The Gods Alpha

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I knelt in front of the heap of despair in front of me. "Candace." I snapped she stopped crying immediately, gasping through her sob's

"We will not take your wolf. We will just weaken her so you can not shift or communicate with anyone, you can still speak to her. I wouldn't do that. Gods know how gruesome it was being apart from Eir."

She nodded frantically apologizing, running into Adams arms. Ezra began to grab her but Adam growled. I held in a protective growl and turned back to the table. Closing my eyes to focus. Christopher was ordered to take Candace to her bedroom, but not before Marie gave her a shot of whiskey with crumbs of leaves inside. I still had my link shut and pressed on till I knew Candace was out of earshot. I couldn't risk anything.

"Well...anyone have any input on what we do during the blood moon? To keep the woman and children safe, we can send GreenMarsh and SmokeRidge women and children down the cells. There's food, water and beddings, the women of my pack can lock themselves in the clinic and residences of the village. We may need many of them close for healing and battle, the children can go with Rhea, Olympia, and Echo to the childcare center. They'll be safe. All Three are expertly trained like their mother and Ezra. And that child center is actually like a mini fortress since I accept other species, we had to think of everything just in case. "

Sam stood "We can have the element of surprise if we have the party."

"Don't be foolish demon." Rory spoke up , he didn't care for Sam, but Sam rolled her eyes.

"Look Old man, I have my soldiers on standby, killed the unloyal ones to me, and have them ready to go after wolves that don't have any of your smells. You should be thanking me. Margo's recruitment of other supernatural creatures is getting hefty from what I heard "

"What have you heard?" I went to the bar serving myself a glass of vodka. Which got snagged out of my hand by Sam.

"He's recruited demons, vamps, tried for the sirens but they heard you have those water things in your lake and backed out. Tried to get the wendigos but those creepy things saw you have mercy on one they refused out of respect. Witches won't because Marie, and even some Rogues they all hope you adopt them I guess. You're basically a fucking saint no one wants to fuck with Maze. But they have some humanoids, some skinwalkers, scavenger fairies, soul eaters and apparently a very pissed off Valkerie that hates Hel for some reason." Sam shrugged, "We can pretend nothing's happening and when they reach the perimeter we'll be ready. Bet we'd feel a little better with this stuff in us ." She raised her glass.

"You make it sound so easy." Markle stepped in "Why can't we summon Hel and just get rid of the kid? "

"Have you learned nothing kid? Gunnar is coming regardless, Hel couldn't even protect her own kid in her own domain. It'll be back to square one. The douche won't stop until he can use the brat for his fucking gain. Then Hel will be powerless. She may be the goddess of the underworld but her kid will be the fucking end of her. She is a hybrid. I don't think you fully understand what power hybrids have. "

Silence lingered with the room's contemplation. Milo spoke up "I don't very much care for this demon Masie but you trust her, and she's brought her own to help, and helped you reach Fenrir…". He walked to Sam holding out a hand " I trust your Loyalty to Masie, and you have my respect Sama'el. I second her plan."

There was a grumble of agreement, I smiled "Leaves us with Two days. Our warriors were trained to be ready for anything. Will Howls Ash, GreenMarsh and SmokeRidge, be ready?"

I watched all three Alphas stand

"Our men and women are ready." Adam said

"We'll be ready" Rory and Milo said together

"Very well. Goal is to eliminate Gunnar. And hope luck will be on our side . Unfortunately Rosemary will have to stay on the grounds. If he finds she left. He could go on destroying other packs. Louis you will be on lockdown in the clinic till further notice. That place is safe enough. Do not let Rosemary out of your sight."

He nodded "Yes Alpha."

"With that...take this time to prepare your people, and make any preparations if needed. I will permit one hour of open gates to let anyone leave back to their territories. There's a human town west of here. I have half a mind to send families there to sit and wait. As precautions. Your families may follow if you wish."

By God's I hope Fenrir held his bargain, and came in handy as well "As for mated wolves...if what Rory said is true, and they are captured and forced to reject their mates or die, I will have Marie whip up something so the mated can not be detected. I will not permit soulmates being used against each please excuse me. "

I escaped before Adam could corner me. I made fast going to my bedroom, I just didn't want to talk. So much was going on, I didn't know if I was hurt, angry, confused, or all fucking three. Why the fuck did I complete the mating shit. I smacked my forehead and tossed myself on the bed. My arms scooped under the pillow, but quickly was shocked. Removing my pillows there in its magnitude silver glory was Fenrir's collar. If this was his form of help he better be fucking kidding me .

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