The Gods Alpha

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The bear set me on my feet, and tightened the pelt around me without sparing me a glance. I think I like him. I could feel the aura radiating off of the man before me . Could this be my understanding our God was -well a God in the form of a Grand Wolf in size and power. But I could see how this man would be considered as well with a body sculpted as such.

I fell to my knees, shivering, I took a deep breath and bowed my head "I did."

"Why? "

My eyes wandered up to his face, his skin sunkissed, and scarred. "Your creations need you, the mate of Hel has been seeking their child. I need to find out who he is, where he is and when will he attack."

A flicker of anger crossed his features, but dissipated "well my sweet girl you have given me a noted sacrifice." He turns to his throne, and there as if it were a bearskin rug, laid Bryce in wolf form. Mouth agape, and neck still slit. I swallowed, I did fear this man, how could he trophy his own child so casually. Bryce was disgusting but still.

"Because he was a runt...just like Rhett." I gasped, he had heard what I was thinking.

"I am the God of Wolves, my sweet girl, I hear and know everything."

"Then you know what's happening in my realm?!" I huffed in anger, I stood now, he knew and had chosen to do nothing!

"I stay out of my sister's affairs. " He said cooley, his form towered over me but I couldn't help but feel he was no bigger than I. Maybe I should push him. I blocked my link as much as I could. Putting up mental walls.

I began to walk away, better from a safe distance. "How pathetic you are. The God of Wolves you say...but can barely lift a finger to help his own creations. "

He glared "Henbane has spoiled you."

"She's more useful than you." I retorted. The bear came towards me with heavy steps, his arm reaching out to grab me. But a snap of fingers made him retreat.

"She doesn't know her place."

"Looks like you don't either. "

He growled, and I flinched. Maybe testing my waters was too much. He is a fucking God.

"Who is the Alpha mated to Hel?"

Silence, Fenrir looked at me with curiousity, now circling me, as if I were prey, "I can see why you're her favorite."

"I'm tired of being the favorite."

"She chose you for the sole reason I chose her, fearless and loyal. I hear you're a great Alpha. Exceeded my expectations that's for certain."

I glared, taking my own circle against him, "Making daddy proud isn't what I live for. If you won't help me send me back."

He paused " No. You'll stay. I created you but it seems I may have left some areas unchecked. We can fix them…"

I felt him close in on me slowly, almost tauntingly. I suddenly felt in a daze, my heart slowing in my chest. There wasn't even enough time to see he had a silver collar in his hands. It was nearly clasping onto my neck, I jolted away before he completely clasped it, I watched it glow as it molded the metals together. If I'd let it clasp around my neck, it wouldn't be coming off.

I let out a threatening snarl, he in which returned, our face mere inches from each other, glaring.

"Such a disobedient one. " He tsk, his eyes amused. I watched him walk off, exiting the grand hall we were in, I almost forgot all the people here he left kissing the ground with their noses. The bear was again at my side, he grabbed my elbow and began leading me to follow. I yanked my elbow from him, and walked into a magnificent bedroom. I could see a king sized bed in the center, piled and covered with pillows and fur pelts. The walls covered in prized kills, shields and weapons, above a fire place.

"Shift." The command was stated behind me, and without a thought of refusal, the crackle of bones and grunts filled the room as I shifted completely into my wolf. I felt Eir wanting to cower in fear. But I pushed her to be strong. He circled me once more, his hand gliding through my black fur. "My darling daughter you are beautiful. You must be feared, desired, and loved. All qualities our beloved Henbane was, and is. I do very much wish to help but I cannot."

'Why? Why did you try and collar me!? I will not yield in chains. What is stopping you from helping!"

"My sweet sister wants to keep her child safe, if I interfere, the child will be killed by the other Gods or worse." He tugged at his wrist, it was in an instant but I could see, a golden glowing chain wrapped around his wrist as he pulled.

'You're still a prisoner.'

"Always and forever till I choose to defy Valhalla again, I'm simply patient and waiting. As for collaring, don't you want help, I can give you power, I can give you strength, I can give you no weaknesses. Shut off all humanity, become the beast I know Eir to be."

'We do not need your leash. A collar always has a leash, to what extent is this power, this strength, or weakness. I'd rather keep my humanity.'

I needed to get home, what if there was another attack. Everyone will be so worried I haven't returned. Feels like half the day is gone. 'Send me back please. I will not have our kind be at the mercy of that abomination. I need to be home to help against this Alpha.'

He ignored me, setting the collar on the bed. It glowed, I could feel the magnitude of energy drawing me close to it. My focus was interrupted when he spoke again.

"Self proclamation of an Alpha, he took the title which was not rightfully his, he tricked my sister and had the hybrid. " Fenrir gave a smile " I have such beautiful plans for that little one...such dreams. "

'So does her father.'

"Ah yes, extinction." He chuckled taking a seat by the fire, he looked bored, but I suppose maybe this is the most interesting conversations he's had in a long time. "It'll never happen."

'I'm sick of how vague you're being. Times being wasted!'

"You do not need me. I created you. Henbane created you, we created the perfect Alpha. You will destroy him, as l intended. Just as you destroyed Rhett and will many others."

'Many others?'

"Being the perfect Alpha comes with consequence, and Enemies.". He gave a heavy sigh "His name is Alpha Gunnar Margo."

Margo? Why did that sound familiar?

'When will he attack?! ' Eir growled in frustration, and whyned

"You ask questions you already know the answer to. He is not a God, just an Ordinary wolf."

'The Blood Moon, is there any way to keep Rosemary safe?'

"Rosemary? So it's a girl, just as my perfect girl before me...that demon of yours Sama'el put the child in her care. When's she of age have the demon bring her back to you."

'Thank you…' I had one more question, but was afraid to ask

"What is your final question?"

'Why did -why did mother give me a mate?'

He looked surprised, and smiled "I gave him to you "


"You needed a weakness. You were too loyal, too headstrong, too fearless and too defiant. Too much of everything is dangerous and reckless. He will make you weak."

'He's basically insurance.' I laughed a little 'I fear you made one great mistake creating a mate for me. I will never be his Luna. This weakness you put on me will be non existent. Male Alphas have their Luna's as weaknesses. You so carelessly paired me with another Alpha. He will make me stronger through a bond.'

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