The Gods Alpha

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I wonder if anyone else felt it, the calm before the storm. The deep pit of dread you feel in your bones before anything actually happens. I was feeling that now. And seeing Bryce naked, tied and gagged before me, I knew he felt it too. We were standing in the small marble pool, the water was warm and too our ankles. Sam had tossed in flowers and fresh herbs that floated around us.

We had to be naked for this ritual, I sometimes don't get Gods and being naked, that is literally requested at every ritual. A bunch of pervs I think. I hope it didn't affect anything in my case.

Considering I was standing before all the Pack Masters and their Betas I wasn't too keen on being exposed. I found a black bandage wrap and tied it around my chest, and slipped on some boy short underwear. I was naked enough. I was in full view of everyone, and suddenly I remembered every scar, every lash, and every ounce of shame I held. But now they adorned my canvas, and I was no longer ashamed or embarrassed. Rhett can rot in hell.

Bryce watched me mumbling through his gag, I ignored him and turned to Sam. She handed me a thick hunting knife.

"You ready?"

" Not in the slightest. " I laughed, Adam came into view, giving me a reassuring smile before asking his bubbling questions I could see behind his beautiful green eyes.

"Don't you need a sacrifice for this to work?"

Sam laughed "what do you think the wolf's for."

Adam's head snapped at me in utter shock "Maze I know he's a piece of shit but he can't be sacrificed!"

Sam walked slowly to him, studying him "You've never killed anyone have you."

Adam said nothing, Sam tossed more herbs into the water. "Look here Alpha Hohlt. From what I gather, he's a waste of space, he'll die here, but believe me he'll be alive in the underworld. Not even death can save him, Hel herself might wanna play with him when she finds out what he did trying to find her daughter. So please dear boy, you don't like what you see...close your damn eyes. Hmph, Maybe you aren't a match for Masie. No one so pure could be."

I let out a small growl at her, and rolled my eyes, looking to Adam

"If you're uncomfortable, you can leave Adam."

"You can kill someone so easily?" He asked me in sheer disbelief, I could tell he almost wanted to look at others in support.

My silence was enough. He took a step back

"C'mon Maze, you're not a Monster like them."

Sam grew annoyed stepping beside me "What exactly do you think werewolves are Alpha Hohlt. This shit right here is a lot more than a moral obligation. You don't know Masie as well as you think. She's a survivor, and that is what she will continue to be for her kind. "

I wanted to break the glare down they were having " Alright so much praise from you today, are you in love with me now Sama'el?"

Sam cracked a smile while lighting the black candles but everyone remained silent. I took the gag off of Bryce, he didn't hold back .

"And what do you expect to accomplish?! Summoning Fenrir!?" He laughed a deafening laugh "He'll kill you you useless bitch! The only thing you have that's precious or worth anything! Is what's between your fucking Leg-" his shouts were cut off when the blade glided ever so gently across his throat. All he had left were gargles of his choking breaths, I felt the blood spatter hot against my face, and chest. No turning back now.

"I'll be sure you die this time." I let his body drop into the tub, beginning to chant the rune spell, Sam was drawing symbols on my skin, raising flesh bumps. I couldn't look at Adam, I wouldn't let myself. When I finished the chant, Bryce had already bled out. His face half submerged in water, and nothing happened.

We waited a few minutes. I shrugged "Maybe Fenrir wants me naked for the stupid thing to work since it's so insisted. "

"We'll get to it love." Sam joked, everyone grumbled amongst themselves, I could feel the tensions radiating off of Adam " Well that was a waste of a sacrifice."

She held out her hand for mine as I began to step out of the tub. I let out a Yelp at my foot being grabbed. I yanked, looking at Bryce, he was dead dead. It wasn't him. I pulled harshly and felt one twice as hard yank me into the water. I tried to scramble to the top of the tub reaching for Sam and Adam who had their hands out trying to grab me out of the tub, hearing only frantic shouts from everyone. I let out one final scream before being sucked under the bloody water.

I blinked, and it was as if I were floating under the ocean. Endless blue grey waters engulfing me in the vast emptiness, it was growing closer to me. I quickly swam to the surface, gasping, coughing out the water I was Intaking. I could see mountains beneath a grey sky, and the smell of a firewood, my breath was visibly shallow against the icy air. Where the fuck was I? Quickly, I looked around for land, spotting a small village at the edge of a shoreline, recognizing it as Mother's village, Kenna.

Why did it bring me here?

When I felt the rocks beneath my feet, I could only crawl, coughing, and shivering. I was still in my bandage cloth, no wonder I was fucking freezing. Well atleast I know the fucking ritual worked. Did it have to nearly drown me though. I rolled over once on land breathing heavily, I could hear footsteps rushing me, and shouts for help. I felt a heavy pelt of fur being draped over me, and a pair of strong arms picking me up from the ground.

I looked up to a bearded man, he was huge all around, kind of reminded me of a bear. The top knot on his head was braided to his shoulders, I counted 6 tattoos curving their way alongside his neck to the side of his head. He could look like one badass biker. I could hear horns, and live music being played from where he was taking me. My sleepy eyes tried to capture everything I could see in case I needed an escape route.

The double door burst open with a gust of wind, I looked before me to see women dancing to the music, giggling, Men alongside a dining table having a grand feast. They paid no mind to us, as the bear walked slowly, my eyes wandered up to the ceiling, rows of deer antlers decorating the candelabras, the walls and floors being adorned by grand pelts. If I wasn't so exhausted I'd admire this much more.

He walked into the cluster of dancing women, and kneeled. My head turned to see a beautiful dark haired man,with black eyes, his body laid lazily against his makeshift throne. He held up a hand, in an instant everyone and everything froze. He stood, and every person dropped to the floor kissing the ground. The silence was almost unbearable.

"My darling daughter," he came to me, grabbing my chin to look up at him. His smile, vicious with sharpened canines." Was it you who dared to summon me?"

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