The Gods Alpha

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The feast of emotions that played and the color that drained from his face was almost too good. If there was one person aside from Mother all Wolves feared it would be our God, our Fenrir, our God of Wolves. I had never attempted a summons for a God such as him, for one I probably feared him more than most, mother often told me I was his favorite, maybe being his favorite could play in our favor.

Before any of this could happen, I made Ezra grab Louis, and Rosemary. I needed to be sure. I wasn't entirely sure what the fuck I was even looking for, or how I can tell if Rosemary was actually the kid they wanted. I had the Betas of SmokeRidge and GreenMarsh take Rhett's to the cellar. I'd be needing him at midnight. At the moment everyone had a duty, I paced back and forth till Louis and Rosemary came in toe behind Ezra.

Louis looked nervous, but I gave him a reassuring smile as the other PackMasters took their seats to hear what was unfolding. I found myself perk up at seeing Marie. She gave me a grin and hugged me.

"Twitch and the baby are going to be fine, I got the bullet out of Micheal. They're all sedated, and I have them on round the clock watch and care. "

A weight was lifted "Thank Gods. Where would be without you Marie." I gave her the tightest hug I could muster. We all turned to hear Rosemary let out a cry and Marie rushed to Louis taking her from his arms.

"What's...going on?" Marie looks around at everyone, I glances at Ezra to Relay everything. When he finished her eyes went to Rosemary.

"Maze I don't understand. " She whispers, clearly worried about her two new loves in her life. Louis had her wrapped around her fingers, and so did the sweet little infant.

"It's alright. Everyone sit." I grab her free hand and pull her next to Louis.

"Louis I need to ask you a few things, your answers will determine so much for our future. So please."

Louis adjusted himself, pulling a bottle from his pocket, and asked for Rosemary. "Yes, Alpha Masie. I'll answer the best I can. Is this about what happened to home?? "

I ignored everything and went head on into my question. Time was crucial, and now exhausting. I still hadn't been able to change my clothes. "Louis, is Rosemary your birth sister?"

His brows pulled up in confusion. " How do you mean?"

"She means boy did your mother give birth to that thing or not?" Milo huffed, I knew he was getting impatient, our lives were hanging onto the answers he gave us.

"My sister is not a thing!" Louis stood up and shouted at him, but a quick glare sent him cowering back into his seat, old man or not Milo still had power.

"Louis please answer.". I said calmly

I watched Louis taking a deep breath, and closed his eyes. "In honesty I don't know, let me explain. " Louis took out his wallet and slid a picture to the next person beside him till it reached me. It was of his parents, his mother still beautifully young and very pregnant.

"My mom was pregnant, and I remember my dad being worried about her before her delivery, she had become depressed, and would cry silently for hours. And when he approached her, she always found a reason to keep a distance, she never wanted to see our doctor about the baby. My dad just thought it was hormones from having a baby basically 20 years apart. But then she-she disappeared for four days. No one could find her, and her scent was replaced by... something else. I can't explain it. Like a freshly burnt down building. " My eyes flickered to Sam who was listening intently. I hadn't mentioned her army she called for to the rest of the packs, I knew deep down they didn't trust demons. They sometimes didn't get why I trusted her. Sometimes I didn't know myself but I did.

"When my mom came back ...she had Rosemary wrapped up in mine and my dad's t-shirts, and covered in my mom's dried blood. My dad was just relieved she was perfectly fine and with my new born sister, but I remember how my mom looked at her, loved her yes, but it was something more obsessive. My mother never lied or got lost. She knew our forests but she made up some story about how she got lost and just decided to stay in wolf form in the woods for the fresh air and the baby came early. "

"I didn't question my mother like I should have, some things she did and said didn't add up, but none of that matters now. Rosemary is what I have left and is my baby sister. I'd die protecting her. I've heard bits and pieces of what's been happening here with you guys...I'm not giving up my sister."

Ezra inserted himself "Louis this is a lot bigger than any of us. It's clear your mom miscarried her own baby and probably found Rosemary. She probably used your shirts and her blood to cover up odd scents, so you guys didn't kill her, and see her as your own...her real mother is coming for her."

"Her real mother!? My mother was her real mother. My mother nurtured her, my mother sat through the crying, my mother sat through the fevers and the feedings. That is a real mother, not someone who abandoned a defenseless baby in the forest."

"Hel didn't have much of a choice Louis." I sighed

"Hel? The -the Goddess of Death?"

I nodded, but Ezra answered "Rosemary may be a demi-god, if you will, that Hel and her mate are looking for. We need to give her back. Or this will start a war none of us want to be caught in. "

"When Hel herself comes face to face with me and takes her from me, I'll let her go. Till then Rosemary is mine and will stay with me." Louis glared at us all before standing with the fussing baby, and began to walk off, Ezra stood before them, keeping them from leaving.

" Ezra it's fine." I said allowing he, and Marie to leave with the baby. "Get some men on them. Make sure they're on lockdown at Marie's house. We need everyone safe. Louis thank you. "

He nodded, bowing his head to me.

Sam was then before Louis and Marie. She held up her hand "There's a way I can see if she's Hel's or not. " Sam put her palm on Marie, Marie yelped and pulled her arm back, it had Sam's hand print was now burning into her skin. This earned a growl from Louis, but she rolled her eyes " A normal wolf burns...a hybrid...won't.". Her palm rested on Rosemary's leg. Nothing happened. Well we are fucked.

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