The Gods Alpha

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Life is usually a series of unfortunate events, sometimes the odds play into favors, and sometimes they don't. But the bonds you form with people are probably the main cause of why so many tolerate the intolerable. Bonds are funny that way. They make you see past all their fuck ups, all their flaws, and just make you take what you can from them. For only a few moments you need them, you depend on their smells, you depend on their laugh, their presence that just makes it easier for you to make it day to day. Because they are just there.
All my pack, my friends, my mate shared an unbreakable bond with me, sometimes at moments like these I wondered if it would have been better if they were severed, if I just stayed clear and didn't make decisions for them. If I didn't claim the PackMaster title then maybe everyone here could've been spared the brutality, if I just kept my nose out of the ancients business they could've had a different outcome. Maybe it was I, who depended on them all along, their smiles, their laughs, their presence to make me push through each day. I prayed to Mother and Fenrir for safety. I can live with them hating me, but I cannot live without them. Fenrir said Gunnar would die by my hand...he didn't say my people were safe from this battle...
Wolves and Humanoids came crawling out of the forest in the hundreds. I could smell them before I saw them. They came at midnight when the moon was high and our crowd was scattered. They wanted to be smart, pick us off little by little. They looked more like sneaking insects than gigantic monsters. They crawled quietly to sneak up on us, but Sam was right, we did have the element of surprise. Marie had let our borders down when she felt the Creatures enter her perimeters, and fortunately for us, with her concoctions they wouldn't have smelled any of the demons or Wendigos on our side, just scents of 3 packs.
When they were a mere 100 yards from the closest group of Crimson Creek warriors they fanned out in the first wave. My warriors were trained daily for attacks such as these, they were proudly the first and last line of defense. The first wave wouldn't stand a chance, and they didn't. My men and women hadn't even shifted into their wolves. It was a proud moment for me as an Alpha but a terrified one as a friend, and caretaker of her pack.
I waved my hand in signal for Adam to drop multiple weapons from the trees. Special weapons Micheal had spent days forging for his entertainment. Gods sometimes I wonder if Marie and Micheal were a part of our deities plans all along. Instantly it was a wall of bodies colliding.
I caught sight of a woman coming into view, in full leather armor. With a wave of her hand many of GreenMarsh were brought to their knees in agony. All clutching their heads letting out screams tortured. Marie used her abilities to slow down our threat, she was close enough to blow powder in her face, turning the Valkerie to release ours and be against her own party. I watched as the woman was struck down by her own without a thought only to put relief amongst the wolves howling in pain. On the battlefield, Valkeries were the wagers of war in Valhalla, to be brought down so easily my guess was she was one of the out-casted. An out-casted Valkerie meant she didn't process the ability to wager war, to tip the scales for the worthy.
I momentarily froze, taking in the battles occurring, hearing the combination of snarls, screeches and growls ripple through the sea of trees. It was a sight to behold. The violence resonated in everyone's eyes, wolves latching into each other, demons using their abilities to diminish their own opponents, while others in human form attacked with poisoned weapons. I watched as some were slashed, gashed, screaming in agony. My heart wretched for the ones who didn't even know what they had gotten themselves into. I watched a white wolf barrel towards me only to be ripped to shreds without a second thought by a Wendigo.
A form of three Wendigos came to my side, before us were four skin-walkers in forms of disfigured animals. They signalled me to go, I nodded to them, bolting off in the opposite direction, leaving them to destroy the threat. I suddenly saw Aric in a tussle with jaws snapping at his opponent by the lake. Eir tried to shove through to help him, but I forced us to keep running. I was following the smell of an unrecognized Alpha. It had to be Gunnar.

'He's an Alpha. He will be fine.' I reassured her, we took one last look behind us, relief swept through at seeing the creatures from the lake emerge pulling in Arics opponent into the water and submerging beneath leaving only the center of bubbles in a singular spot.
We watched Aric speed off to help members of Crimson Creek fight off a humanoid. This disgusting pale thing, towering 8ft tall with a hunch with saggy skin and empty sockets for eyes. It made me shiver at it's creepiness. Imagine that thing just wondering around the forest screeching like it's no-bodies business.
I could see Ezra handling himself against 3 rogues, with members of Howls Ash forcing their way to protect his back.
I pushed forward, and followed the possible Gunnar's scent to the center of the fight, and halted. Why would he be out in the open? Vulnerable.
Then I saw him, beside the ignited fire...with Fenrir's collar.

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