The Gods Alpha

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I found myself smiling beneath the water when I realized the shadow was Adams head, peering into the water. His hand reached into the water, I took it pulling myself up and to surface. He let out a Shaky laugh at seeing me come out of the tub . I didn't give him enough time to speak, my hands reached out cupping his face and my lips were on his. I felt the explosion, the one mates talk about when they've finally connected their emotions and longing for each other. It was intense but neither of us pulled away. He kissed me back with just as much intensity till I felt him fall into the tub with me.

His arms wrapping around my naked body, I wonder where that pelt went. The pull wouldn't let up, everything in me screamed Adam. I needed him, I wasn't afraid of his touch, he was the only touch I ever wanted. Reaching for the hem of his "murder log" alligator t-shirt, he began to pull it over his head. I planted kisses along his neck before locking my arms around him. His heartbeat was driving me mad, it was fluttering like a hummingbird. Such an erratic, beautiful sound. My hands found his belt and quickly began to undue it. I felt him try to stop me, but I wouldn't have it. I wanted this, I wanted him.

I felt Eir ready to take over, I nearly let her, when Adam froze looking at me, really looking at me. Aric was struggling to take over. He hovered above me.


" Yours." I laughed, unzipping his pants, pulling till they were completely off. I blushed at the idea it was just us, naked in a pool of flowers and water. When he sprang free, I didn't even hesitate taking him into me. To say he was thicker than I thought was an understatement. I yelped in a slight shot of pain and laughed. Adam began to move and all I felt were the explosive tingles everywhere, I was nearly screaming at the exhilaration that flooded me repeatedly.

"You feel amazing.." he breathed into my neck

I let Eir take over, shoving Adam over to straddle him, his hands on my hips, his claws threatening to elongate. I leaned into his face moving slowly on top of him in a rhythm, he moaned loudly and I smiled in triumph, I whispered "Come out Aric…"

Adam froze, his eyes glazing over with pitch black. In an instant he was out of me, we both on our knees as he faced me away from him, I felt him enter with force , I held onto the pool ledge for support and his hand went to my throat, and his free hand balling my hair . Over and over our grunts and moans filled the room. He pushed deeper inside, his grip tightening on my throat and hair, that's it I was undone, letting out a scream from my orgasm. I wasn't even afraid if anyone heard. He was mine, and they would see it.

My arm reached behind me bringing Adam's head closer, his neck exposed. I licked the exposed flesh and bit into him, tasting the chocolate and spices that filled my nostrils daily, my Mark undid him, I felt his hands move to my waist holding me tight as he came hard, letting out a loud moan. We collapsed onto each other, water everywhere, and flowers in our hair. I laughed and looked at his bright pink cheeks.

"Nice to see you're made it back alright." He laughed kissing me

"How long was I gone?" I laid on his chest, and played with the water rising and departing on his skin.

"12 hours ...give or take. Sama'el did a spell so I could try and contact you. She knows we're mates. "

"12? I was there for basically a day and a half...yeah she's a freak. She knows way too much for her own good. It was an adventure..."

"I really love your hair this way," he stroked my cheek letting my face follow his touch. Damn the bonds affects were crazy. "Well what the hell happened? Did you make it to Fenrir?"

"Yes, we fought. And he let me win." .

"Are you serious? How did-wait! We have to tell everybody you're back!" He began to get up but I pulled him back, and hugged his body to me.

"A little longer Adam please. It helps." I closed my eyes, this was what peace felt like, this was the what if he wanted to show me. The exhaust left my body, and I was now sober. How cruel Fenrir was, giving me this, to weaken me, for what. If he really knew me he'd know I'd never want to be above anyone. I loved and hated my place now.

I wondered if I could bring it up to Adam, to let him know what we were was just a cruel joke. I think that's why I was so okay with what transpired, I just wanted the what if . What did he want? He still had obligation, but what now.

After what seemed like forever we got up and dressed. I didn't have any clothes in here so he handed off his t-shirt to me. I looked at the alligator and laughed "Can I ask what's with the t-shirts?"

He shrugged " I love bad jokes. Why?"

"I love your shirts, they're just so weird. It's the little things."

He smiled and kissed my cheek. I felt a speckle of tingles from his lips. Is it always going to be like that?

Adam went to grab everyone to meet in the dining hall. I went to put on some leggings. When I returned to the dinning hall, the pack Masters were present, Ezra, Micheal, Sam, as well as Marie, Louis and Rosemary. I gave them all hugs. Ezra had lunch brought out and for once I was starving. My brain wandered back to the girls that served me. I hoped they were alright.

I ran to Micheal nearly tackling him down and collected his face in my hands "You're alright!? Twitch how is she!? How's the baby!?"

He winced and clutched his side "Fuck I'm so sorry Micheal !"

He laughed and hugged me tight " We're all okay. You got your damn wish, we have a baby girl on the way. "

"What!? How did you not even know!"

Micheal glanced at Marie, she put her hands up "Hey she was smart about it! She asked for individual things on random days. Mix them all up at once it covers the baby, and the extra blood. She wanted to surprise you."

I hugged him again, kissing his cheek, earning a small growl, that caught everyone's attention. Adam was sitting next to Christopher with his arms crossed over his chest and a new t-shirt of Donnie Darko.

He realized what he did, pushing Aric back "Sorry."

Sam sat on the table beside him, putting one finger to his Temple, and pushing his head to the side, revealing the mark I gave him.

"So you're basically her bitch now huh." Sam grinned.

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