The Gods Alpha

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The brightness peaking through my window brought me out of my slumber. I felt my body stretch out of my much deserved sleep. If I was completely honest it was the best sleep I've had in ages, no nightmares, no memories, just cuddling darkness. I looked over to see Adam was still sound asleep with his back to me . He slept with his shirt off, revealing a numerous amount of tattoos. I found myself wanting to trace them with my finger, but I refrained. I had already too eagerly fed him sweets, let's take it down a knotch.
I brought up my feather blanket closer to my chest hugging it to me. Could we just stay like this, in this bubble of peace, did we really need to return to what was out there, a war, a blood moon, pending chaos. Adam let out a stretch, and rolled over to face me smiling. His finger running from my shoulder to my wrist. My stomach was in butterflies, I really wanted to suffocate them, it was getting harder to contain how happy I was RightNow, I wasn't even sure why that was a bad thing.

"Morning." He smiled brightly, if I could melt, I'd be putty in his hands rightnow. His smile was too transmissible.

"I know we have duties today … but can we just stay here a little longer ?" He asked sheepishly, I wasn't aware what had even came over me, my lips crushed into his.
I pulled back covering my mouth "Sorry! Maybe we should brush our teeth ."
He chuckled getting up with me, heading to the bathroom. Is this what dating felt like? I never dated much even before life was flipped upside down. I actually don't ever recall having a normal relationship before that. I was always too busy with my studies, and spending time with my parents. What if I was doing things wrong? What if I was coming off too strong? This was all too overwhelming.

"What are you thinking about?" Adam's voice pulled me from my thoughts, I had even forgotten about the toothbrush in my mouth, feeling the toothpaste drip a little on my chin. He was using a spare I kept in my drawer. I almost laughed at seeing it had been one Marie grabbed me as a joke, it was hot pink with 3D flowers and vines tangling into the plastic.

" Tonight." I lied. Dammit why did I say that. Tonight was the BloodMoon, and possibly our battle with these bastard trying to get their hands on Rosemary.

"Oh…" he finished brushing his teeth and went back to my bed.

Crap, why couldn't I just admit I was freaking out. He knows stoic Masie, can't he just get to know actual Masie.

I walked out from the restroom and froze. Fenrir's collar had been left on the nightstand. I watched Adam's fingers draw closer to it. He felt the energy radiating from it as well. I knew he had. I cleared my throat, snapping him out of it.

"Are you afraid?" He asked adjusting himself against the headboard

"No." I answered honestly, taking the collar and putting it in my closet. I need something with a lock and key for this thing.
"How can you not be?"
" Not my first battle, and probably won't be my last. I fought my own God for names sakes I think I can handle a scattered pack. I have Three packs here. We should be fine. Not to mention Sam's demons."
"Wasn't what I meant, I just meant how are you not afraid to fight, to kill if necessary?"
"Sam was right wasn't she?" I said sitting beside him "You've never killed anyone before. Have you?"
"I've never had to. No one ever came to disturb Howls Ash. My grandfather saw to it. He was an amazing Alpha. I just wish I could make the mark up to his. "
" What was his name?"
"Thatcher Hohlt. He took me in after my parents died. My mom died of cancer when I was dad followed two years after because he couldn't live without her. "
My heart pulled "I'm so sorry."
He smiled "Don't be. It was a long time's always been easy to talk about it. Talking about my grandfather though is a different story. I miss him. He was the greatest man I knew. Showed me so many things, and still time with him didn't seem like enough. He would've loved you though. How tough you are. How you took what was yours. He always wanted to meet you. He heard how you ran your pack and was always telling me to take note."
I was pink with flattery "Uhm- I would've been so honored to meet him. I'm so sorry he's not here with us."
"Us?" Adam looked at me "What will we do about this?"
He motioned between us. I honestly didn't have an answer.
"I don't know." My body leaned into his comfortably, I felt his hand begin to stroke my hair. A pang of annoyance hit me when I remembered he did the same thing to Candace. Geez, really maze! Relax.
" You know I'm the strongest in my pack and never have I felt so powerless in a situation that involves a simple question." He laughed.



"Are you afraid to fight? To kill?"

"I've always been. But if I need to protect who I love and care for I won't hesitate."
I sat up to face him, it needed to be said . "I need you to promise me...when we go to battle. You will not protect me. You will not come to my rescue. Because of our bond Aric will try to protect Eir. That could put so many others at risk. So promise me please."

His hesitation had my heart pounding. " I ...I promise ."

His lips were what beckoned me to bliss. What began as an innocent gesture took a turn. The angel on my shoulder was pulling me further into ecstacy, she whispered so many sweet nothings to me while Adam trailed kisses along my neck. I wanted to believe them, believe this is my happily ever after, that this was what making love was like. But the devil on the other was not polite. She grinned, and begged for the monstrosity inside us both to come out, to fuck us endlessly.
I felt my hand snake into his beautiful blonde locks, tugging harshly as he let out a groan, my mouth was on him in seconds muffling his sounds with a kiss, a kiss that was brutal as it was devouring. I tasted his blood along my tongue. He was my unhindered craving, I needed him . I felt myself shove him back into the headboard as I sat on his lap, grinding till I felt him grow beneath me. I teased moving slower, stroking him with my sex, gently, hearing his moans in my mouth. I grinned through the kisses, his hands were on my hips, grinding me harder to himoq. I've always loved being in control...Adam however did not like this.
In mere seconds Adam locked my hands behind me as he growled shoving me into my mattress. His animal was begging to come out. His nose trailed my neck, he licked my exposed flesh, this sent shivers down my body as it arched into him. In haste he ripped what I had slept in off of me. Here I laid exposed, naked, and needing.
"It'll be alright. " He whispered into my ear, I didn't understand what he meant till I felt him begin to tie my wrists together. Before I could object, Adam's lips trickled more kisses, trailing from my collar bone to my exposed breasts. It was so gentle, and intoxicating as I felt his tongue caress me, my brain was at a loss "I would never hurt you." He whispered as he finished the knot behind my back. I believed him.
He kissed me, but it wasn't what I expected, it was gentle, and full of love. It was very distracting, I never even realised how powerless I was when his fingers found my sex. He wasn't being gentle then, I heard his laughter in our kiss, as his fingers plunged into me relentlessly. I let out a loud moan unexpectedly. This bastard.
My God's this man's hands were magical. His fingers worked inside me as his thumb rubbed ever so slightly over my clit. I shivered, panting as he brought me closer to my edge. I was close, no doubt my vocals were indication of it. He pulled out, smirking.
"Not yet. " He kissed my cheek. WHAT!
I whimpered
"My sweet may have control over everything else, but here you will not. Here you are always mine. "

That sentence alone made me wetter than I could imagine.

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