The Gods Alpha

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She didn't hesitate "He's rejected my rejections so many times, he won't agree this time ."

I tugged on his collar, dragging him closer to her . "Go ahead."

She spoke the words so sure of it, and so strongly

"I, Marie Lytle, reject you, Tommy Rhett, as my mate and Alpha."

"If you do not accept, when I kill you , she will die too, is that what you want !" I screamed

He cringed, his eyes glossed, bloodshot red fading into black, it was his wolf taking over his subconscious. I tugged hard at his leash "i-i accept your rejection. Don't hurt her...this beast didn't deserve her."

I watched both mates collapse to the floor screaming. From what I understood the bond between mates was almost impenetrable, once severed, it was excruciating. If you could ever feel your soul being physically burned off, that's what it felt like.

I made a very weak Marie stand guard over a passed out Rhett, impressed that she was still holding her own. Before leaving the room I watched her kick his side with force he cracked the wall behind him. I didn't bother to stop her. She had been in just as much hell as I had.

Armed with my dagger I wandered out of my captors chambers. The bastard had a beautiful place. A ranch style home overlooking wide planes as the sun began to set leaving the sky a billow of purple and orange. Just how far from home was I. The scent of rogues were everywhere, but none were as strong as his Beta .

There he sat at the table, with his back to me. I don't think he heard me emerge or even smelled me. The smell filling the kitchen was so overpowering of honeysuckle, rot and ash. I peeked over to the table. There were dozens of herbs , and small dead insects and animals. Witchcraft.

I realized and was thankful for this, this was the way they were hiding their scent. Without hesitation I dragged the blade across Rhett's betas neck, not truly caring if anyone else was in the house. I was ready to go home. I dug into the corpse's pants and found keys .

"Can I go with you?" I jumped at hearing Marie behind me, she was dragging Rhett by his collar, he was still passed out. Damn that potion was good, barely smelled them.

"Don't you want to go back home?"

She shook her head " He killed everyone I loved...he wouldn't leave without a fight, everyone in my pack knew who he was, and tried to protect me. I left to protect them. "

I stared at her for a moment " I could use a strong wolf like you. I'm from Crimson Creek. "

" I're Beta, mother and father came just before we were attacked . They fought bravely alongside us...but."

My stomach knotted "But what?"

"Your parents...they ...I'm sorry. Beta Ezra barely made it out alive. He kept wanting to fight but he was losing so much blood. Your parents made him protect me but I drugged him with Belladonna, and faked his death."

I bowed my head to her, holding back the anxiety boiling over. I wanted to die, at hearing my parents were now gone. This piece of shit took so much from me, but this wasn't the time. I looked at Marie letting a few tears fall for my parents. The hell we had just went through was unbelievable, but I pushed my sorrow to the back of my mind.

"Thank you, this will not be forgotten. My home will always have a place for you. C'mon. Time to fight for ourselves."

I could feel the floor begin to shake, and the glass adorning the walls began to break. His rogues...they were coming. I hauled Rhett over my shoulder and jogged outside with Marie. She pressed the beeper to the car, leading us to an SUV outside the property. Fuck. This sack of shit weighed a ton. I wasn't going to let him get off so easily.

After tossing him into the trunk I paused with my hand on the door. I let out a shaky breath, I was free. I was smelling the outdoors. The overbearing smell of firewood, and dry dirt. This was the desert. Fuck. If I wasn't numb to everything already the sight before me would've terrified me . A row of wolves were charging towards us. They smelled he was alive.

Marie put the car in drive before tearing out . The pack didn't let up, following close behind us. What the hell was their loyalty to this guy? We made it to a singular road, till we saw the pack begin to fade. Marie let out a held in breathe Beginning to cry and swerve. I don't think she believed it either.

"Hey hey hey careful." I grabbed her shoulder reassuring her. She nodded, still crying .

When we finally made it to a town it was about 40 minutes out. For once I was thanking Rhett for having the tank full, and having money in his pants. We must've looked horrid. I was left in gym shorts and a tank top from 3 days ago when Marie changed me , and she was still in a bloody silk gown. We found a gas station off to the side of the road.

I pulled off Rhett's lamb coat, and put it on to cover my unhealed scars, and open wounds. I needed to find out where we were, and I needed to call the pack . I told Marie to lock the doors, when I began walking to the shop. It was empty, and eerily quiet. Something wasn't right. Fuck. I ran back to the truck. I'm such an idiot, I smelled them.

Marie started the car in fear, before I could get my hand on it, I felt the weight of two wolves on me knocking the air out of me. I held them at their throats away from my face, as their saliva dripped down . I wasn't even sure if I was strong enough to shift. The screech of claws dragged against the SUV. They were trying to get to Rhett.

I was able to kick a brown haired wolf off of me, to focus on the other. For a quick moment I caught Marie in wolf form fighting a peppered wolf. I shouldn't have been distracted. I felt its claws rake from my throat to my chest, I screamed out, at feeling blood gush from my chest. How the fuck did I still have so much more . I was sure Rhett drained me . The brown wolf above me raised its claws in another strike, I closed my eyes .

But the strike never came. The wolf was ripped off of me, at first I thought it was Marie but she was standing by panting, her eyes in disbelief.

I sat up and looked to see she had taken down one , the wolf I kicked off was dead after hitting a pole. The one that was ripped off of me was in the midst of getting his neck snapped . The three were dead. After Marie came closer, in a defending stance as this red haired beast came towards us. He saved us...why.

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