The Gods Alpha

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Havik returned with a pelt to cover me. He himself dressed now, He led me outside to a crowd. Looked like everyone was dressed for the occasion they all kneeled in a silent circle before gigantic torches. Fenrir was sitting on his throne, his elbows resting on his parted legs, as his head hung.

My eyes didn't linger for very long, it was freezing, it was snowing. The flakes floated before me, I had to resist the childish urge to stick out my tongue. Fenrir stood, and the chair behind him was carried away. He wasn't armed in leather like I was, taking off his pelt he was bare chested, revealing scars, and damaged tissue wounds. Like mine.

"Our deal daughter, I help if you win, Eir stays here with me if you lose…" he pointed to the ground to the silver shackles ready for her.

I nodded, feeling Eir pace back and forth. She had been preparing mentally all night.

"Weapons," he held out his hand, in presentation, of swords, knives, shields and hatchets . "No shame in backing out now.". He smirked, his eyes flicking between gold and pitch black

I glared saying nothing as I went for my favorite choice. The hatchet, and shield.

"Human form till Havik calls on our wolves."

I nodded, looking at Havik, I think I did like him, hope he got away with my scent. Fenrir kicked some gravel around and lifted his shield, and sword. We stood in the center of their circles, and I could feel myself shaking. I tried to calm my nerves, but I didn't want to imagine Eir being ripped from me. We both stood in stance, waiting for the signal.


How perfectly timed,I thought for a second, our blades and shields hit at the crack of lightening striking the sky. Micheal had me trained with various weapons, in all honesty it wasn't something I excelled at.

His sword came down heavy and all I managed to do was block it. He was taunting me, circling me, bringing down his weapon in strike when I pushed off balance. I swung my hatchet with force, nearly missing his shoulder, he swung his sword only to get caught between my hatchet. I pulled his sword down,dropping the sheild and was able to punch him in the jaw. The look of bewilderment, and laughter erupted from him. He charged and I scrambled to grab my protection, the clanks of our shields used in defense, and our grunts were all we heard echoing through the village and still water. The shits were so heavy. I was growing tired. I growled and threw the shield and hatchet to the ground.

Fenrir let up on his stance "Fists?"

I nodded, wiping the sweat from my forehead. There at least I can handle myself. Weapons and shields were taken away in a rush. And I felt Eir step in. I took a mental breather.

""Begin!" Havik rang out.

The sun was beginning to rise, and the sight of us both would make for sore eyes. We, both bloody,swollen, and panting. My knuckles were now bruising purple, and peeling. Fenrir came in for one punch, only to be ducked, and tackled by Eir. She sat on his stomach straddling releasing blow after blow, till my arms felt too heavy to be lifter. Fenrir yanked my hair, pulling me off till he was above me, arms pinned above. fuck.

My panic began to fester, I used the mount of my energy to shove him off, getting up to kick a blow to his side. My body sagged, and he began laughing.

"Most fun I've had in ages !"

My eyes caught the chains meant for Eir and I dove for them, wrapping them around Fenrir when he was staggering to his feet. They seared my palms as they did his shoulders.

"Resourceful aren't you."

I tightened the chains, and locked it. Fenrir's eyes glowed gold, and a smile formed and he shifted into his beautiful wolf. Fuck me can't this be over. The circle around us dispursted, falling over themselves. I groaned shifting as well. He lunged at my throat, and I quickly dodged, only to snap at his jaw. We were both too weak to keep at it. I felt Eir cry out in frustration. She didn't want to be ripped from me . Fenrir growled threatening Eir, and I felt her begin to bow down in submission, he was the God of Wolves, she couldn't resist the command if she wanted to...or So i thought. I watched Eir now partially as Fenrir began to walk to his Throne. She took that opening, pouncing on him, for her being gigantic she was still so small compared. Eir latched onto his neck bringing him down. Fenrir rolled under her snapping away, but Eir made herself heavy, clamping onto his throat. I felt his blood drip from our fangs, she bit down harder, and Fenrir whined. He had an opening for an attack, I waited. Closing my eyes, praying.

We stared at each other for a moment. My heart nearly stopped at seeing he had submitted.

'He let me win…' Eir breathed.

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