The Gods Alpha

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Gunnar was enormous, his body sculpted in perfect definition, with black pepper hair, and an ebony beard. His tones body was adorned with wounds fresh and old. But there he stood, he was made for Hel. I couldn't imagine her being with someone less beautiful. In my mind someone with a daughter as old as Candace I imagined someone a little more seasoned, not this.
My brain snapped me back to the collar. How in the fuck did he get that out of my house and out of my room. My only thought was and was quickly revealed when I looked to the left was a battered Candace, cowering in the corner. Fucking idiot. Gods I can't wait to kill her.
I wasn't even able to reach him yet, two Rogues were before me. Even in human form Eir let out a commanding snarl. The two Rogues looked at each other, their ears folded down, nearly retreating before they lunged at me. They probably assumed since I had yet to shift I'd be easy to take down. Idiots, I toss one aside and into a tree hearing the crack of it's bones and the split of the bark echo. The second rogues looked to his dead partner and lunged once more, jaws agape ready for a bite, Eir elongated her claws, shoving them inside the Rogues mouth. The beast wailed, falling to the ground in a scramble, Eir's brutality emerged when she began spreading the Rogue's jaws open, breaking them in the process, hearing the crunch of teeth and bone diminish in her hands. She laughed, my laugh, light as if it were a small joke she heard.

'Guess this is as good as any you crazy bitch Eir.'

It was as if the battle was now at a stand still, those closest to us froze in anticipation. I was alone in this field, I couldn't see any of my people. Fuck.

Gunnar let out a chuckle, not sparing me a glance only relishing at the collar "Alpha Barnette I presume."
"Alpha Margo."
"You know, I've been watching you. I can see why you're their favorite."
"So I've been told." I muttered, still watching the collar. If he put it on I wasn't sure what the hell would happen. And I don't want to find out.
"Does that not make you proud? To be The God's Alpha. To be made in their image, savagery, and power. Power you neglect to use against others. It's a daughter will have a grander destiny. She will be a God, much like her mother, only better."
"Such high hopes you have for her." I half chuckled, Gunnar looked at me and grinned. His teeth razored, his wolf was on edge. His eyes flickering from hazel to black
"Bring my girl here." He said gently, as if the battles behind us were mere background noise.
"You very well know I can't do that. I won't." I stood my ground still searching for Anyone.
"I just want her, and we will leave. You can even have this useless traitor." He waves at Candace, who's sniffling against a tree
"How did you get that collar?"
"My burden of a daughter Candace. She'd do anything for her father's affection, alas I have no more use for her." It disgusted me, I mean sure I hated the bitch at the proper moments but to be used by her own father. I now truly pitied her.
"You know when I heard my infant made it here to Crimson Creek; I nearly called off my plan. You see you are admired in the underworld, amongst the living and by our Gods. This battle has proven enough of the company you hold. The wendigos were a nice touch I may add..."
"Your point?"
"My point is for a moment you made me fear, and being Hels mate that is a very difficult thing to do. So I applaud you, but really, I will leave this very instant, taking my men so no one will be harmed any further. All you need to do is give me my daughter."

A pregnant pause.

"Or he dies." Gunnar brought Adam from behind a tree, he was gagged and chained with Silver in his wolf form. Internally Eir was needing to Rampage, but my human form gave nothing away. Thank the Gods for Maries concoctions. Gunnar was waiting for my reaction. When nothing came he grew annoyed and looked at his daughter.

"You said they were mates!"
"D-d-daddy they are. I think. They've been so cooped up together for the past few days. You said you wouldn't hurt him!."
He let out a growl "You useless coward! You think!? "
Gunnar then turned to me and grinned evilly " Well I heard stories about this collar, let see if I can make this one obediently mine."

No. Please.

Gunnar grinned again, the collar was clasped around Arics neck, the collar molding into each-other.. Gunnar backed away tugging on the silver. Aric let out a snarl, shaking his head, fighting internally for control. His eyes flickered from green to black to gold. Gold...Fenrir's eyes. They stared deep within me. I wanted to scream, I wanted to gouge out Gunnar's eyes. But I didn't move, I glared and backed away a few steps.
Gunnar tugged at Aric harshly once more "You will obey me. You will be my dog." He whispered into Arics ear. Aric growls, glaring at me ahead. He drank Marie's concoction too, I know he was debating as well with Adam. His head shook side to side as if trying to pull free, but it was useless. The collar glowed gold, just like Fenrir's. Gods please. Please help us.

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