The Gods Alpha

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By late afternoon we were panting, laid out on the floor tangled in my sheets. Hours upon hours of this, and I still wanted another go. Adam laid there grinning at me. I couldn't help but mirror him.
"Why -why haven't you tried to mark me?" I asked sheepishly
He shrugged " I'm not exactly sure if that's what you want."
"But you let me mark you."
He chuckled blushing "I've been wanting to be marked by you since the moment I smelled you. "
"Oh…" I smiled, I sat up finding the closest tshirt I could find and pulled it over my head. A conversation for another time. "C'mon we have a party to prepare for. "
"Wish we had more time...this, " he kissed me deeply, sending me into euphoria "helps."
We left our bubble of happiness into the streamer chaos down below. For a minute it almost did seem like a party was going on and not a set up. Decorations were littered here and there. I could see the bundle of my favorite people at the end of the staircase arguing to each other. It worried me for a second, but feeling Adams fingers tangle in mine pushed it away. Then for just a slight second I wanted to squeal...we were holding hands! Oh giddy gods pull yourself together Maze. What are you 14!
I snapped out of my preteen self and back to the group which was now staring at us. "What?"
Ezra came a little closer, "We have a situation at the east border. Wedigos, a lot of them. "
"They want to speak to you. I don't know Maze, it could be a trap. "
"It won't be . Let's go. " I was soley relying on what Sam had said earlier. That they were on my side.
We gathered at the borders, and Ezra was not lying, there must've been over 25, some in human form some in whatever form their beasts killed. Their bodies were so...creepy, appearing as if puppets on strings moving so animatedly. I linked everyone to not cover their noses to the putrid rotten stench, as to not insult them. I stood before our barrier , and pushed Adam back. Some began to growl, and others began collapsing to their knees.
There was a tricky way to approach these kind. No one really gave it a try, hell I wasn't even sure if it would work . But there was a way to show them you weren't a threat. They needed to taste your blood. One taste let's them see your true intentions, let's them see your fears, let's them, hear your memories so they can mimic the voices to lure you out. I was really hoping I didn't have to do that RightNow.

"Can I help you ? " I ask gently , slowly allowing my aura to radiate off of me just in case.
One in human form came forward, his voice strained and filled with pain. That wasn't his original body. The poor guy looked at least in his late 30s. "Masie show kindness to the monsters who deserve the least… for such kindness we will fight with you. We will protect. We watched you...we watched you kill Karlo. What mercy you showed him and his beast. We thank you. Our curse has never been kind, some don't survive their own will. So we thank you."
"No one deserves to endure pain such as that." I bowed my head, and grinned wide "You guys care for a party? "

With demons, wolves , and now Wendigos on my land this was going to be a bit tricky. I made Marie work overtime with making concoctions to cover scents and multiple auras. I prayed to the Gods it worked. Going to war with someone none of us truly had any quarm with, nor has ever seen, for the mere reason we all loved living and didn't want to die at the hands of a hybrid of death really does take a toll on the day.
We had secured all the women and children safely away, and made sure to secure Candace close by. I'm usually not one for hostages but to give Rory a peace of mind I obliged. The herbs Marie had her drink surely did weaken her enough that she had to be carried to the shack near the lake. I think being bound was going to be enough but I didn't need to test that. We double fed the creatures their lavender bushes and silver. If a war may happen on our territory, last thing we needed was for them to be hurt in the process for something that had nothing to do with them.
There was a stillness in the air and I knew everyone felt it. It was the Blood moon that hung full and above in the still blue sky. A little ways off I could see Ezra and Micheal building a large bon fire. Sam and Marie arguing in the corner about masking the demons already partially drunk, and Adam setting traps to release weapons from above the trees. He smelled like Candace even from this distance, I recall him reassuring her we weren't going to behead her, though that thought is becoming a little easier to bare the longer he smelled like that. I rolled my eyes at my territorial thoughts. Now wasn't the time.
Everything seemed in place from a far, but internally I wondered about those who were not ready for this. The stale stench of fear lingered above the crowds of wolves mingling from the packs. What really could I say to prepare them for any of this. Crimson Creek was trained to be ready for this, to always be prepared, being unphased by death, we were the strongest and the most powerful in the region. GreenMarsh and SmokeRidge have seen some battle but none as threatening as this, and Howls Ash was practically an infant in this scenario. With nothing but internal scwabbles under their belt. Gods I hope this went well.
As the sun set, and the blood moon pulsed above, I felt the surge, Eir was nearly edging to be in full form . I felt a shudder run through me holding her back, it made my skin raise in flesh bumps. The Blood moon was said to be the celebration of when Mother became Mother of Wolves, when Fenrir marked her to be his right hand. It was said the blood of their blond dripped into a puddle with the full moon's reflection, thus painting it red. Mother vowed to breed and protect her children, filling them with her own essence on that night every year, filling them with the godly power she was given by Fenrir. The floor vibrated beneath me as the music began. And now we wait.

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