped off the front of Twitchs' shirt.

She took a deep breath and held onto her throat.

"Maze Do. Not. Let. Her. Go. " I nodded, as I watched Marie's claws lodge into Twitchs' throat. There was no entry wound, it was as if Marie simply went through her skin, magic of course. I discovered why she needed me to hold her down. Twitch thrashed, and kicked letting out a silent scream, I could see Adam struggling to hold Micheal down. His wolf needed to protect his love. His eyes were hot with tears and anger. Marie's hand retracts holding clumps of black ooze from her throat.

"What the fuck is that?" Adam breathed

" Silver, blood and liquid monkshood." Marie tossed it in the ground, wiping her tears with her wrist. We all hated this, we were all feeling her pain.

I could see more warriors make their way to the crowd around us, keeping people in distance, and still no Ezra.

What the fuck!

"Twitch babe I need you to stay awake, I know it hurts honey, but I need to get what's going to your heart. "

"Micheal!" She cried out in pain, Micheal still and looked at me

"Maze I won't attack Marie, please just let me hold her. "

I nodded to Adam to release him. Micheal crawled to his wife holding her hand and kissed her profusely on her face.

"Marie's here babe, she's gonna get it all out. "

Twitch gasped " Micheal don't let it kill the baby . "

We all froze. And I finally let out a sob "Marie get it out of her!"

In one more quick motion Marie gouged through Twitchs' chest. Except, this time Marie's hand was stuck. She tugged, giving Twitch a reason to let out a murderous scream. Marie closed her eyes and began murmuring to herself, shoving in her free hand, she pulled the remaining ooze from Her chest cavity.

Twitch was too weak to scream anymore. I gave her a kiss on the forehead. And checked Micheals wound, black veins were appearing from the bullet wound but he didn't fret. He just wanted his wife to be okay, and now their child. Something I forever teased him about, we were now here fighting for.

Marie sat back relieved, letting out a sob. It must've taken a lot to be so focused and not turn into a heap of panic at watching someone you cherish practically dying before you. ," I got it. I got it…" she chanted as if reassuring herself. She latched onto Micheals shoulder "Micheal we need to do you next, but first let's get Twitch to the clinic to check on the baby. She is going to be fine. You hear me."

Micheal nodded scooping up his wife. I tried to take her from him but he let out a snarl, and took a deep breath. This man was a mess, he sounded broken.

"Just let me hold her a little longer okay."

I nodded. And watched them leave. Sending two warriors and a healer with them. I was beginning to follow in toe, until I spotted Ezra looking disheveled coming from the side door. I was pissed. I headed toward him.

"Where the fuck were you!?"

"I was-" he didn't have a chance to answer, I laid one punch into him, sending him to the ground . He didn't have to answer, I could smell the arousal left on him from a she-wolf. I straddled him giving him another few blows. I grabbed the collar of his shirt and pulled him close to my face. I knew murder was in my eyes.

"While you thought fucking was a great idea and blocking your fucking link, Twitch and Micheal were attacked! Twitch almost fucking died!" I tossed him back down in disgust, and huffed getting to my feet. This really wasn't his fault. No one could have known this was going to happen. I was no better; I was snuggled up with my distraction. I really had no reason to attack him so brutally. I'd apologize later, RightNow I just wanted to kill someone.

"Get back to patrol. Lock down this fucking place no one's leaving in or out " I snapped to the other members gathering, I looked at Ezra wiping the blood from his mouth and nose. "Get to Micheals house. Find out what they were looking for. Find something to find out who did this. Take a few men. I want answers today."

"Yes Alpha. " He said low, before reaching his feet, and turning to the front door, calling on who he needed.

I finally turned to Adam, I didn't even care to read his shocked expression. "Get yourself and the rest of the Pack Masters, their Betas and Gammas into the dining hall now. There's something you all need to know."

I turned to see Ezra's sister Olympia watching the drama unfolding in her night -gown. "I need you to go get the demon two doors from mine please. Tell her, her presence is needed in the dining hall. "

She nodded running up the stairs behind Adam.

No way in fuck was I letting anyone else get hurt.

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