The Gods Alpha

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With Louis and Rosemary now protected with Marie, Twitch and Micheal sedated, out of the woods, and now under watch. We still needed to find the fucking female that attacked them. Considering there wasn't another Rogue scent, it was someone belonging to a pack. I felt like I could breathe just a little, at least they were kept on the grounds. I informed the Pack Masters of this. They promised to address their pack tonight to catch the traitor.

We had so much more to worry about, and I was hoping tonight with Fenrir I could figure it out. I had the other PackMasters devise their own plans for battle. We would meet after I was back from speaking with Fenrir. Ezra was most against this. He called it reckless, foolish , and dangerous.

I was finally in my room, changing out of my bloody clothes. Ezra bursted in slamming the door behind him. I paid no mind and simply walked to the bathroom and into the shower. Ezra sat on my bathroom sink, not saying a word while I washed the stained red from my skin.

"Maze you cannot do this." He began, his head in his hands frustrated " You have never summoned Fenrir, why Can't you just go to Mother, she can make him talk. I don't like it. What if you get stuck in his realm, we would have no idea how to get you back!"

I gave him silence, he wasn't wrong, but I needed to take that chance and get what I can out of Bryce, I finally learned, was his name. Ignored his plea, andwantednto tell him I was doubtful Bryce would bend for another she-wolf, even if it were mother or not.

I washed my face, and let the water cascade on my skin. "I'm sorry I attacked you earlier. That wasn't fair. "

Ezra took in a deep breath and chuckled "I deserved it. I shouldn't have shut my link. I wasn't there when you all needed me...I was just angry. "


"I saw you and Adam go into the lounge room. When I heard the door click, I just ...I went and ran into a girl from GreenMarsh and …well you know the rest."

"Oh...Ezra nothing happened between us. We slept. That was all. I was upset, and we learned being close to your mate eases what tensions we were feeling. It helps."

"That's all?"

"Yes... I don't know how comfortable I'd be having someone else touch me in a different way just yet."

Who am I kidding that's all I want to be curious about with Adam. But I'm still terrified, I push all other feelings back. I grabbed a towel and stepped out.

"I'm sorry about what that bastard Bryce said…" his head was still hung. I shrugged at realization it was a little relieving that they all knew. I didn't have to tip toe anymore about it.

"I don't have to hide it anymore. And you don't have to feel sorry for me anymore. No one does."

I pulled him into a hug, and quickly pushed him away, laughing a bit. "You really stink like that female. Please shower. Her cotton candy stench is just so sweet."

He gave a sad smile "She tasted sweet too,"

I smacked him walking into my bedroom "You're such a pig. "

He followed behind, and grabbed my hand

"Things are different now aren't they? With us? I cheated and I know I shouldn't have, I was just so jealous and angry. I thought you'd sleep with him."

I turned to him and really looked at what used to be mine. "Well yes. A little hurt you have that much faith in me. And as for the cheating...that's a loaded subject in itself. I-I don't feel anything like that for you anymore. And I understand if you may hate me for that, but you're free to sleep with anyone you want owe me nothing. Look, after meeting Adam, it's like no one else matters, no one's smile matters, no one's touch matters. Only him."

"Then what is stopping you from being together?"

Without going into the laundry list of things, I smiled at him "Now's not the time for Love Ezra. "

Ezra pulled me into a hug and kissed me on my forehead "Now may be the only time for it Maze…please just be careful. With Adam, and with everything else. " Ezra cups my face, gives me a light kiss on the lips "I refuse to lose you again. I am always going to be on your side. And I'm about to go make it up to Micheal and Tally ...after a shower. "

We both laugh, how did I get so lucky to have him. It would've been easier if we had been mated, but I wouldn't change who I have for anything. My realisation about Adam was like swallowing a dry pill. I wanted Adam, even if now is the time to have him. We had pressing matters.

Ezra left me to see Micheal and Twitch in the clinic. I was going to drop by later to make sure they were okay.

After dressing I wandered the halls and finally found Sam in one of the heat rooms. The place we kept she-wolves to simmer down after going through their heat. She was standing in the middle of the room in the center was a small marble pool, to ease the she-wolves bodies going into overdrive. She was examining the length of the thing , and the depth with a ruler.

"What are you doing? " I came to sit on the edge of the tub. Sam was in a dark blue suit with a pink polkadot tie, and bare feet.

"For want to summon Fenrir, we're going to need more than just a canary and a stone bowl. "

"And you would know that how?"

Sam held up Marie's pink notebook. "If Marie didn't love you guys she certainly could've ended all of you in an hour, without anyone realizing it with all the horrid shit she has in here. Gods if she wasn't with Louis, I'd take here right where she stood."

"Oh so demons respect monogamous relationships."

Sam rolled her eyes and side glanced me, slicking her hair back "Don't be cute…you're going to have to kill Bryce you know. "

"I don't think I'd have an issue with that " I shrugged and laughed " I thought I already killed him before when I escaped."

Silence .

"You know...I've always hated Wolves." She sat next to me taking off her jacket and adjusting her cufflinks to roll up her sleeves. " I hated how greedy they were, how possessive they get and how the smallest things set them off. But you changed that. When I met you I actually wanted to kill you all at Rhett's ceremony to feed off of all of you…but I came to respect you, just like all these packs do. And now I came to actually care about you. You're selfless motto, patience and loving nature. Things I find disgusting, but for you. I wouldn't change you. I'm sorry for what happened to you and Marie. But I can't say I'm not proud of the person it made you."

"Getting soft on me now princess." I teased, not really knowing what to say. She kept her face composed even at the joke I made.

"I'm proud of you Maze. I will try my hardest to protect your packs, I can't really imagine not having you idiots around. That and I'm not letting that asshole take my crown."

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