The Gods Alpha

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Adam laughed a little out loud to my shock, shoving Sam off the table only to be caught by Christopher.

"Whoa whoa hold on handsome, hands off. " She got up straightening her suit " Great now I'll smell like puppies."

I smiled, a small one glancing at Adam, my eyes flicked to the table, taking in a deep breath and cleared my throat. "Alright please sit. "

I was beginning to walk to my seat until Masie grabbed my arm. "Maze I need to talk to you...Tally knows who the female was in her house. "

My eyes widened, I pulled Marie to the corner of the room , and made her whisper in my ear. The answer I got wasn't what I expected. But it made sudden sense now. Fuck. If it isn't one thing it's another. Watching this madness was beginning to be too colorful. I just needed things to stay sane for one day. One fucking day.

"That's a loaded accusation Marie. Is she sure? "

Marie nodded "She said she remembers her smell from the dinner."


'Ezra ...take a few warriors. Bring in Candace Margo now.' I linked Ezra and turned to Adam. I hadn't given it a whirl yet but I wanted to try. Because all hell would break loose. Gods this was going to look so bad, they're just going to see a jealous she-wolf . Ezra went out the door unnoticed as everyone talked amongst themselves. I was still in the corner with Marie. I was really hoping she wasn't wrong.



I closed my eyes focusing on the pull we had.


His head snapped up to meet mine, and he smiled

'Nice to hear you in my head. '

'Don't be too happy with me just trust me right?'


'Please remember that you trust me. This isn't about us okay.'

I blocked him.

"After my time with Fenrir, our God finally told me, though beyond reluctant to do so, the true identification of Hel's mate, and when he will attack. It's no surprise he has chosen the Blood Moon for his attack. But I'd like to have your input on strategy. And well he also had input in what to do with Rosemary...Louis I will swear to her well being. But she is a Hybrid, of the underworld no less, and for this decision she cannot be raised with Wolves but if you will please stay with her to teach her to connect with hers i would be very great-ful. Fenrir suggests…" I took a deep breath "That she's taken in by Sama'el. To live in the underworld realm will help her till she's of age. Then she can return here."

Louis looked down at Rosemary and kissed her "I'll do it. I want her alive, and safe."

Sam spoke up a bit confused "Your God told you to take the kids with me?"

"Yes, I understand if you don't want to, but as a favor to me."

"That's a big ass Favor Masie. We already have enemies knocking on our door with that one, they'll be crawling through our windows."

"And you have my support for your families protection. You said it yourself. This Is a concern to the whole supernatural world. What better place should she be if not under the Royals. "

Sam groaned, having an internal debate, she groaned once more "Fuck! Fine. But let it be understood she will be raised the way we all have been raised. If Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dumbass right here have something to say about it it will fall on deaf ears. Understand you two?" Sam turned to Marie and Louis

Marie glared crossing her arms "You want me to poison you in your sleep Sam?"

"Oh please Marie if you were near enough where I'd be in bed we both know we wouldn't be sleeping."

Marie scoffed "whore. "


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