The Gods Alpha

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As their spat subsided, I took a glance at everyone and spoke again "As for Hels mate...Fenrir revealed he is Alpha Gunnar Margo. I've never heard of him, had anyone else?"

Milo stood "I've heard of this Alpha, heard he killed the previous from Lycan Claw pack. I heard he was brutal and ruthless in his attack, banishing women and children, leaving the pack only of men, having the men reject their mates or be killed."

Louis then stood "Margo? I remember my dad warning me about him. He came to MarshView trying to convince our Alpha to join him, we weren't sure exactly what for but all this is kind of making sense?"

I took a breath"And it is safe to assume that he… is of some importance to Candace Margo. Future Luna of Howls Ash." I could feel Adam trying to penetrate my link, everyone spoke rapidly to each other, and panic began to build within me. I didn't

"Look! this news just came to me. Marie said she was sure that Tally recognized her scent in her home. "

Adam stood "How sure is this? That's a very large accusation Maze. Candace just has the same last name, it could just be a coincidence. Candace doesn't have parents. My grandfather made the engagement contract with her aunt and uncle who adopted her after her parents were killed by Rogues."

"And her scent in my house?" Micheal growled "She already struck my wife once who's to say she didn't know it was our house all along to kill her too!"

"You cannot think she has a personal vendetta against you and your wife!"

Sam stood in front of Micheal protectively"How are you still defending her? Your mate believes this woman hurt her damn pack, and you're not trusting her?"


Alpha Rory stood looking between us both, his eyes landing on Adams Mark " You're mated with Alpha Hohlt?"

My face felt warm, I sat looking at everyone seated " Yes."

"How is that possible?"

I sighed, debating on telling the truth, everything coming out might as well now. " Fenrir, was... punishing mother. I was never supposed to have a mate. And when Fenrir realized this he did it to piss her off. "


"Are you fucking kidding me?" Adam snapped, I held in a flinch and kept composure. Fuck I should've never marked him. I could feel his emotions running rampid.

"Adam calm do-" I began, the double doors opened, letting in the shouts from Candace being held by Ezra. He tied her hands to her front, and held her in place. Adam got to his feet but was held back by his own Beta.

'Maze it has to be her, I remember this smell.' Ezra gripped tighter on her.

"Adam man, Candace or not we are not on our territory. We have to abide by pack law."

Adam sat back down, can't lie when I say it hurt a little, he still defended her. Well I mean I can't say I didn't expect it. But still the damn pull made my emotions haywire with him. But RightNow I was not his mate, RightNow I was Alpha Barnette of Crimson Creek, and I needed to protect my family. Ezra pulled Candace to the end of the table .

"What the fuck is going on!" She spat

I stood expression still and stoic "We have questions for you Ms.Margo. "

"Then is this fucking necessary!?" I watched Candace struggle with her perfectly pink manicured nails when she tried to pull out of the ties, she was crying in frustration "Adam help me!"

I couldn't look at him just yet "Candace why was your scent all over Micheal and Tally's house? We caught the Rogue Bryce and he confessed to what it was you guys were doing in their home."

"What! I-it wasn't me I swear!" She sniffled and froze

"This is because of Adam isn't it! You smell like him!?yeah that's what it is! You just want me out of the way! Gods you're disgusting I can smell him inside and out of you! "

I let Eir pull some control, bring in my Alpha Aura to radiate off of me. She coward dropping to her knees with her hands above her head

"Do not fucking lie to me. I will slit your fucking throat and get a good night's rest about it. I do not give one fat fuck about you being Future Luna, this is Crimson Creek territory, you do not fucking matter here.Now did you or did you not help attack Tally and Michael?!"

She flinched, her mascara running down her face " I-It -it wasn't supposed happen like that. I was just supposed to take the kid. And Bryce that idiot wanted to kill Marie. We didn't know it was the Gammas house."

Micheal had to be held back by Marie. "Hey hey hey come back. Tally is alive, your guys' baby is alive. "

"Baby?" Candace hiccuped confused "We -we didn't find the baby. "

"My wife is fucking pregnant! You guys almost killed both of them! Bryce made a fucking cocktail of silver and monkshood."

Candace brought her hands to her mouth in a gasp "No! I swear we didn't know! We weren't supposed to attack! My dad made Bryce come with me to just make sure I bring the baby to him, that's all!" She gasped again

"Your father is Alpha Gunnar Margo? "

She nodded slowly, her lip quivering "He told me the baby was my sister and he was trying to get her back. That you guys kidnapped her. I believed him. I thought maybe the kid would be in the orphanage like you showed me but nothing then he said it was a new-born and gave me her night-gown. And then-then Hel came ." She shuttered "Sh-she brought back my mate. Told me to get her daughter, and- and she would bring him back to me. "

The tension in the room was a bit hostile, Candace continued to sob, but this time Adam cuddled her, stroking her hair. A spike of jealousy hit me, I forced myself to ignore it.

"Do you have a link to him?"

She shook her head "Everything was done through Bryce. He -he didn't trust me. He thought I'd tell Adam. "

"As future Luna you will be locked in your bedroom quarters till we can decide what will happen to you. You will be gaurded 24/7, and your wolf will be weakened."

She stood up, out of Ezra and Adams grasps and dropped to her knees in front of me "No please don't hurt Olive she didn't do anything! She tried to talk me out of it I swear. I can't be apart from her please!"

Eir whined,nudging me, she knew what pain it was for a wolf to be cut from connecting to their human. We endured that torture for nearly a year, I sighed 'You are getting too damn soft on me Eir.'

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