The Gods Alpha

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I felt my bones snapping , and felt my body hunch. I couldn't suppress it much longer. Eir needed to come out. She paced back and forth before Gunnar and Aric. Aric was now unmoving , and golden, losing any tint of emerald I loved seeing.
"I want my daughter, if you do not hand her over. I will find her and I will kill you all". he growled, nearly shifting in the process. "It's about time we wolves stopped living in the shadows, and became a new breed of beasts that run the world. A world with no humans, no vampires, no secondary breed of wolves. Only Alphas, let me give you the blood from my child. We will have nothing in our path to stop us. Join me. "

I suddenly feel the aura of Crimson Creek emerge, Ezra, Micheal, Marie, and the Pack Masters of GreenMarsh, and SmokeRidge. Sama'el was amongst my people, her once beautiful pale suit and hair now torn, and stained with various splats of organs and blood. Her eyes glowed red, and the blade she held glowed as if it had sat in fire for hours. Burning to the touch. Their blood stained forms all stood behind me, snarling. Gunnar had ran through his patience, and this met resistance to him wasn't sitting well.
"Fine...more for me."
He hunched letting his bones break, and skin rip violently. His wolf emerged pacing just as Eir. He was a light brown, and spots of black under his belly, and amber eyes. He let out a growl at Eir. I felt her eyes grow wide and the sudden dare of challenge. To her this was another "Alpha" like Rhett. Alphas are born not made.
Eir took her stance before her pack and let out a monstrosity of a growl. A threatening echo following her now bared teeth. There was a sudden stillness in the air. Every beast, and wolf halted from their rampage and began to retreat, rogues began to bow in submission, and demons even stood still eyes wide. They all showed Eir the respect that she was owed at showing her dominance. We watched Gunnar's head switch from left to right. Watching the retreat before him. He was pissed.
That's when he did it, releasing Aric onto her. Aric obeyed the one who collared him. Eir shut her eyes and lunged at him. She didn't want to, but she didn't want Aric to die, she wanted to get him to submit. Maybe then, she could save him. She wasn't anticipating Aric to be a lot stronger than he had led on, was this the collar?. He had her on her back multiple times before she flipped things on him, making him snap at her throat. He was trying to go in for the kill. Arics eyes were empty, this was killing Eir, I felt her hurt, in physical agony in the pits of our stomach. Eir clawed at his gut, hoping to wound him enough so he would stop. But he attacked once more, tackling her into a large pine tree. She felt her ribs snap, crushing her lungs as she tried to breathe.
It was hard, the intake of icey air sting like a thousand pin needles in her organs. Did she have to kill him ? When this concoction runs out. What will we both feel when our bond reconnected? Did I have the strength to do it if I had to? Eir refrained from letting out a howl, she was pissed enough to barely feel it through her adrenaline but I knew that wouldn't last long. Eir picked herself up ignoring shouts from her people. She charged fast knocking Aric out of the way and toward Gunnar. The sneaky bastard wasn't finished with tricks up his sleeve. He chose to dive low to the ground, shifting into his human self and grabbing something in the dirt, I only realized a little too late as to what it was.
You never forget the seer of silver entering inside you. Rhett used to have this game, with my palms face up he'd put a glass of wine on them , he would see how many cuts it would take before the glass fell. When it finally did, it was two stabs into my side. 16 cuts was what it took, but he wasn't so generous. I felt the silver seer, and twisted inside me. You remember that feeling, the feeling of the air leaving you, then the panic overriding the pain. The adrenaline coursing just so you can keep breathing and not go into shock.
Eir screamed in my mind pushing me back to the front and shifting into our human selves. I felt the iron taste in my mouth when Gunnar twisted the blade in my gut. I couldn't speak, I couldn't move, I could only glare at the piece of shit before me. He put the blade to my throat when Ezra shifted to come to my aid. It held everyone back. The screams behind me were the worst I've ever heard, distinctly from Marie. Gunnar grabbed a discarded piece of shirt from the floor and pulled it over my head.
"At least let you die with some dignity." He chuckled grabbing my hair in his fists, I was on my knees now. My eyes found the blade in his hands coated with dirt and my blood. It was one of Micheals, the monkshood and nightshade inside will be working soon.
"Your blacksmith did do wonders on this…" he grinned admiring the blade. "Bring me my daughter. Or I slit your Alphas throat, simple."
"You killed hundreds of us, destroying packs for this kid. You really think we'll just hand her over. So you can kill us all anyways!" Marie spat "Masie would never forgive us for being so weak, to give into you."

She was right. I would've been pissed. But someone was weak enough, the girl I pitied and Adam cared for. Candace came cradling her sister in her arms. "Daddy please I just want this to stop. Let's go home."
"Good girl Candace." He breathed, relief washing over every feature. Marie let out a snarl asking about Louis. Candace only said he was alive. It was in this revelation that Aric lunged at Gunnar, and for a split second. I saw the beautiful forest in his eyes, only for a moment. He was fighting for control. Gunnar was quick enough to toss Aric over him, stabbing his shoulder in the process.
Gunnar looked amongst my people and growled, he stabbed me once more till the hilt of the blade reached my skin. I didn't make a sound, again my voice was lost. But this time I fell face first into the dirt. I wasn't sure what chaos that brought on. I just remembered the snow. I wanted to smile, as hot tears reached the corners of my tired eyes. Fenrir was coming.

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