The Gods Alpha

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I rolled off, shifting into my battered form, Havik brought me a covering, rubbing my arms up and down to warm me. Yep, I liked him.

"Get the girl a drink and Take her home Havik." Fenrir said with a smirk now in his human form, covering himself and spitting blood into the already crimson stained snow. We really did make a mess of things.

""Wait! Our deal?"

He held up his hand to silence me "I own up to my bargains. Go home Masie, Eir... you did well."

Havik lifted me up as if I weighed not an ounce. I wriggled in shock, only to be held firmly in place. For a moment I was relieved I was so tired. I just wanted to sleep. Fenrir gave me one last toothy smile.

"Do come again my daughter. The gates will always be open."

Havik carried me into a long boat, adorned with shields of vibrant colors, and flags half staff with a paw insignia. Not very terrifying if you ask me . He set me down on a pile of pillows, calling a group of men and women to us. How was he supposed to take me home in this?

"We need to take you to the opening you surfaced from." He said gently,handing me a cup, it was releasing steam from the top. Gods I hope it warms me up. My fingers were beginning to go numb, and so did my naked body under the pelt . .

I took a gulp and choked, "What the fuck is this?"

"Fresh Mead, drink, it's warm to heal you...Mother Henbane made it." Havik grabbed a cloth from a bucket of hot water and began wiping the blood from my face. I felt the boat rock against the water.

"Where is she?" I mumbled, refraining from making uncomfortable noises as my skin stung harshly. I'm going to be a wreck when I go home.

"Master sent her to her sisters. She's to stay with them till he calls on her again."

"Why did she challenge him?"

"For you, and your mate."

" What?"

"She never gave you one. Mates help each other stay sane, help each other grow, heal each other, and make eachother stronger. You are strong enough alone. She didn't think you needed one. She wanted you to succeed as Alpha of all Alphas. Master didn't like that. He wanted to make her angry, so he gave you one to weaken you."

"How cruel he is." I whispered, taking another cup, gulping what I could down.

Havik gave a half smile " Do you not like your mate?"

I blushed

"You were right, he made a mistake giving you an Alpha. You know you could still become Alpha of all Alphas."

I shook my head drinking more Mead "I don't want that. I don't care about that, I just want to protect what's mine. "

Havik handed me another cup of Mead, I took a big gulp letting the grainy liquid warm my throat. He was right, I felt it working, my head also felt suddenly fuzzy. Oh shit this was strong. Tingles carried themselves over my skin, making me giggle.

"Drop anchor!" He shouted and chuckled turning back to me " that Mead will get to you. Mother Henbane made it strong so the men didn't feel their bones being rebroken to be fixed…we're here. You can jump in and you'll resurface wherever you came from. "

I nodded, closing my eyes, feeling a smile grow on my face . Oh my God. I'm drunk. At least I'm healing fast. Havik laughed and took my cup.

"You'll be fine... Alpha Masie," Havik got to his feet pulling me to mine, and gave a deep bow "It was an honor to meet you."

Havik lifted me to the edge of the ship, holding me in place. My legs were jelly, but I steadied myself taking in the crisp air. The tingles erupted all over my skin, I wanted to flinch from Haviks hold. I wanted Adam. My thoughts suddenly just wanted him. I hugged the pelt closer to my exposed self.

"I'm glad to have met you Havik."

"Oh and miss Masie...give your mate a chance. It may be more amazing than you think."

I nodded, Shakey breath and jumped into the water.

Like a bullet my body was shot straight down in the grey and black. I could see the shift still, but the waters becoming rougher above me till I didn't see it anymore. My head was still foggy, I began to swim upward again hoping it worked, but I stopped. This darkness was so peaceful what if I just let myself fall deeper. No more fighting, no more wolves, no more death...but who else would protect. My heart jolted, I have people to protect. I need to. Images of Adam came flooding in, and the tingles erupted once more. He was trying his pull to communicate. Adam.

I began swimming up faster, see the water slosh back and forth, and light above the surface. My body felt a million times better, but I still felt drunk. Please don't drown I thought. I felt the pull stronger when I reached closer to the surface. Suddenly a shadow covered the light. Someone was looking into the water. I could suddenly smell flowers, and herbs we used in the ritual, chocolate and spices. Tingles became more intense.

I was home.

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