The Gods Alpha

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I took a step to him, finding my Alpha tone "Shift."

He glared at me, backing off in resistance, almost whimpering, fighting submission.

I sighed "I won't hurt you...thankyou. shift please. "

He was hesitant, but finally shifted, covering himself. The stranger stood at 6 ft, his athletic build all too noticeable, with scars decorating his shoulders, and torso.

"Who are you?"

"Micheal Little Crow, I was out for a run, and I smelled your blood. "

"We thank you... Look it's a very long story, but we need to know where we are, and maybe you can take us to your pack. "

He looked to the floor " I don't have one. Banished a decade ago. I've lived here and there since. I've been here in Nevada for a month now. "

"Nevada ." I breathed "Piece of shit got me 14 hours away from you're a Rogue or what's the story there?"

He nodded " My parents were banished, I was just raised that way, running consistently with my family till they died. It's habit...I'm assuming those three want who's in your trunk. "

" Alpha that kidnapped and tortured us. "

Micheal cocked his head "Tommy Rhett? "

"Yes?" I took a step back, how did he know. Reading my body language he held up his hands

" No no please. I only know him because I ran into his territory. I smelled so much blood, and saw a girl being dragged into a car. I intercepted, and set her free...He came hunting for me 4 days later, I was able to hide, but when he eventually caught me . Offered me a job, or die. I was able to get away, it was just easy to assume because this is his land. "

I nodded " We're taking him back to our Pack. He needs to answer for what he's done, this is Marie. "

He gave a short nod " Well...I suppose I should be on my way... be careful I smell six more coming. Avoid the toll road ahead, it has wide open spaces on a single road just like this, it'll be easy to intercept you. "

He Began to walk away, I grabbed his arm

"Wait ...come with us. I'll pay you for the inconveniences when we get home but please come. I'd feel safer with another one of us along for the trip. We need to make it to Colorado. I can't thankyou enough for saving me, for helping us. "

He bowed his head " Alright…what pack are we looking for. I might know a few nomads that can help us with travel."

"Crimson Creek." I breathed, taking off Rhett's coat to put it in Marie as she shifted back into her naked form. He blinked

"You're the one that went missing...Masie Barnette… a call went out for you every month looking for you. Has he had you this whole time…"

I hugged myself "yes, I gave myself up to save my girls."

" You're unbelievable... I'm sorry but I can't." He began to walk off, his eyes apologetic

Confused I ran to him "Wait what! Why not!? Please I never beg anyone but we need you."

Contemplation masked his face " Your PackMaster, your father banished my family. I'm not allowed in your territory…" he clawed at his face " This is unfucking believable."

I was at a loss for words. Was this Mother's fate unraveling before us. Bringing 3 strangers together, all somehow connected. "Why was your family banished?"

" My mother killed a pack member. It was an accident, but she was banished, and ofcourse my father wasn't going to leave his mate …"

We were running out of time, I really didn't give a shit about the past . " Well forget all of that. My father is dead, and I as his daughter, and next in line to what's rightfully mine, as Pack Master relieve all banishment. You can come home too."

His expression paled, wide brown eyes shocked. "Are you serious?"

"Yes, now will you come. I swear nothing will happen to you. You will have a rightful place in our home. "

A grin of relief spread over his face . "Let's go."

The 14 hour car ride home, seemed almost normal...with the exception of a gagged, nearly dead werewolf in the back trunk. As if it was just a random Road trip between three friends. I put my head out the window, at smelling the fresh wet meadow's, and pines. We were nearly home. I almost wanted to cry but I held it in. Not out of the woods yet ... literally.

"You gonna stick out your tongue next?" Marie giggled. I rolled my eyes. In an obvious amount of short time, knowing her I loved this girl. She protected me and I owe her.

I learned Marie was a healer, she was taught magic by her grandmother, but she also had a wicked side for poisons. She told me she often drugged Rhett so he wouldn't hurt herself and I . She told me even with her abilities, she was still an Omega, and no one seemed to treat her any better.

In our reality the rank of an Omega was practically nothing . The packs runts or the invisible ones. I Always always hated how ranks within our packs were. In taking my rightful place I was intending to change that . Marie showed true grit with me. Even going as far as fighting her bond with her mate. To me she was one strong ass girl . She deserved a place . We all did.

It took some time to crack Micheal, in all honesty I wasn't sure if he was even ready to trust us. He went from a wandering lost pup to someone with a new home. Deep down I know he was terrified. I learned that Micheal was an amazing tracker, planner and weapons maker. Before we left the gas station where we were attacked at, he ran to get his bag. When revealing to us the items inside meant the world to him we could understand why. He had made his own blades from stones and random scraps of metal.

Thing was with these weapons of his, they held remarkable artistry. Sleek, sharpened to the tip, and completely engulfed in poisons that were melted into the metal. He opened up telling me his mother taught him to make weapons out of anything and use them to his fullest advantage. They had to protect themselves. I had a small pang of pity for him, but didn't show it.

Rogues weren't exactly accepted in our world. They were branded literally for life. With 3 claw marks that somehow appear under their fur, and onto their human bodies. Sometimes they even lost their human selves in the process. Banished or not rogues were always 3 steps ahead, with trouble following in toe. Some packs had rather shun them, than bringing any trouble to their doorstep.

I admired these two in the short time I was getting to know them, though I wish It was under different circumstances.

We pulled over for food, and to wash up where we could. At our last stop I realized the stares we were getting . I was bleeding through my tank top.

Micheal repeatedly tried to apply herbs he had from his travels to my freshly lashed skin but it never took. Whatever the hell Rhett put on his own weapons made the cuts worse, scarring, and deeper. Before I thought my self healing was lacking due to how weak and chained up he kept me, but clearly not. We pulled over for Marie to take a look, but her grim expression said it all.

"I don't get why you aren't healing, not even from the wolf's scratch here " she traced the scar on my neck, then she gasped " Rhett had to have used magic, and some potent shit. My magic is strong but this is something else Masie. You might be stuck with these for life…oh goddess I'm sorry. "

I shrugged, slipping on my t-shirt Micheal lent me. "I can live with that. I survived what that piece of crap did to us, I'll survive these scratches. "

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