The Gods Alpha

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I sat at the head of my table, both Micheal and Ezra missing from the open seats beside me, now wasn't the time to seem weak with-out them. The rest of the table was full of yawning, robed Pack Masters, Betas, Gammas, and a suited Sama'el. They observed me, and for a moment I stared at the wooden table before me. This mornings' events, still being filed correctly in my brain.

As I waited for everyone to be settled in, I looked down at my appearance, Twitchs' blood coated my sweater. My heart ached, Twitch was one of the most caring, and harmless woman I've ever known. There wasn't a mean bone in her body, even if she disliked you she never held it against you. Even thinking back to the encounter with Candace was proof enough. I hope they're all okay, Marie was supposed to give me updates, I didn't want to pester her while she was trying to save our friends.

I finally gathered my composure and stood.

"I'm sure events from this morning have been relayed to you, " I began "There's no easy way to say this so I will just say it, there is potential danger here. My Gamma and his wife were attacked in their own home, and we are going to get to the bottom of why? And as for the potential danger...a possible war. "

Murmurs erupted, I continued, fuck me.

"A war between The Goddess of Death Hel, and her mate. Her child has been hidden amongst wolves for safety, but her mate is seeing to it the child would be his to keep, and to destroy anyone in his path. He is the reason Packs have been slaughtered looking for this child. This child will be a Hybrid of wolf and death, if it's father uses this kid for his own agenda of taking over our supernatural

world, I fear we are all doomed to kneel or die. My hope was to keep many of us together, and avoid becoming a target, especially during the month we are the strongest. "

I had everyone's attention, " If this attack on Tally and Micheal is in connection with what is going on between our ancients, then I'd understand if you'd want to return to your territories, but if you... put your trust in me, stay, And fight. I will not have us brought to the brink of extinction for some fucking Alphas dreams of ravaging and power at the expense of his own child. I have a feeling the bastard is coming straight to us. "

Silence, Milo spoke up, standing with his hand clasped on his son's shoulder.

"You've shown you've cared for us and more. You've shown true allegiance to SmokeRidge, and to not only our kind but to other creatures. You have SmokeRidges' allegiance if war breaks. We will send for More warriors if needed. "

Alpha Rory O'Shay of GreenMarsh stood, his face stoic " I second, GreenMarsh has never ran from a fight, we don't expect to now. You've been of grave importance to our alliance and in battle... besides my wife would kill me if she found out we left a defenseless child to the mercy of that bastard. "

"I'm greatful," I chuckled and finally looked to Adam next "Alpha Hohlt, You have no obligation here and do not have to stay, Howls Ash is free to walk away just as everyone else at this table. I have history with these old Bastards. We've fought side by side when it was needed , So again. You and your pack have no obligation or allegiance to us. You're new to our grounds I will not force you and your pack to stay."

Leave, I couldn't bare to have him hurt or my focus run to his well-being.

Adam turned to his Beta Christopher nodding, before turning to me "I know what you're thinking, but We'll stay. There is no question about it. We are behind you Alpha Barnette. "

Well shit. I sighed inwardly, ignoring the fact Eir was now standing so proud at her mate.

'Shut up Eir.'

I began to speak once more, but was cut off at the commotion growing louder and louder, till it fell into the double doors. Ezra came holding a bloodied man by his jacket. A rogue, his smell distinctly different from the rogues allowed to stay in my territory. He was familiar but how.

Ezra tossed the man to the ground "We caught scent of this one in Micheals house. The other is a female, but we lost her. She has to be on the grounds still, I've already sent patrols out. We'll get her. "

One down was enough. I stood up making my way to the battered man. His eyes swollen, his nose broken, and barely recognizable. He glanced up and began chuckling, shaking his head in disbelief. "You-you are the feared female Alpha?"

I paused, did I know this man. I better inspected, and it finally dawned on me. I swallowed the harsh lump in my throat.

"Rhett's prized bitch is the one commanding you all." He laughed and spat blood at my feet "Well I heard her sweet cunt would do that. Rhett did say you tasted like fresh sweet apples, that must drive them insane. Just like it did to him. I told him to kill you, but he just couldn't let go of how hard you made him when you didn't die. And he had to have you over and over again."

This earned growls from everyone, my heart was erratic. I couldn't break not in front of everyone. None really knew what had happened to Marie and I all those years ago. They knew we were tortured, but I'm sure they didn't let their imagination run to the worse of things that happen to females chained. I couldn't even bring myself to look at Ezra who's eyes were heavy on me, or Adam. That there, one look from him would collapse me. I refuse to be a damsel in distress.

"I thought slitting your goddamn throat would do you in you sick piece of crap. " I retorted, keeping a stone face. He never partook in my punishments from Rhett, but I remember him watching, him laughing, "Why the fuck are you here?"

Ezra dug his thumb into an open wound, Rhett's "Beta" cringed "The fucking kid. " He laughed like a maniac "It's here...I smelled it, and that Bitch Marie. Her scent was over that house. Tell me did she die with that little doggy treat I gave her."

The kids here? This piece of shit was trying to kill Marie not Tally. They shared Rosemary some nights, of course her scent would be everywhere. Marie and Tally were practically sisters.


My eyes widened, and Eir shoved through tackling the bastard to the floor. I was strangling him, and damn near close to his neck being snapped, it took Adam, Ezra and Markle to pull me back. The bastard was coughing on the floor, holding his throat. I yanked myself from them.

"Who the fuck is commanding you? Hel's mate?"

"You won't get anything from me, so just fucking kill me already. I'm bored." He spat, I knew he told the truth, Rhett used to boast about how blindly loyal his Beta was to him, never breaking even inches from death. Not one Alpha could break him. Rhett had seen himself as an Alpha of all Alphas,how fucking narssistic. That was why his Beta obeyed, and that is why he gave me an idea.

I smiled, this confused him, and everyone else. If I couldn't get him to break, I had an idea of who could.

"Sam...get an Alter ready please. We're going to summon Fenrir."

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