The Gods Alpha

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Fenrir tackled me to the ground now in a giant form, to say he towered would be an understatement. We bared our teeth, challenging each other.

'The perfect Alpha you wanted.' Eir laughed, I had been shoved back completely, I was practically in my mind's eye banging on the door she bolted me in. 'I challenge you.'

Fenrir snarled inching closer to my face, to my exposed neck. He wanted me to back down but this was the last move I had. Even with threatening death literally in my face, I was glad to atleast have a minute to admire him. His wolf was black, his fur appearing as smooth as silk with golden specs, and his eyes forever pitch in his human form were now of gold. He was a magnificent God, and I was terrified.

In an instant he shifted to his beautiful human form glaring "You may want to rethink that dear girl. "

Eir escaped his grasp and began to circle him, 'I challenge you...if I win you help Maze and your creations survive this shit storm. And if you win…"

"You stay here. Maze will become human, and you my sweet Eir will stay here, till I find another Alpha to put you in."

I swear to Gods both of our hearts stopped. 'Eir back down. We can do it without him.'

'No… accepted.'

Fenrir grinned a devilishly handsome grin "Havik take her to her room, make preparations."

Fenrir walked away, as the bear came into view. He led me through the grand hall where the festivities continued, and my God sat on his throne once more. Havik as he was called, led me to a smaller room, with a bed and mountains of pillows.I could see three women kneeled, their heads bowed, Havik motioned me to move further into the room.

"They will dress you, feed you, and prepare you for your battle tomorrow before dawn. " Havik bowed his head and shut the doors behind him

With finally being alone with women, I shifted, one of the women with boy short blonde hair rushed to me to pull over a cotton night dress over my head. The second female stood, emerging with a tray of cheese and fruits, and finally the third rushing to wipe the grime from my feet. I took in a breath and realized they had no scents, not even the food. What the hell was this place?

I brushed all three away from me but they only returned to kneeling. It was unsettling. I tried to grab them and lead them to the door but they refused and returned to their places. I frowned, and examined them, their dresses tattered, and their necks collared with a band of rune carvings, they were slaves, Fenrirs slaves. I held my disgust inward and ignored it. Different world, different time, different laws.

I laid in bed staring at the candles that burnt beside me, glowing a bright ember. I refrained from scolding Eir, I knew she was fearful enough, but how the fuck could she put herself in the line like that.

'Maze...I won't let him separate us.'

"I know Eir. We do this together."

A part of me was just wishing this was a real shitty dream, but it was all too articulate to be. Fuck. Me. I sighed. With that we drifted into darkness. I was wondering how things were going on at home. All this was killing me, being away. I forced myself to sleep, before dawn I was probably going to be human. This shit sucks. I heated the door creak open, making my body snap to the door. It was Havik, his chest bare, exposing his tattoos crawling on his skin. His body was quite admirable to look at, but my mind wandered to Adam.

"What is it?". I sat up

"An offering. As it is practiced before battle. Last sleep, last meal, last passion of the flesh."

My mouth dropped. What in the fuck. "No thank you."

"Lady Masie I cannot leave this room till you are satisfied, and ready for battle."

I was exhausted, I didn't have time for this. "Then sit your ass there next to the girls and all of you eat my last meal."

The girl's heads snapped up , and Havik opened his mouth to argue. I got out of bed and glared.

"All of you eat. Now." I commanded. Havik bowed his head in submission and joined the girls on the floor. I tossed them pillows from my bed. And settled with one, the fluffiest with feathers "And sleep."

I almost wanted to smile at the girls getting a little excited but I refrained, wasn't sure how much I could trust Havik yet. He stared at me and he and the girls began to eat off my tray. I rolled over with my back to them, and fell into sleep.

I felt a nudge, then a tap on my shoulder. I rolled over to see the three women lighting candles around the room. It was still dark outside. Fuck it nearly time. At least I slept a little. The girls were chirpier this morning. And began to comb my hair, twisting it into elaborate braids, and knots. Havik had left the room, but not before I smeared what I was wearing all over him. He'd smell like me in any case. The girl's began to wash me with a cloth and water, I tried to do it myself but they were so persistent. I gave in, annoyed, and was relieved when they finally let me dress.

The clothing was unique and beautiful, bounded by leather and straps, battle ready. It reminded me of when I first met mother, mother...where was she?

"Where is mother? "

The girl's exchanged looks, and finally spoke up "We do not know Lady Masie. She too challenged our Lord and he sent her away."

This worried me, but for another time, if mother was dead, we wolves would feel it all. I hoped she was alright.

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